Sep 17, 2011
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The DVJ, Male

    1. moreprimeland
      Just figured I should move this one... don't have an iphone or gaming system...but pretty sure that's what he's asking about.
    2. moreprimeland
    3. EnergonWaffles
      I think the English version was on Netflix for a bit. But it's so much better in Japanese imo. But I say that about every anime.
      If it's not on Netflix, you can usually find episodes on Youtube or floating around online. It's a more...pretty...anime. No action or anything, just a lone Mushishi doctor solving little cases in the countryside.

      Never watched Gundum.

      Ever watch Monster?
    4. EnergonWaffles
      I actually havent looked you up- but I will now.
      It's been so long since I've been on Facebook I'm not even sure if mine is still active. O.O

      FMA? Damn good series. I finished the original FMA but have yet to finish FMA Brotherhood. The English version is on Netflix but I prefer the Japanese dubbed so having to wait.

      Never finished Bleach. I stopped due to the filler around the Vampire Arc and just never got back to it.

      Nah I'm to the part where Venetres (can never spell her name) just finished the bounty hunt with little Boba Fett. Always thought Boba to be the silent asassin type but man he was an annoying little punk as a kid. :D

      So whats your favorite anime? Mine is MushiShi.
    5. EnergonWaffles
      Ah ok thats better! Was thinking they were being snarky.
      Or maybe they didn't have beer googles on and wanted to give a compliment.

      How did you explain away the Transformers and Fairy Tail stuff? And what is Fairy Tail? The image of a guy sitting in a bar screencapping Headmasters is just...funny. In a good way.
    6. EnergonWaffles
      omg wish I there- walk up right in front of them and go "oh that the Headmasters boxed set? Can I sit and watch?" Maybe I;m a b*** but just to see their faces would be so much fun.

      Yeah you need to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Not much of a Marvel fan myself but it was really enjoyable.
    7. EnergonWaffles
      Gotg- guardians of the galaxy lol
    8. EnergonWaffles
      Nah we didn't get to the Coke museum. Really wanted to take him to the Georgia Aquarium too but he was pretty sleepy.

      yeah my grandpa is pretty...closed...with info. Like, my dad was in his 50s before he found out he had a sister who died before he was born. He only found out after noticing he wasn't listed as the first child on his BC and asked my grandpa about it. So when he opens up and tells stories it's pretty unusual and nice.

      Well- what I don't get about horse race everybody would want to bet on the horse with the best stats, right? So how is that handled if everybody would want to bet on the same horse?

      Huh I didn;t know Kingston made RAM. I use their external hard rives. Think they'd make rendering faster?
    9. EnergonWaffles
      You know that is a good way to look at it. A plus is by this Saturday she'll have made it through two weeks of not having anybody stay over- so pretty proud of her because I don't think she's ever spent two weeks alone before.

      Tbh he slept most of the time. But we did go to the Kentucky Derby museum and the Tennessee Aquarium. Also got some stories out of him about WW2 that I'd never heard before.
      Tried fake-betting on races at the museum and won a grand total of $12! Clearly, I have a rich future betting on races :D

      Whats HyperX ram? Really not that computer savvy.
    10. EnergonWaffles
      The pro-star looks nice- expandable to 32 gigs RAM? That would be amazing.
      Good call on sticking with W7. W7 feels almost like using XP again- won't let go of it until I have to :D.

      If Emory doesn't call back I'll look for an internship- thinking about contacting the guy who offered me one earlier this year (he only does paid internships and ended up not able to afford one) to see whether he'll take a fall intern.

      Anything interesting happen in the few days I was out?
    11. EnergonWaffles
      And I was wrong- I have a GTX 550 lol. Been 4 years probably need to replace that. And she has 6 fans. Forgot about the one on the side.

      Her specs are pretty crappy for today- intelcore i5-2300, cpu at 2.80 and 8GB RAM. But I can open multiple Adobe programs at once and render while working on other stuff, things which I haven't been able to do on a laptop so far. Once I get the funds, I'll start upgrading little by little.

      This is what I mean by open desktop- The plexiglass is on her atm but usually keep it off. Love this case bc there's so much room to add anything (and it's easy to clean).


      Story about BIOS- I had a BIOS password put on my last computer, and the guy who did it accidentally set it up so it asked for the password before it recognized the keyboard, so we couldn't get into the computer for a while. :lol
    12. EnergonWaffles
      You're right. Just hard to watch her waiting around. :/

      Well the visit went well. Ended up in Chattanooga the last day- I thought we were staying in Atlanta but we ended up driving all over. He enjoyed looking at the customs- we got the first piece of the Eagle custom put together. Have all the pieces ready just need to get them on there and figure out where to cut the wings.

      Magnaboss' eagle shell is fantastic. Barely had to do anything to it.

    13. Superquad7
      You too, buddy!
    14. Superquad7
      Hey boy! Keep on rockin'! :)

      Hugz not CHUGz for you!
    15. EnergonWaffles
      She will eventually, and any guy who gets her is lucky. It's just hard watching her make plans where things revolve around a guy who hasn't shown up yet lol.
      My Aunt did that and ended up stuck in an unhappy marriage. No degree, no real work experience, no experience living on her own- my uncle did everything. Sadly the marriage went bad and she couldn't leave because she had no way of supporting herself and my cousin. So that's kinda where that comes from. It's just God forbid if anything ever happens, gotta be able to handle yourself. Especially if you have children to take care of.

      Nah nothing yet from Emory. He did say it can be up to 6 months before they contact people, though.

      Hey hey I have a nvidia GeForce 700 (*I think 700). Would love an Alienware laptop but I need an open desktop for rendering (has 5 fans on it already).
      A fingerprint reader? Whats that for?
    16. EnergonWaffles
      Oh, and I'm currently sitting in a farm B&B in KY, as gramps wanted to tour the caves/ museums. These chickens are ****** annoying how do you live around thousands of them bok bok boking at once?!?
      Collecting eggs was fun- got mobbed by hungry chickens thinking I had food though
    17. EnergonWaffles
      Btw you're right about the friend. She's never had to go out of her comfort zone so this is a first for her.
      Plus she was banking on getting married and not having to work, and that hasn't happened like she planned. Frankly, I'm glad she hadn't gotten married yet. Learn to be alone and independent, learn to take care of her own life and quit waiting for Romeo to do everything.

      Ohhh new comps are always fun. What kind is it?
    18. EnergonWaffles
      Nah they didn't screw up. I have pretty severe ADD and it wasn't caught until age 13, so my grades suffered from me not being able to focus long enough to complete assignments. Was put on Adderall in 10th grade, but was taken off it when my weight dropped to 106 (too high a dosage suppresses appetite). I actually flunked Algebra due to forgetting to turn assignments in.
      So flunked Algebra, but made an A in Geometry/Physics. Almost failed Spanish 3, but made it through Latin 4 pretty easily. Hit and miss. So I can see why they didn't put me in gifted classes.
      Finally found the right dosage in my later years of college. Kinda want to get off it since my insurance ends once I turn 26, but still need it atm.
    19. EnergonWaffles
      Hah was never in the Gifted classes. Only Honors English. School was never my forte.

      Anything new with you?
    20. EnergonWaffles
      Yeah he's arriving on Sun and staying all of next week.
      So the friend who moved and got a job has been having panic attacks- so I'm on my third day staying with her. Hard because I can't understand why she's so terrified of living on her own- she's only a half hour away from her parents. Anyways- shell get used to it eventually I hope.

      He already taught me how to change oil and tires and stuff XD

      Good to see you're happy with who you are. Everybody has there quirks and nobody is perfect.
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