Sep 17, 2011
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The DVJ, Male

    1. EnergonWaffles
      You probably did tell me the date- I've just deleted my inbox a few times since then and forgot XD
    2. EnergonWaffles
      Merry Christmas Joe!
    3. EnergonWaffles
      Happy Thanksgiving Joe!
      Have great day and have fun hanging out with your family.
    4. EnergonWaffles
      I have a friend coming over and staying ubntil Thurs, so won;t be on as much. XD Shall write when I can!
      Nice costume btw haha
    5. EnergonWaffles
      I'll write 2morow night. Got Jury Duty and my number 81 so ughhhhh probably going to get picked.
    6. Superquad7
      Hey! Got your pm, and thanks! Yeah, there seems to be a batch of system32 files associated with even my pc recovery. I'm gonna try to get a hold of a Windows 7 OS disk and go from there. It's the only pc I have with Windows 7, and perhaps in the process here I can get this lil desktop upgraded from XP to 7.

      Mainly, I've just got a heap ton of baby photos that are my priority in backing up. There's other important stuff, too, but that's my main goal. Ideally, I'd just like to do some OS reinstall and save all of my files. I'm hoping Black Friday will have some kind of external hard drive sale again.

    7. EnergonWaffles
      She's been here since yesterday since her school had "Fall Break." She leaves 2morow though.
      Got through 7 seasons of TheOffice. Its been a very productive week *snort*

    8. EnergonWaffles
      At the risk of sounding pathetic...
      Been 2 whole days since Ive heard from you. You alright Joe?
    9. EnergonWaffles
      Have fun vaccinating those chickens?

      And how was your sis' party?
    10. EnergonWaffles
      Just wanted to say...I opened Cybertron Quickstrike (I'm assuming it's Cybertron since that was the only English word on the box haha) and he is AWESOME.

      Also got 4 cherry tomatoes off the plant today.

      Hope you're doing well!
    11. Fallout
      good luck he's well worth it i promise
    12. Fallout
      he's pretty insane dude. he's kinda fiddly but he has three great modes and a great headsculpt.
    13. Fallout
      well i got reverb today and lemme tell ya he is killer...
    14. EnergonWaffles
      Sure! I'll have time to help any time from Monday -Fri (after 7)

      I won't be on as much this week- my mom fell at work and mucked her arm/shoulder up pretty bad, so I'm helping her out till it feels a bit better.

      Sounds like you had a full day! Bet you're ready to get some sleep haha
    15. EnergonWaffles
      aw that chick is adorable!

      and that room doesn't seem like the place you'd want to walk through, will bird bombs falling all over the place.
    16. EnergonWaffles
      Oh I just got about 6 hours of sleep so Im good to go
      Yep she was really grateful, so I didn't mind doing it for her. Also did the logo for her group.

      oooo you got promoted?
    17. EnergonWaffles
      up for 48 hours to finish all the pamphlets but got them done! Woo!
      Almost feels like being in college again haha

      So wassup?
    18. EnergonWaffles
      I see she was arrested. Justice was served!

      btw whats the story behind your sig?
    19. Fallout
      hey big man, if you're ever in a 'backwater' walmart and see a rotf prime on the cheap ($45 or less) you mind pickin one up for me and i'll make it worth your while?
    20. EnergonWaffles
      You the "go to" guy for computer stuff in the family?
      Aw thats such a nice thing to do. I'm sure those kids appreciate it.

      Here's a computer question- is there any way to use AV cords these days? Used to be able to hook up a PS2 to my moniter with an AV cord but newer comps don't seem to have that ability for some reason.

      I did hear back from a local animation company- they aren't hiring atm but they said they'd give me a call when they are. That was on under the condition I learn Flash in my spare time though- I learned to use ToonBoom/AnimatePro instead. Think Flash should be easy enough, though.

      Glad your parents are all right. Guess the good side is you can have a steady supply of mulch for the next year after a storm like that XD.
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