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Feb 7, 2008
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Feb 6, 2023 at 3:49 PM
    1. soundwave144
      Hey man, I have a close personal friend named Adrian aka "Gothsaurus". He told me last night that u were taking some lumps with your job having to relocate to another country and needing to sell some of your collection. If I can help out i will; do u have a list of things your selling?
    2. batfan007
    3. batfan007
      Hey man, I love your blog, been reading it a lot lately, plus the other ones you link to. Any other good Tformers/related blogs you can recommend?
      I read Maz of course.
    4. CodeXCDM
      CodeXCDM is a link on the top of the subreddit that lets you filter tons of friend codes.

      That said... the FFX Spheroid can be dealt with say, Tyro using Steal Power and Retaliate, followed by two characters that sport the four elements required to get it to shift around. Seemed easy to hit 9999 with 3* Spellblades and 4* -Aja Black Magic.
    5. CodeXCDM
      Cool! Ever see my antics on the subreddit /r/ffrecordkeeper? Or just peruse them in general? Usually rather useful stuff for the game. My friend code is also Q6xh - Boon, but that SB might change with all the SSBfest stuff, and I have 100 followers already. =/
    6. CodeXCDM
      Hey... Do you play Final Fantasy: Record Keeper?

      Had a full list of "Roaming Warriors" and I saw your name as a random summon while farming Orbfest.

      If you're not... then odds are NONE of what I just said makes a darn lick of sense... >_>
    7. skyfire2006
      been sick and lost everything on my hard drive
    8. skyfire2006
      hey man whats up
    9. jazzimusprime4
      Would you happen to have a Metalhawk or Minerva for sale?
    10. jazzimusprime4
      Hey brr-icy I am getting very close to completing my g1 japanese exclusive collection. I was wondering if you had a Metalhawk or Minerva for sale. I also need Grand Maximus, Black Zarak, Black Shadow, and Blue Bacchus. I was kind of saving those 4 for last though.
    11. vbjjune
      Seen you tried to pm me, cleaned up my pm box. Is renderform galvatron available?
    12. jazzimusprime4
      Hey man I just saw your reply to a thread I started about where to find Japanese exclusive transformers for cheaper. I looked at your collection and mine pales in comparison. Which ones are you missing? Do you have Dinoking, Blue Bacchus, and Black Shadow? Also do you think it is worth collecting the Japanese only headmasters like Kirk, Rodney, Lione, Toraizer, and Loafer?
    13. Fallout
      merry christmas bro :)
    14. Backstop
      got it! I will text ya :)
    15. Backstop
      k cool, you coming all 3 days bro?
    16. chrisr291
      Did you find Gai-Hawk?

      Transformers Victory G1 D 330 Guyhawk 100 Complete Liokaiser Takara Japan | eBay

      It's on eBay!
    17. Autobreadticon
      Heya its burntrolls really enjoying your photo reviews, do you have G1 Sharkticon in your collection, would appreciate a review , cheers
    18. taterx
      Dude added your blog to the reading list & I've been enjoying those pics in the G1 thread. Keep up the good work Sir.
    19. Fallout
      merry christmas dude :)
    20. transmuseum
      Thanks for accepting the friend request! Look forward to discussing vintage / all transformers in the future.
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