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Jan 13, 2009
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"You bred Raptors?"

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Sep 26, 2023 at 2:05 PM
    1. smf2045
    2. pumpkingonzo
      Thank you :)
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Happy birthday mate! Hope you have a good evening.
    4. wasp819
      Ha..sooner then that,
      My (ordered in march) mp bee turned up and im guunnnnnnaaaa slap some bones down for mp magnus (well suprised at how much i like him considering i didnt care at all untill bens review)
    5. wasp819
      Nah the combiner stuff aint doing it, none of the idw or legends stuff, it all looks cheap and hollow (especially compared to previous line like animated or the original classics/universe)
      Im so tempted to sell my one remaining figure (mp10)
      Talk me out of it please....
    6. wasp819
      Still postin buddy lol,
      Not really into robits anymore sadly (hence why im not here anymore)
      Hows tricks?
    7. podleian
      Damn you! Getting my hopes up! Vengeance will be mine, etc and so on :)
    8. podleian
      Hey Broot,

      I'd like to discuss Terminus Hexatron with you, when you clear some room!
    9. wasp819
      message inbox full Steve,
      clear some space as i forgot to give you my address:)
    10. Sweeny
      Yep, the more pics I see of the combined mode the more I like. Can't get over the level of articulation on it! Just nudged your ROTF Prime along, seemed to be going for too little moolah :)
    11. Sweeny
      Mate, just wanted to say thanks for your enabling on Bovis. Your links to the MMC thread and comments tipped me over the edge last month! What a figure Bovis is, and is so satisfying to mess with and looks the business. Roll on the rest :D
    12. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      EVAC arrived today - I'm super pleased with him.

      I'll leave you Junckion Feedback to say so too.
    13. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Also, I've just noticed the translucent SW has his shoulder cannon missing, so I'd probably withdraw that one!!
      My inbox is nearly full so please send me your preferred email via PM for paypal payment I'm happy with just Evac please unless you think of anything else in the mean time to suggest.
    14. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      What is that Mini-Soundwave I don't recognise it ?

      Do you know anyone with any Energon Chips or clip weapons or that kind of thing going spare ?
    15. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I'd like to buy Dlx Evac if you still have him.
    16. Ellamin
      Nice sig!
    17. Fallout
      that's awesome.
    18. Fallout
    19. Sinestro
      Looked into TRU Cribbs earlier but they had no Skyquakes left, will keep checking for restocks though!
    20. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I got the list I managed to get most of those in either TKMaxx, TRU, The Entertainer and Poundstretcher but I'd be curious to know what you would like to get for :

      General "Hawk" Abernathy
      G.I. Joe Pit commando
      & Zartan

      It's Cover Girl and the urban Deco Snake Eyes I really want and can't find though.

      Got any Iron Man I or Thor or Marvel Universe 3.75" figures at all ?
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