Aug 19, 2006
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    1. TF@TM
      Coudl I be added to this group, G1 Holy Grail Owners
    2. waggster
      Hi I'm messaging you for any info you might have on the n-4-sr. I just picked up a couple of them from a lot of toys that were owned by a man who worked for a toy company.I posted a thread with pictures. Not sure if one of them is a test type. thanks John
    3. tarzAN2003
      That's really neat! What are you asking for them, are you open to trades or selling?
    4. tarzAN2003
      Thank you so much for your PM and for the warm welcome to these boards! ツ
    5. bradforj
      The last update I did was in Feb. It's jailbroken (iphone 5) and I don't want to mess up my jailbreak by updating.
    6. chrisr291
      I had no problem with my iPhone. Did you update your phone? That is nuts!
    7. chrisr291
      Honestly, I'd keep watching the page Search Results Page

      They'll get more instock soon once all the CC's get declined, etc
    8. chrisr291
      NO kidding! Talk about a pain in the ass! A hobby shouldn't hurt this much lol
    9. chrisr291
      Not sure if you saw this! I was in your boat too

      LOL!! Totally gross story but I'll tell you away bradforj. I was literally at the urinal when I randomly checked TFW and saw a few members post that they purchased Metroplex. So with ONE HAND! I went to HTS, found metroplex, logged in, checked-out with PP, and then hit refresh 2 times until Metroplex came back to my cart.

      Then, I zipped up my pants and went back to work. Talk about dumb luck!

      I'm glad I drank all that water earlier today

      Edit: I did all this on my LTE AT&T iPhone 5
    10. Superquad7
      Just out of curiosity, how much did these cost to ship to you?
    11. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey Bro, I needed that Masters of Evil Set, and Couldn't get it, or Bruticus... You were lucky to get anything man... I will take that set off your hands though man!
    12. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      Well, I hadn't seen the Group. That happens when noone posts & it drops down the list. Me & moreprimeland found it in the chaos of the upgrade, when some of the Newer Groups were visible out of order.
    13. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      I shrunnk this for the Group Icon for the Voltron Fans Unite! Social Group you set up:

      But, only the Site Maintainer can post it.
    14. Caine
      Anyway, if you don't mind.. a feedback, please? :D
    15. Caine
    16. Caine
      May I request the tracking number, sir? :D
    17. Caine
      I assume you haven't received the set from FunPub, sir?
    18. Backstop
      Hey thnx for the invite :-)
    19. Backstop
      Hey I was interested in joining the G1 Holy Grail Owners group, I am already a member of the "I own a Lucky Draw or something uber rare" group.
    20. moreprimeland
      Cool...we can switch to PM's but just to is English speaking, right?? I have Headmasters with the English sub and Jap.
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