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Jul 17, 2019 at 1:34 AM
Apr 11, 2009
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Jul 17, 2019 at 1:34 AM
    1. blackout501st
      ill give that thought a go around. :D

      any word on what mold sideswipe uses?
    2. blackout501st
      ya im probably gonna end up getting the sideswipe toxitron set either way. im a sucker for toxitron. the shattered glass set i may just get and resell on ebay or something. and im getting 2 sets of 3 autotroopers to have my little "company" XD
    3. blackout501st
      possibly tonight. depending on how long things go. but 2moro for sure if not. and ya i totally see the visor now. that is so freaking AWESOME!!
    4. blackout501st
      ironfist's head looks alot like the autotrooper head. so i would be surprised if the troop builder was not autotroopers.
    5. blackout501st
      ill see if i can snag you one of them too. i might get a waspinator one for myself as well. i support waspinator's PLLLLAAAAANNNZZZZZZZZ......


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    6. blackout501st
      judging by botcon's twitter feed, we should be finding out what they are by tonight. and at the very least, i will know what they are when i get up there 2moro.
    7. blackout501st
      it even has the g1 and new ear antenna peices!! gah i want that thing so bad >.<
    8. blackout501st
      thanks! did you see that animated minerva? i be hard core major jellen of the dudes who managed to get into the custom class..
    9. blackout501st
      hey dude just letting you know that you dont have to look for a laserbeak and thundercracker anymore. i snagged them! and holy freaking crap these toys rock!
    10. blackout501st
      i got my wheeljack off of BBTS, along with thundercracker, scourge, kup, and luggy nutz. your going to really enjoy wheeljack.
    11. blackout501st
      hey boy blunder, duffcon just sent me a PM with the hidden location of a laserbeak and thundercracker. im going to make a B line after work for that local. ill let you know if i snag them or not.
    12. blackout501st
      I was really tempted to get one. But i gotta save for botcon >.<
    13. blackout501st
      Ok! I'll see if I can snag it for ya. Oh btw, there were 4 HA roadbusters at the wallmart in chula vista. Like, way the he'll down in chula vista. I can't remember the street name. It's by a costco
    14. blackout501st
      i agree. i always thought the seeker repaints would be the easiest thing to do.

      and thanks a ton man. im also gonna be looking for laserbeak starting 2moro. i found 10 bucks stuck in my couch cushion. XD ill let you know if i snag one.
    15. blackout501st
      and like i said, hopfully we will have some notice as to what the con exclusives are and what molds they use. every year for the past few has followed the trend of 2 packs of 2 characters, and the 3 pack of the troop builder. *which this year i REALLY hope is autotroopers, i would get like 12 of them :lol*

      and as far as RTS and generations goes, im pretty much booked. i am still hoping to find solar storm grapple and strafe. strafe i can live without though. i also would love to find a legends megatron and starscream. it would be fantastic if you could snag me one of them.
    16. blackout501st
      well i was thinking, at the VERY least, we will know what some of the exclusives will be on Wednesday. cause the dudes who are going for the customizing class will have the chance to get them when they get their badges. so that should give us at least some notice. and unless there are molds you dont like, its a fat chance the majority of them will be animated molds. most of which, are pretty dam good. and if there is a 2 pack, and you dont like one, but want the other, i could just sell you that one. that happens all the time. person A will like the one toy, person B will like the second toy. and they just split the pack.

      but ya im still hunting for laserbeak. i had to go to a couple stores today, target by sports arena, national city wallmart, and target. none of them had laserbeak. and i am looking for thundercracker, but i can wait on him if i have to.
    17. blackout501st
      haha i was just kidding about the teeth.

      im REALLY hoping they show us some of the exclusives before the actual convention. it would help out alot knowing which ones i wanna buy and how many there are going to be. ya know? and sure, i can snag you a couple of the exclusives if you like. they may end up being a bit pricy though. what with cheetor being 52. and they usually sell them in 2 packs, like razorclaw and elita one from 09 for example.

      and dont EVEN get me started about that seeker print.. that thing is AMAZING. i can snag one for you too. im already getting one for myself and a friend as well. :D
    18. blackout501st
      Stupid teeth... :lolol who needs them?? Jk.

      Well in that case, if we get some exclusives revealed between now and then, would you Want me to pick you up one or 2 things from the show? Then I could give you them when I got back in town Sunday?
    19. blackout501st
      hey boy blunder i was curious, are you going to botcon this year?
    20. blackout501st
      holy crap man! that is a very bro thing to do! i would wholeheartedly appreciate it!
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