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Jul 22, 2019 at 4:17 AM
Apr 11, 2009
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Jul 22, 2019 at 4:17 AM
    1. blackout501st
      oh hood megatron? im really surprised that a bunch of people are having trouble finding him. i see tones everywhere i go!
    2. blackout501st
      well you may just be in luck my friend. i had another friend hide one for me at otay ranch wallmart, along with deluxe prime. ive only got enough for one of them, so if you want you can take the sideswipe and ill take the prime! how about it?

      and who is doctor doomatron...?
    3. blackout501st
      no problem dude and thanks a ton. is there anything your hunting for that you would like me to keep an eye out for?
    4. blackout501st
      ya man its cool! really no problem! im just glad i could help. it was really nice meeting you and your girlfriend in person!
    5. blackout501st
      hey man right after i met up with you, i found and hid a leader ironhide in the target right across the street from where we met up. you interested in where i hid it?
    6. blackout501st
      haha no problem. i gotta run a few errands on the way, including preordering DOTM at my local gamestop down the street from my house.
    7. blackout501st
      hey dude just double checking to see if were still on at 1 today?
    8. blackout501st
      Aw shucks. Well thanks! I'm glad I could help out :D
    9. blackout501st
      Im actually looking for 2 of him. Some ass hole just HAD to show me a picutre of SHOCKWAVE dual weilding his minigun mode. And now I must own 2. :lol
    10. blackout501st
      Yep yep I know exactly where your talking Bout. There sounds great. I'll see ya then!

      Oh and I've got another thing for you to keep an eye out for. Let me know If you see an HA whirl.
    11. blackout501st
      There is a panda express right by there right?
    12. blackout501st
      I'm comming from chula vista. Right down the street from southwestern college. But mission valley sounds great, as dose Saturday.
    13. blackout501st
      Hey man so you think we can meet up on Friday of over the weekend to exchange the prints and stuffs?
    14. blackout501st
      Yep I hopped in line at 615 and got done at 1050. That line was horrible. I did get my box set, and the FREEBEE, and the toxitron sideswipe set, and the autotroopers.
    15. blackout501st
    16. blackout501st
      oh man... wow.. i should slap myself on the wrist with a large ruler for that one... i cant believe i didnt notice it was the g2 scheme..
    17. blackout501st
      wow.. sideswipe is looking pretty dark for sideswipe... :lol

      and ok! so probably 90 at the worst most expensive end of the spectrum, 50-60 ad the less expensive end of the spectrum. prepare for the worst and hope for the best as i always say :D well its late my friend. i gotta pack up all my crap in the morning, so ill talk to you then. peace!
    18. blackout501st
      ya i poked around for a good 5 min looking for pics. no luck. oh well im gonna have it in hand 2moro anyway :lol

      and okie dokie. i would imagine prints probably cost anywhere from 10-20 bucks. so 30-60, potentially for the prints, if they have the waspinator one. and then, ill see how much the autotrooper set is 2moro, and ill divide that by 3, and thats how much i will charge ya for the one autotrooper. sound all good?
    19. blackout501st
      ya someone said there are pics over at the allspark but i cant find them
    20. blackout501st
      and just to confirm everything: im hunging for the animated seekers print, the josh perez dare print, and the waspinator has plans print, and one autotrooper, correct?
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