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Apr 11, 2009
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Jul 17, 2019 at 1:09 PM
    1. Ravenxl7
      Thank you. I've posted the full version of him, and a mirrored version of him, here. It's really amazing, that with a small addition, and the right color-scheme, how well that concept art for Starscream works as Sky-Byte.
    2. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      LMAO! Nice.
    3. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      LMFAO! I can't wait. It'll be my mid life crisis. Instead of leaving my wife, I'll just have a breakdown on here about a toy trade.
    4. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Yea, I'm 29, so odds are next year I'll become a freak asshole.
    5. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Oh, most definitely. And the best part is that the worst of us are always like 35+
    6. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      That "HA HA OH WOW" pic is amazing. Kudos sir.
    7. Agent-GHQ
      I went to the Ross off College and it was raided! Which TJ Max and Ross were you talking about?
    8. Agent-GHQ
      Thanks for the heads up man! If you have not seen WC then its safe to say these scalpers has already raided it!
    9. Agent-GHQ
      Found RTS Windcharger yet?
    10. Mospeada
      Love your sig. I've been wanting an Optimus repaint in Staks colors. Any recent mold will do, really.
    11. micky24
      thank you,=D now that ive seen them it brought back some good memories. thanks again =D
    12. micky24
      oh thanks,how about your sig,im really bugged i cant remember what show it is from.
    13. micky24
      hey,hi there i was just wonderin..what show is your avatar from?
    14. HeroicC300
      I forgot who voiced the two ME Characters I listed. Hence why I used their names rather than the VAs. If I put my OCs on the list, one would be voiced by Kelly and the other would be voiced by Mordin.
    15. blackout501st
      Sweet! I wish you luck my friend. The one thing I'm still looking for is a tailpipe. Everything else is gonna have to wait until after SDCC
    16. blackout501st
      sweet man. i snagged a whirl a few days ago down in chula vista, but im still looking for a tailpipe. ill see if i can swing up there this weekend. i checked a couple of places yesterday, grossmont wallmart had plenty of wheeljacks, and target in national city had a crap tone of scourge if your still lookin
    17. blackout501st
      yep! saw it last night at 9 in plaza bonita. it was pretty freaking awesome!
    18. blackout501st
      hey man, did you get to see DOTM yet?
    19. blackout501st
      hey man me and duffcon stopped on the way back home to a couple stores, and that scourge is still where i hid him! national city target off of 4th avenue. right behind the HFTD ultimate battle ops bumblebee.
    20. blackout501st
      i went to otay ranch wallmart this evening, and i saw at least 7 voyager megatron there. that would be your best bet. i also re hid that sideswipe exclusive. he is now behind a big ben 10 car thing in the same section as the transformers stuff. they had plenty of deluxe prime, but i passed on him and got barricade and the new deluxe sideswipe instead.
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