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Jun 6, 2018
    1. mac&cheese
      thanks again, i try to bid on one of those sets, the cheapest with the super high overseas shipping cost is about 200.00 a set. way too high.
    2. mac&cheese
      hi again another question for you about the classics line. i see a set with the classics magnus and prime together. is prime in this combo set the same as the classics prime? is it the same mold? i want to use it for the fansproject dia commander set. its seems way too expensive these days. heres the set when it was for sale at bbts
      Google Image Result for
    3. mac&cheese
      yeah, got to be careful on impulse buyings, they can really kill the wallet. how about the knight morpher prime? i like it and its a collectors item. do you have any of the fansproject stuff? i sure am not going to buy the cliffjumper set at tf source for 350.00. no way. once i get my g1 reissues, and aftermarket tf. then i will be pretty much finish with collecting. still it will be alot of money. i sort of lost interests for the hasbro stuff now. just doesnt do it for me anymore. the collectors items seem very exciting right now. look at the superion and bruticus add on kits. damn they look nice! warbot is good too, you know what i mean. macross is so expensive. they are like 100.00 to 250.00 a piece. so all the book style sets would be? a few grand to complete. how much were those when they first came out?
    4. mac&cheese
      hi its easier to reply on here, than email. yes i do collect only g1 items now. i went way over board before so im never going there again. i do also like the newer collectible items as you know like fansproject, mastermind prime, devy parts maybe for devastator. thanks to you now im somewhat educated on the classics line. i never like those until the add on came out. yes the tf movies were not so good. the first was ok. then the second movie was crap. as for the toys i never was a big fan of those movie lines. its just not g1 style or feel. same for me with gi joe. with the hype over the movie stuff. they just never did it for me either. but i did love the 80s joes.
      the toy store was image anime. i did forgot that the prices was way too much. but i still bought the reissue anime galvatron from them for 85.00. just so i didnt have to pay for shipping costs. a little off topic its kind of cool that theres a lamborghini dealership there as well. its fun seeing those cars in person.
      but i do love macross too. guess what my favorite tf ever is g1 jetfire, i love that thing. but its the one i never got as a kid. my uncle said it was wayyyyy to expensive. for 50.00? he said no way. so i never had my favorite tf ever yet. i will get him sooner or later. he reminds me of macross and g1. if your ever looking for some pieces let me know. i shop around alot so i can help you look around. im in md. how about you?
    5. pinoy78
      Pare! Nice to meet fellow kababayans on TFW.
    6. Razerwire
      I'll spread the wealth once I get everything on my list. So you need to spread your wealth to help my cause. :p
    7. Razerwire
      But I'm closer to my goal so you should lend ME money! :p
    8. Razerwire
      No you got it all wrong! Lend ME money! :p
    9. Razerwire
      Different series is no excuse to pass up on the best Yamato figure every made! :p
    10. Razerwire
      You COULD be getting the 11B instead. :p
    11. Razerwire
      I need my money for the 27, 25F Tornado, and 0A Shin!
    12. Razerwire
      You buy the 11B yet?
    13. Superquad7
      Hey man, I left ya some good feedback! I'm glad everything got there well :) Thanks again!
    14. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      I know that Homer has a colour in his brain.
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