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Oct 21, 2023
    1. SydneyY
      yeah I am still here, sort of. being really lazy. Hope you have been well :)
    2. BoNKerS
      Thanks bro! no worries tho I knew of the issues but the figure looks fantastic! I have the Hasbro version and I think the paint job on the black version is just far better!

      Saw your pics of it and ya, it was a MUST BUY! hahaha
    3. SydneyY
      I'm sorry to hear about the foot, mine's fine except for the knees. I am sure you aren't the alone with the problem and someone must have have a tip as to how to fix him up.
      Such a beautiful toy, I just can't hate him. I hope you'll still like him :(

      I don't have regular MP Rodimus, do you?
    4. SydneyY
      Looks very nice. Reminds me there was Lucky Draw Black Sixshot I can't even dream of owning.
    5. SydneyY
      I should at least check out the pics. I don't buy 3rd party toys but I can admire, hah.
    6. SydneyY
      Hey hey, thanks for dropping by!

      I'm lying low trying to save money (you know those pic threads are bad for keeping the addiction in check). I don't mean to buy lots of AoE toys, but I want to be ready just in case.

      Hope all's well with you :)
    7. SydneyY
      thank you for the kind words :)
      So you'll make a yahoo account? I guess I'll have to, too, eh. Otherwise I don't even know if my account will be there.
    8. SydneyY
      I've found out that flickr will stop associating google accounts in the near future. I don't have yahoo account and I'm not keen on making another online profile :(
    9. SydneyY
      thanks mate :D I think I'm posting too many pics past several days. Still not sure what works best.
      It's great to hear from you!
    10. SydneyY
      was going to say "BoNKerS - G2 Sideswipe looks great!"
      Sticking my head in the lightbox too much my brain is cooked, pardon me :)
    11. mandiprime97
      Hey, no problem. Keep 'em coming! :D Rock on! :rock
    12. mandiprime97
      Dude, I have to say, your pictures are full of awesomeness! :D :thumb
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