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Apr 1, 2014
    1. Bluestreak
      I think this will mark the last time I come onto this profile now. I'm sure one of your pathetic staff members will eventually come here and read all this and then get off on pressing the infract/ban button. But when that time comes I won't be here to see it or read it, I'm done, this is boring now. I'm retiring, undefeated.

      Good fucking riddance TFW2005, a site that way back when wasn't populated by complete tools or staff members on power trips, but now is nothing more than a cess pool for flexing egos and e-peens.

    2. Bluestreak
      Still here. Jesus come on and ban me please?
      Gotta say the member Ash_from_Carolina is possibly the most idiotic fucking moron cunt I have ever seen on a message board. Constantly cries over the Bayformer movies, absolutely hates them and everything about them but has been talking about them non stop for almost what, 5 years or so? Since pre-production?


      Oh Split Lip is a twat too. Lets post the exact opposite of everyone else's opinion just to be a contrary dickhead! Utter cunt.
    3. Bluestreak
      And yeah I know eventually one of you worthless fucks will read all this, you have nothing better to do.
    4. Bluestreak
      I'd just like to inform you that the user Mighty_Maximal is also using the account RedAlertRescue. As multiple accounts are a breach of the board rules, you might want to actually DO something and ban or infract him. Since ya know, you're so high and mighty for infracting for any other reason. Stupid fucks.
    5. Bluestreak
      Hurry up and ban me. Come on.
    6. Bluestreak
      TFW2005 mods are pathetic cunts. Just a friendly reminder for you all.
    7. Bluestreak
      You're also obese, must be the reason why you enjoy threatening people on this message board. Not get out much? Girlfriend/wife ugly too? Pissing you off?
      Now, go play big mod some more and threaten to ban or give infractions out. Must be the only way you get to boss people around in life. Sad.
    8. Bluestreak
      You're gonna have to keep deleting these messages you fat prick. I'm sure it'll make you feel like you're doing something worthwhile, other than talking down to people on these shitty boards. You really are a pathetic cunt with a massive ego.
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