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    1. enkidoamark
      So, what's your day job? You need to be drawing for a living. I'm being serious when I say that I would be THRILLED to find out IDW was going to reboot and you'd be in charge of a new house style. Would you be ok with me cutting one of your guys' head off and using it as an avatar? I understand if you don't want people doing that.
    2. Sentinal Prime3
      Sentinal Prime3
      Will do. I always try my best to give credit where it is due.
    3. Sentinal Prime3
      Sentinal Prime3
      I'll change my question. I like your designs and would like permission to use them, I can accept it if you don't want (or unable) to draw any for me, so instead, I'm asking you permission to use your designs for whomever our artist is, to use for our series.

      You will be given full credit where it is due, of course.
    4. Sentinal Prime3
      Sentinal Prime3
      I have a non-profit Transformers Project I'd like to request you for. Its an original Transformers Project and I need a good artist for it.

      You up for it? If so,(or just to get more information) it has a thread here at this site, as well as at Tfcog
    5. josh5837
    6. josh5837
    7. josh5837
      whats up blitz do you have rotf optimus and jetfire
    8. Superquad7
      Oh man, I wish you well with that! You're a braver man than I working in public this time of year . . . .
    9. Superquad7
      Hey man, I hope everything is well with you!
    10. jackets
    11. Superquad7
      Your tutorial makes me happy. You have tallied your 3rd SQ7 internet hug. You hold the record :)
    12. Superquad7
      Hey buddy, I hope all is well with you! :)

      You mentioned making a tutorial. Personally, I'd love to see you do a coloring tutorial. I know we have some guides by Josh, but I'd be interested to see what you come up with just for the sake of variety. I'd also like to see something like "Basic 101 of TF Illustration" or something to get some peeps started :)

      So what's new with you as of late?
    13. PRIMEMAN3457
      thanks for voting
    14. Superquad7
      However you'd like to make a tutorial is up to you. As long as the images are attached and the instructions are easy and clear to follow, it should be great. Simply post it in the "Radicons General Discussion" section when you complete it :thumb
    15. swampert123
      oh hey your back I was just reading your message right now
    16. Superquad7
      Hey man, thanks for humoring me with the requests regarding your recent BB artwork. As I hope you can tell, I've really enjoyed the piece (pieces? :)). I really want to see an Alternators toy of that design :)
    17. swampert123
      your still here since this morning?
    18. swampert123
    19. Superquad7
      You're very welcome! I've not seen a piece yet from you that I don't thoroughly enjoy. I especially enjoy your fan-character designs. I'm really hoping to get around to illustrating my Alternators characters a lot more.

      I had some random sketches I was going to scan today, but I got sidetracked with some other stuff at home. Sitting here at work, I'm sketching Chip Chase ^_^

      Any tutorials you can add I know will surely help! I've been going through that sticky thread in Fan Art for a while now, cleaning it up to make it disappear eventually (since we have our own Tutorials section now, there's no need for it). I look forward to anything you contribute!
    20. Superquad7
      Hehe, I replied to your post in the sticky. :D

      Man, I'd just like to take another opportunity to tell you how much I love your work. Your work is so inspiring to my own and to others I can tell. If you ever run out of things to illustrate, feel MORE than free to draw some of my customs :)

      Also, I've been overhauling the Art Tutorials, and if you have anything to contribute, we'd be much appreciative :D

      Thanks for being so cool, buddy :thumb
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