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    1. R4B1Y4
      Hi, just wanna say i love your art, especially the colors!
      1. Blitz.
        Thank you so much!
        Oct 17, 2023
    2. GoLion
      Hey, what pencils and inks do you use?
    3. Superquad7
      Yo, buddy! Good to see ya around tonight :)
    4. eagc7
      thought this got canned ages ago?
      some sources say that the film was never canned, it was simply postponed/delayed because of script problems
    5. DJW107PRIME
      Another shot at X1 perhaps? Fansproject: $20 Donation to Salvation Army & Function X-1: Code Figure
    6. HeroicC300
      Okay. I'm hoping that you pull a BadFlip and go from being a fan artist to someone trusted with important characters (he did 11 of The 13, but not Alpha Trion).
    7. HeroicC300
      Have you ever attempted to pitch your designs to Hasbro?
    8. Fishdirt
      Just wanted to know your thoughts on doing a few drawings for a possible project through the license holders. Pay of course. IF it happens you may be asked to draw vehicle voltron. Needless to say your style is loved :)
    9. Fishdirt
      What's your feelings on voltron ?
    10. Fishdirt
      The comics gigs pay more then what i get now for the card work. I actually get paid higher then normal but they are all one off pieces which means more work and less money. There are artist proofs and those can pay well if you know you're rates (mine go from 150 to 300+ a card). They consist of official blanks you are given as part compensation that you then go and sell commission with.

      Scale is based on experience and who or what you know. Freelance work varies but companies like IDW are pretty good with pay. Networking is key to get info and not get screwed over too badly (it's freelance, you WILL get screwed somewhere...they all do).

      I would think advertising has more flat rates then comics and cards. Also concept art for video games and film have pretty standard rates (but may involve you needing to move).
    11. Fishdirt
      Yeah, day job and art job didn't work well so I ditched one for the other. Pays less but I stress less. IDW pays well though, from what I understand.
    12. Fishdirt
      It's for this set:

      I can ask about a deadline change for anyone new or if you could do 5 cards but yeah a bit pressure there.

      I've got a friend who's drawn comics for IDW. If you got any sequentials and want to toy with that idea I can see what's possible. Chris tends to look at the IDW boards and pick people from there as well. Anyway, you got talent and it'd be nice to see "out there" as it were.
    13. Fishdirt
      If you're interested maybe I can see if it's not too late. Deadline is september 15th for me but if I can show Tom your work he might hire you for it. It's g1, prime and movie based.
    14. Fishdirt
      Have you done comic work? Just saw your artwork. Wish I knew earlier. If you aren't on the card set I would have hooked you up if you wanted. Awesome kills!
    15. DJPrime39
      Can you draw one of my drawings for me? because how i draw it dont look good to me
    16. Soundwave_FSD
      Cool, I love me some Magnus. Ha. I can't way to see it. Keep up the awesome work!
    17. Soundwave_FSD
      I really Like your art. That springer is off the Chain! Any chance you'll be doing any other season 3 folk?
    18. Ezilla82
    19. Ezilla82
      Hey Blitz. I've posted my own take of Trypticon in the fan art section under the title, "Classics or Universe Trypticon". If you have time.
    20. enkidoamark
      Hey, check out my new sig. That cool with you?
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