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    1. Cliffjumper
    2. eagc7
      Toy Story 4

      Oops, you're right...that was TS3...TS2's direct to video plot had something to do with the Dog or something. It was in Disney Adventure magazine WAY back when, forgive me, my memory isn't quite so sharp.
      heres what toy story 2 was going to be about
    3. eagc7
      Although I admit this would have been pretty bad...this is nothing compared to TOY STORY 4...the movie no one wanted...including Pixar.

      Last I heard they were going with the scrapped TOY STORY 2 plot developed for the straight to video version of the sequel proposed way back when involving Buzz getting recalled to Japan. Which is utterly ******ed considering how long it's been since his original release in movie time. What kind of toy recall takes 10 years to take effect??

      As for MI:2, this premise seems better suited towards a children's picture book release than a movie. Like a "learn to read" kinda thing.

      And the prequel...well, as far as I'm concerned it's unnecessary. I'm sure it'll be fine as long as Pixar is controlling it, but I really wish people would just leave things well enough alone.
      What Toy Story 4?

      Um. that was Toy story 3 original version, not toy story 2
    4. shibamura_prime
      Your MSNBC sig is AWESOME.
    5. Torque
      Unite we MUST!!!! ROFL
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