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I'm singing in the rain

folllow threads Mar 30, 2017

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    1. Shark Jumper
      Shark Jumper
      Please just send me regular PMs it's easier.
    2. SludgeDrinkBeer
      I went down there and bought the Red Alert. He looks great, well worth the $30. I was trying to win an AFA Springer but my computer was running slow and I lost the auction. Mother F$%& computer. On Wednesday I am probably going grab Thrust and Dirge but I am craving an AFA piece right now so I still might hold off on the Thrust and Dirge. I have been thinking about starting an AFA collection for a while and since I am probably going to sit the movie toys out, it may be the time to start that collection.
    3. ersico
      tons ive been on an alternators now im broke and the only ones left that i need are
      nemesis prime
      prowl or red alert
      which is funny because a week ago all i had was the ravage i was thinking of selling ya, now i have a total of 10 in the den and like 7 on the way to the house from the junkion and ebay....other than that............going to the beach next weekend to catch some beach critters...blennies.crabs,clams, grass shrimp.........
      you have anything new? OH, I SAW ORIGINS LAST NIGHT TOO, over all A+, though some parts were "too fake looking" i really enjoyed it and since hugh jackman was butt nude, my wife really liked it.... lol
      take care
    4. SludgeDrinkBeer
      I have decided to go and get Red Alert tomorrow, if you want me to grab an extra one for you send me a message.
    5. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Let me know if you want me to pick up something for you next week. I am going out there on the 6th.
    6. SludgeDrinkBeer
      No the funds are limited, part of me wants to go down there and buy it on Saturday but I will probably wait till the 6th so I can pick up all of the stuff I want. I hate driving out there and if I can save myself a trip I might as well do it. If I do head out there on Saturday I will send you a message.
    7. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Hey did you get Red Alert? If so, how does he look?
    8. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Cool thanks for the help. Yeah Steeper looks pretty sweet. They offered the Star Saber to me for $175, but I believe they wanted more for it. I think they are going to try and sell it a botcon for $300. It was in pretty good shape but the sword was broken. The more I looked at the figure, the less I wanted it. They always hook me up with a pretty good deal because I buy a lot of stuff from them. The one I want the most is Victory Leo and I hope to buy him at botcon on Friday the 29th. I need to buy it on the day my girlfriend won’t be attending botcon, she would kill me if she saw the price of him. Let me know if you want to meet up at botcon, I live like 3 miles from there and I can probably let you cut in line with me.
    9. ersico
      well i have the kitty, to be honest, ive only bought stuff from people, i havent sold anything so i wouldnt really know where to start........ if you were interested i could take some pics of mine and send to you....i guess 40 shipped. as long as your in the states........or we could just see what ya think....i dunno ...sorry so long. i was at the beach and didnt have acess to a computer...went fishing...caugt eel/shark/whiting and toadfish and crabs...wahhooo
    10. ersico
      how much do those jaguars go for? i think i have turns into the cat? if so i have one, not sure of his price or condition.
      ive never been to botcon or any figure show, i bet they are fun, i usually go to reptile shows, as i have numerous reptilian pets...and as for the job. i work at the south carolina dept. of health and env. control (DHEC) im a chemist. i do water testing primarily.
      i was just playing with spawns definitely not a radicon. those people are amazing in their just a fiddler...ahhaha
      my camera is a sony cybershot 7.2 mega pix. adn then i play around with the pics and crop and adjust saturation and brightness.....i try to take most of my pics outside since i don't have one of those fancey white boxes i see alot of people using..
    11. ersico
      pretty well, just back from tampa, work training. and when i got home, i had alt. convoy, alternators skidz and white music soundlabel in. and today i got countdown from im uploading some convoy pics i took today with some modified *McFarlane Spawn weopons...a dremel tool and some paint.....* other than that, pretty cool, any new additions or anything on your end
    12. ersico
      awsome,,,,,i know you will like it. i really like mine...yesterday i got my digital toys order in
      anim. skywarp. and atomic lugnut
      universe starscream and beast wars corhada (snake)
      and unlicensed sports label convoy,,,,and a few days ago i got RID RAILRACER loose (and also got midnight express MISB and rapid Run MISB)
      i need to go get TRU countdown, and am waiting for alternity silver, alternators red truck prime and deluxe cyberton megatron to come in.........................wheeeeewwwww...thats alot........
    13. ersico
      no problem i enjoyed taking them. and the wife gets a kick watching me "play with my toys in the backyard" :) anytime you want any other pics ill be more than willing to take them....i have quite a few from mostlines except g1 g2 and alternators...... just alt rodimus and the ravage cat (jaguar)
    14. ersico
      here ya go buddy
    15. ersico
    16. ersico
      ya i was on the fence at first on him but then i got big convoy and fell in love with him....then got nemesis.....ive never turned them back into the mammoth...haha

      i think it goes by universe nemesis prime, i would start a thread in the junkion looking for universe nemesis prime (black mamoth)...and tag each word in it.....couldnt hurt
      saw a few on ebay....killer prices..
    17. ersico
      thank you, now i have 4....wahooo....any other guys your looking for, im in the process of ordering a alternity convoy *silver*..............i like the hunt...
    18. Deceptikitty
      Nah, I have a trip to the UK this summer to save up for! Are you going?
    19. Deceptikitty
      I'm great, how're you?
    20. Sideways
      no problem bro..It's a favorite on my youtube page!
      I love the "This Is Sparta!" remix one too!
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