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I'm singing in the rain

folllow threads Mar 30, 2017

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    1. ersico
      aww its been rough, i won't tell ya the long story soo heres the short version, baby bats in the attic, porch overhang detatched and fell off of house=hole in house, best friend from elem. school-high school died sat.
      but i got alot of ROTF toys and a clear mirage alt is on its way........please tell me something good is going for ya
    2. Eric
      Your sig scares me, man. :lol
    3. flamingunicron
      great to hear on dead end, but i might wait for nightbeat
    4. flamingunicron
      oh haha...i went a little overboard. Stopped by Toys R Us, and got Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Fallen, and Starscream. Then i went to your target, and sadly they didn't release the ROTF toys
    5. flamingunicron
      oh haha, its alright. I'm still gonna go there tonight probably, as i'm busy starting from 2-8. What figs did you pick up?
    6. SludgeDrinkBeer
      I think most of them are going to the dinner at Paramount on Saturday. They said that they were going to meet up at a bar in one of the hotels. I am still trying to decide if I should go. Instead of going to the bar, I might watch the Lakers game and then hit the Toys R Us in Alhambra. There are only a few movie toys that I want. I hope I get the exclusives tomorrow when I pick up my set, then I can chill and enjoy Botcon.
    7. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Things are going well. My girlfriend had a great time in Europe. This month I bought Activators Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Dirge, Henkei Thrust, Dirge, Movie Rampage, Sideways, Sideswipe, G1 Blurr, Wreckgar, and an AFA 75 Grade G1 Springer. I am still going to Botcon but I don’t know if I am going to the meet up. Let me know if you are going, if you go then I will go.
    8. flamingunicron
      haha alright, sounds like a plan. see you then
    9. flamingunicron
      Haha, looks like i'll be going to the Toys R Us in Cerritos at 9 on friday, which is right across from your store. You going to be able to make it then also?
    10. DeeLux
      Yeah I should be at Botcon this year (first time) and since it's local I'd be a fool not to!
      Hopefully I'll catch you there!
    11. DeeLux
      Hey BigRC83!
      Not much to hunt for these days, pretty much caught up on Fig's, so I've been laying low.
      Taking advantage of the downtime and re-organizing my displays.

      Take care bro!
    12. ersico
      thats cool ..there just in my closet......let me know how botcon is...ive never been to a show like that........where do yo go to it.....i would have to travel far as im in s. carolina...nothing really comes around here
    13. ersico
      how much are you looking to pay for say 2 of them MIB....i bout 2 MIB for 50 + shipping to me.........ill have to loook tonight to see which ones they are though.....i bout the individ. pieces off ebay, but also bought 2 mib on accident so i have them now....just let me know if your not really into combiners..but after i put him together. i havent taken him out of this mode....hes pretty sturdy except for one of his legs is shorter. and it has a gimmock that allows you to stretch it out..but mine goes back into his leg.......hard to describe.............take care
    14. ersico
      heres some i took a while back...
    15. ersico
      hey there, so i went to the beach and brought back 3 blennies, a toadfish, swimming crab, stone crab and some shrimp...only caught 2 whiting i threew back.......on transformers..heres my alts ive aquired in the last month...and in the mail ive got camshaft, nem prime, arcee, bluestreak, and swerve on the way.....i found binaltech arcee on amazon for like 41 and free super saver it and a few others are pretty cheap....relative to ebay and some junkion threads....well take care.
    16. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Smart man, that is what I should be doing.
    17. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Hey are you going to Frank and Sons this week? I might go out there today.
    18. SludgeDrinkBeer
      That is a sweet deal, they charged me $30 for my Red Alert. I was there around 6:00-6:30, I picked up Dirge and Thrust. I am glad that you got th Red Alert, he is a nice figure.
    19. ersico
      hey budyy, anything new. still working and buying here....
      now im only needing of the alt line.
      nemesis prime
    20. Deceptikitty
      I'm great, how're you doing?
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