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I'm singing in the rain

folllow threads Mar 30, 2017

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Jun 16, 2024 at 4:49 AM
    1. ersico
      hey buddy
      so you excited for the movie. i got my tickets for the 7 pm showing tomorrow night..and ive been loading up on the figs....i really really like HA BEE
      HES AWSOME............
    2. flamingunicron
      get the tickets?
    3. ersico
      ersico i got mudflap, cannon bumblebee, ravage, voyager meg.....and on the way from hasbro i got stratosphere, human alliance bee and mixmaster.........
      oh and 2 weeks ago i got 2 star tattoos.....and this sat. im talking to my artist about my full backpiece......what bout you.......ive been sucked into ROTF i said i wasnt going to get many......i suck.....ive got almost all deluxes except preview bee and intereg barricade...and ive got all new voyagers (except the repaints) both leaders and some scouts....
    4. flamingunicron
      ok i started a thread and posted it in the sightings forum
    5. flamingunicron
      yup, thats what i did
    6. flamingunicron
      ok got the tickets. Long Beach Town Center 12:01 showing IMAX. I got theatre 26.
    7. flamingunicron
      i've been really busy with finals so i wont be able to get tickets until this weekend sometime hopefully. You can get the tickets ahead on fandango if you want. Its the 12:01 showing on Tuesday and the Long Beach IMAX. Otherwise I'll let you know when i get mine.

      Also, did your target get any wave 3 deluxe's yet? I'm looking for ravage!
    8. Deceptikitty
      It's hypnotic, isn't it?
    9. flamingunicron
      haha, ya i haven't had time to go get them, cuase of school still. But i'll let you know when i get them. Most likely Wednesday.
    10. flamingunicron
      hey according to fandango, there are going to be tickets for the 12:01 showing in IMAX. You want to see that or regular?
    11. flamingunicron
      haha good idea, i'll start one when i get tickets
    12. flamingunicron
      haha cool. I'll let you know when i get my tickets
    13. SludgeDrinkBeer
      I didn't feel like going on the studio tour, I watched the Lakers game and got drunk with some friends. That was a sweet deal on the Superion. Sorry you were sick. I hope you feel better. Take it easy.
    14. flamingunicron
      alright, i'll be on the look out for tickets to go on sale at LBTC, and then i'll let you know. then we can get other people to come!
    15. flamingunicron
      haha want to organize something for the orange county people? I'm thinking LBTC
    16. flamingunicron
      hey are you going to a midnight premiere or earlier for ROTF?
    17. SludgeDrinkBeer
      I took a look at Ersico’s page, nice haul at Botcon.
    18. SludgeDrinkBeer
      Yeah I had the Primus package so I went and picked up the exclusives, which have grown on me. I didn’t spend that much time at the convention and was kind of disappointed about the seller booths, prices were outrageous and a lot of the sellers were jerks. I bought some g1 one transformers without weapons for a good price. I built a g1 Abominus ($63) and Computron ($52). The Computron is missing his fists, which I can buy on eBay. The most expensive piece I bought was a G1 Weird Wolf for $75. I got Greg Berger’s autograph. He is an awesome guy. The whole experience made me appreciate Frank and Sons and eBay. Did you go to Botcon? How was Friday night and what did you get?
    19. ersico
      i have had 3 cybershots..ive destroyed 2 of fault but i love them and the one i use now is a 7.2 mp cybershot..if i wanted a good basic one i would go get this one...but its just me. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S930 Silver 10 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, Bonus Case Included, 2.4" LCD, Image Stabilization, Face Detection: Digital Cameras

      great haull..
    20. ersico
      AWSOME!! i wanns see your haul and pics if you took some...glad you had fun.
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