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    1. skwonderfactory
      Hey, what version of the Mezco Kong from ‘Skull Island’ are you selling?
      1. bigkid24
        The 7 inch one.
        Feb 9, 2021
    2. MOTOGPFAN46
      Hey man,I sent you the payment yesterday,I just need to know if we are still good on this deal.
      Let me know,thanks.
    3. aprim
      Gave you the wrong tracking..Your mailbox is full so I'll post it here. Sorry This is yours.
    4. Wheeljackie
      Hey dude did you get my pm I am quite interested in the trade for my KO Trailbreaker and Hoist for your KO MP Exhaust. Let me know if you want to trade still :)
    5. rwnrrmer
      I have the marvel legends
      Classics Thor
      Aou ironman with thanos baf piece
      Aou hulk with thanos baf piece
      Captain America winter soldier with baf piece
      Star lord with groot baf and all accessories
      Punisher with red logo missing weapons and trenchcoat
      Purple Hawkeye from the infinite series
      Ironman mark 1
      Iron man mark 3
      Iron patriot from iron man 3
      Spider man missing his pizza
      Ant man with ultron baf and mini ant man and mini yellowjacket as well as the other ant
    6. vbjjune
      Your pm box is full
    7. rwnrrmer
      It says your pm box is full
    8. Sidewave
      Hey, your pm box is full but I sent the payment for the Mafex Spidey, my address should be listed in the invoice but if you want I'll send you it again later once you have some spaces in your messages
    9. MOTOGPFAN46
      Hey man,
      Your pm box is full,
      Just following up with my zip code,not sure if you received my message.
      Let me know.
    10. mc8383
      R u still selling quad u?
    11. jappy247
      Haven't gotten a response back very interested in Quadruple
    12. Knaranek
      Your inbox is full:

      PayPal is kewl man, [email protected] is my PayPal address.

      I work in Calabasas, so we can meetup if you are around or can meetup around here anytime after 4PM. Fridays I have to go in to the valley to pick up my kid. So I normally am in the valley those days around 4 to 4:30.

      Let me know if any of these times works for ya.
    13. Sideswipe1954
      Your mailbox is full
    14. Knaranek
      Yo George,

      I still have these and if you need/want I have an extra Leader JetFire as well.

      Let me know if you want the Jetfire as I will pass it to the next person in my list if you are not interested.
    15. Devastator X
      Devastator X
      Your pm's are full so I couldn't give you the shipping #. It was emailed to you though. If you want it here, let me know. Thanks.
    16. KnightofUnicron
      PM'd about buying Mindwipe and Skystalker :)
    17. Computron34
      Any chance you can respond to my PM? Just trying to figure it all out one way or another. Thanks!
    18. Computron34
      Tried to respond to your PM, but it said your Mailbox was full.
    19. autotronprime
      Hey, PM'd ya. Just wondering if your interested in a trade. Let me know. Thanks!!!
    20. nemisispringer
      That's cool dude I can't seem to think straight atm. He's only 5 week and is having stomach problems they think its just acid so fingers crossed the meds do the trick.

      I'll let you know about quad u

      Many thanks

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