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Sep 21, 2019 at 6:48 PM
Nov 23, 2007
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big hank

Resident Slacker-Basher, Male, 48

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Sep 21, 2019 at 6:48 PM
    1. asphalt
      I must know, where can I find your classics mirage kitbashes which every speak of with such reverence. do you have a gallery?
    2. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Thanks man, My wife is only about 3 to 4 weeks along.
      It's all still surreal to me.
    3. Rumble02
      hey man. I made a little homage to you and autobotx23. its in radicons. called wingclip. enjoy
    4. dyingwill3rd
      Ok dude! good luck on bruticus minimus!
    5. dyingwill3rd
      Maybe. i'll need to look at my local kb, but if i can't find one, i'll ask my cousin to look through his tf's (he is becoming more of a bionicle fan) or my aunt to find one at the kb in her area
    6. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      LOL, be safe man.
    7. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      If you see Acid Rain, get him !!!! He is only packed 1 per case to my knowledge. I've got to grab 2 once I find him.
    8. big hank
      big hank
      Yeah, that voice in my head kept sayin' get Acid Rain, get Acid Rain! That's what you get for trying to ignore the voices in your head!LOL
    9. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      LOL, I've seen a few reviews on him. TFing him looks to be a real pain. I still can't wait to get him. I'll just have to wait to see how long it is till Canada gets'em.
    10. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      He's been hacked up into little pieces, He was badly warped in my failed dye attempt.
      All the useful & savable part I've jacked for DC.
    11. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      No worries, We can't have a supporter rocking such a mundane Avy & no siggy
      What ever you can come up with I more then likely can do.
      I blame PK for getting me hooked on Bashing, so all & all it's his fault LOL.
      As I have always said everybody is welcome to the BW:A idea's. go nuts mang !!!
    12. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Hey, man.
      If you want a Sig or Avy LMK, I'll hook you up.
      Just drop me an idea by way of PM and I'll see what I can come up with.
      I do all of PK's siggy's lol.
    13. big hank
      big hank
      Yeah buddy!! Have to show my support for the main TF site, y'know! Been meaning to for awhile now!
    14. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Hey, man.
      Supporter now, welcome to the club.
    15. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Sorry to hear that man. Hope your up and better soon. Looking forward to see those bashes complete.
    16. big hank
      big hank
      Hey NP!! Yeah, I will update by this weekend, plus a few surprises too!! I had a little problem with my ankle so I had to stay off my feet and with my leg elevated for a bit, but I can sit up and work on bashes now. Holy cow!! Laying in bed for 3 days with my leg up playing with TFs, how many ideas do you think I came up with!!! Talk to ya later! Oh yeah, great job so far on Primal!! And Plowking's Ghost Rider is aces!!
    17. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      Yeah, any updates on those great bashes of yours ???
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    Oct 12, 1970 (Age: 48)

    Welcome to my profile, been a loooong time since l have had the chance to enjoy one of my great passions, Transformers!

    Some of you may know me, some may not. I have been away from this community far too long due to personal reasons not worth delving into, nor do l feel compelled to share at this time.

    I did however, leave before completing several transactions, leaving some people with the proverbial short end of the stick.

    That being said, l wish to resolve and make right any unfinished business, so we can all restore our cosmic karma lol.

    So l invite anyone who l have an unresolved transaction with to private message me, refresh me if possible on the nature of the transaction and allow me to compensate in whichever way is most prudent.

    Thanks for reading through all this and let's get back to the matter at hand, enjoying all things Transformers! ------BH