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Apr 25, 2024
Jun 18, 2013
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Big Convoy XIII

The One Man Army, Male, 34, from Colorado

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This is incredibly late. But I’ll be re-booting my review channel once I get a proper income and equipment. Oct 25, 2020

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Apr 25, 2024
    1. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      This is incredibly late. But I’ll be re-booting my review channel once I get a proper income and equipment.
    2. Big Convoy XIII
    3. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Why are people stupid? Why don't people read the important stuff first before jumping to conclusions? Just.. People.. Ugh..
    4. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      So! Like many people, I've decided to start doing toy reviews! It 'will' mainly feature Transformers of course but other stuff as well.
    5. AutobotAlvaron
      Thanks for the response Justin; to answer your question about Baltmatrix, I've seen some of his reviews, but I don't know him beyond that. It is fun to see rare or expensive figures reviewed in detail with clear images up-close. My own collection, though somewhat large, is really mostly standard Hasbro-fare with a few Takara gems, like some MPs and some vintage G1s. I'd guess I'd call myself an "open-minded, non-belligerent geewunner" so Optimus Prime is my favorite character/figure and I prefer autobots generally, but there are many decepticons I also favor. I'd like to finish my nearly complete G1 want-list, but I usually cherry-pick from other lines too. I often find that if a TF is either a character I like, or the figure itself has an aesthetic/ gimmick I enjoy, I'll probably get it, even if I'm unfamiliar with it. But, if a great figure has a "butter face" head sculpt, I'm unlikely to want it. What TF line or character is your favorite?
    6. AutobotAlvaron
      Hi Big Convoy XIII, all is well with me. I've always enjoyed this website, but more-so now that I've joined officially. Its been fun so far, & I look forward to continued participation in various discussions here. I'm rather private generally speaking, and especially about my hobby outside my immediate family and close friends, so its nice to share my interest in Transformers/Sci-Fi with a larger community. I appreciate your asking about me, so in all honesty, I can express that I like it here. How are you, Justin?
    7. AutobotAlvaron
      Thank you for the Friendship Request, I accept; I've been off-line the last three days for Holy Week observance and just read it today. My real-world name is Joe, by the way. Happy Easter!
    8. AutobotAlvaron
      Thanks for the Welcome!
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    Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 34)
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    Digital Artist
    I'm a fan of the transformers franchise and have been since I first started watching the cartoon in 1994, and currently collect the toys as well as minor artwork featuring the many MANY characters from the cartoons and such. I enjoy doing written reviews on the products of the franchise and will eventually move on to youtube reviews and I also enjoy trading figures with fellow collectors.


    Never Say The Skies The Limit When there Are Foot Prints On The Moon.