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    1. nemisispringer
      That sig rocks dude
    2. Sol Fury
      Sol Fury
      Thanks for the catch on that Reprolabels thread. What can I say, I snoozed, I lost :thumb
    3. Lucs
      Hey Kyle check the Oregon social group for a meet-up we're planning. This Saturday around 8pm
    4. ssjkazer
      I live in new zealand its realy good here dunedin is cold cristchurch is a nice experence wellington is windy and auckland is stressfull

      come talk to us on the local forums though

      Transformers New Zealand Message Boards • Index page

      any questions about the contry ill help you out
    5. Runamuck
      Here is a link for Sky Tower. If you do decide to go here, make sure to make reservations for one of the dining areas in Sky Tower. Superb!

      Here is a link: SKYCITY Auckland - Attractions - Sky Tower
    6. Runamuck
      Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner, man. Anyways, I hope you're there longer than 16 days because that time will go by before you know it. When I was there visiting an ex-girlfriend, I was there a month, and I wished I could've been there longer. It was so beautiful, and I felt I hadn't even begun to see stuff.

      Her and I went down to Rotorua(by the way, this is all in the North Island). It's a small, quaint little town. We went to a museum there, and I think we went to an animal/petting farm. Had a great time.

      I was staying with her in Grey Lynn, which is just outside downtown Auckland. Which is the place I think you guys should stay. Lots of places to shop, eat(great selection of foods and restaurants, along with the usual fast food joints). There is also a Zoo nearby Grey Lynn. But you have to visit Sky Tower in downtown Auckland. Go all the way to the top. One of the most beautiful views you'll ever see. I went there twice. First was at night, so I couldn't see much...but during the day...breathtaking. See the whole city and beyond.

      After Rotorua, we went up north. Well past Auckland, almost to the very tip. Very hilly and mountainous, winding roads on the way there. The town is called Paihia. There is a hotel we stayed at there for about 3 or 4 days. Lots of things to do there. We took a boat trip around the Bay of Islands. So majestic. They have a stop where you can get off at this little town on the other side of the bay. And a place to stop for lunch at this beautiful area. There is also a huge rock formation with a hole in can go through there, but we couldn't that day because the waters were too choppy. There was also a mini-car show there, that day...which I thought was cool...since I'm into cars.

      From Paihia, there is a DAY-LONG tour. You have to sign up for it. It starts in Paihia, takes you all the way up the rest of north-eastern coast, all the way up to the tip of New Zealand, by the ocean/sea. That area is called Cape Reinga, then takes you all the way back down the western beach front. There are stops all along the way, though. We stopped at this town for lunch, stopped in this forest, where the trees there are 1000's of years old...and seem to touch the sky. Stopped at Cape Reinga, stopped along the west coast beach area. Also stopped nearby Cape Reinga for a little bit of sand dune bellyboarding. lol If there is one major thing you do, do this. Stay in Paihia for a short stint, then take that tour. It was a great experience. I've done nothing like it before or since.

      I'll set up a photobucket folder and upload pics so you can see. :)

      Oh, I forgot to mention that we also went to this....well, I don't even know what it was. It was in Rotorua, and we walked through this beautiful area. The paths, for the most part, were marked with ropes and what not...but there was a little raft ride or something...and we got to see a steam geyser. I'll have to ask my ex what that place was called exactly.

      - Joe
    7. Runamuck
      Errr...what do you want to know about New Zealand? I visited there for a month 4 years ago.
    8. Starscream NZ
      Starscream NZ
      Interesting way to point out you're coming to New Zealand - do you know specifically where you are going in NZ? I happen to live her so may be able to give you some information.
    9. Molini
      Haha, Grumpy messages are awesome. They bring out the painful truth.
    10. Molini
      I like your style. I'm picky when it comes to befriending people on message boards...not to mention lazy. That said, we should definitely be friends.
    11. PyroniusRex
      I meant all the commas were my style, people make mistakes.
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