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Decepticon, Supreme Class, 40

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Jul 5, 2020
    1. batfan007
      Thanks for all your fun reviews. Bought too many toys after watching them. First world problems.
    2. Joevette8
      glad to help! ;)
    3. Joevette8
      hey Ben, i saw your video on Arcee, great review, but fyi you can store her other gun underneath her car mode as well, it goes between her legs and her hands connect to the pegs on the side of the gun
    4. Indy LF
      Indy LF
      Sorry to bother you but if you have maketoys giant/green giant can you posta pic next to citizen stack? I need to see if his shoulder extensions will fit in my shelf. I have green giant & his right arm scoop fits but it's tight, maybe I have 2 inches to spare. I'd be interested to see if stack it's taller at his peak than giant at his. Not head to head. Thank you so much.
    5. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Also may I ask where you got your BlingSwipe from so cheaply I've not seen him for sale under £25.00 so $20.00 sounds very appealing especially if they come with guaranteed Triangular Piledrivers.

      Oh and don't worry you didn't get a lemon they nearly all have that issue with the chest tab.

      Did you know that the triangular pile drivers can store in the legs and square ones on his back by the way ?

    6. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hello Ben,

      I was just watching Your Video Reviews and I wanted to say they arewell done.

      But I also wanted to point something small out to you about Movie Optimus Prime if you look on the chest when unpegging it there is a very small indentation about half way / 2/3rd of the way up this is the release point for the chest locking tab - it's not unhooked at the top or by bending it outwards but at that specific place where there's a gap - since I know some people have had the tab snap off due to a lack of awareness of that I thought I better tell you urgently.
    7. T4mercustomz
      Hey man just wanted to say I love your video reviews! Keep up the good work!
    8. AutobotJazz1
      Nice avatar!
    9. Fishdirt
      So I hear you started war?
    10. Fishdirt
      Hi Benny bo Benny banana fanna fo Fenny :D
    11. Makson404
      Just wondering what hands did you use for your metroplex? Was it this? G System - 1/60 or 1/72 Injection Made Full-Action Hand | eBay or Bandai UC 1/35 E.F.G.F Anti-MS Squad Set | eBay
    12. Benscollectables
      All Dc figs are on my facebook page with pics and prices For Sale | Facebook
    13. Switch625
      Saw you're selling some of your figures. I'm particularly interested in Deadman, Martian Manhunter and Dr. Fate. How much are you selling them for?
    14. sixshotninja
      Sorry dude, i need the money. No trades.
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