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Old skool. In a lot of ways., Male, 40

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    1. McBradders
      We are? That puts you beyond epic tier.

      I was just going through some posts and saw one of yours and was all like "this dude is super a cool guy", for serious. Sometimes I feel like I should keep a list, but that kinda thing is probably frowned upon.
    2. McBradders
      You are one of the all time greats. This is a fact.
    3. VBBN
      Going to have about 5-10 SO reviews for the fortress sent to you later tonight
    4. Toxicon
      Looking at HoS Shockwave, I can see how he transforms for the most part. In terms of toy feasibility, I'm sure MasterMind Creations will...embellish the design as needed to produce a functioning toy, y'know?
    5. Toxicon
      You excited about that HoS Shockwave too? :D
    6. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      ...and guess who I just got a shipping confirmation from. RAGE
    7. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Called them up and just had them cancel it because they said it probably was never going to ship. :/ Now I hope they -don't- get the minicons.
    8. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      The website is beyond messed up now with all the recent infrastructure changes, I can't even log in on Chrome, I have to switch to IE and even then its shoddy. I blame the obviously out-sourced web development team, the design methodology is just beyond bad.
    9. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Maybe give them an actual phone call and ask why. What was the reason in their email? Everytime I've seen people ask via online chat its all scripted shit.
    10. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      I haven't received any emails from them aside from the confirmation email. My order's still there in the Open Orders tab of the order status page on their site (which has become a BITCH to log in to and navigate).
    11. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Thanks so much! Bought and bought! Now let's see if they get those minicons...
    12. ComicGuy89
      That's good to hear. But what's really great is your entirely extensive library of reviews of almost every Transformer since the Beast Wars. This really helped me when deciding to buy older toys, because reviews are hard to come by nowadays, especially of older figures.
    13. ComicGuy89
      Hey Beastbot X, I just found out that you do the reviews over at that Model Commentary Index. You're one of the reviewers I check frequently to get information about Transformers, as you have a very extensive review list! Thanks so much for the help with my purchases!
    14. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised at all lol. So by my mark the only exclusives we haven't pinned a location down for yet are that Minicon 8-pack, those Scout 2-packs, Megatron Rising and Sideways Sneak Attack? Or am I missing something.
    15. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Is it me or does that Victory of the Fallen page get more complicated every week? Still no in stock for me, just an add to cart button that won't work because my local Kmart doesn't have 'em.

      Any dice on any other exclusives?
    16. VBBN
      Once again I'm behind on my SO reviews, bare with me. XD
    17. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Victory of the Fallen's out in Southeast Asia, but that's about it. But yeah, any links you find would be kick-ass. Kmart's always so sketchy and I really want to nab those, same goes for that TRU Legends Devy. Hell when I search Devy on their site it takes me to the Iron Man car.

      Already taken care of the TFCC stuff with my account though, but I appreciate the offer.
    18. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      Looking for them Kmart (at least think they're Kmart) exclusives. Victory of the Fallen and the Minicon 8-pack, any dice on those?
    19. Dinobot Nuva
      Dinobot Nuva
      I take it you still regularly check them online retailers for exclusives right?
    20. CharmedSerenity
      Ummm, hi?
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