Jan 17, 2009
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Not A Proper Fan., Male, from Derbyshire, UK

    1. Soundwavelover2004
      How does your ferets look like mom had a friend that had some
    2. Soundwavelover2004
      Cool profile pic
    3. wasp819
      dude, Im still racking my brains as to who it was in January who offered me fansproject assaulter,
      don't suppose it was you?
      or if you have him and maybe other fansproject goodies for sale/trade
      hope to hear soon..
    4. eagc7
      Cap isn't my favorite MCU character so I went in with minimal expectations.

      That said, it pisses on either of the other Phase 2 movies from a great height.

      The only real disappointment was that neither of the scenes at the end tied into Guardians of the Galaxy.
      Cause Cap and anything in it doesnt have anything to do with Guardians, Thor 2 did had an Guardians Tie in because Thor ties with the Infinity Gems storyline
    5. OptimusTimelord
      Wooop! Doctor Who: newly discovered lost episodes to be released for sale this week | Radio Times
    6. LegoTFGuy
      I thought so. I was watching that episode on Netflix earlier, and that scene looked a bit familiar. :lol

      And in case you are't aware, when replying to someone's post on visitor messages you have to go to their profile and post your reply. That way the other person gets the 'new visitor message' notification at the top of their screen.
    7. bcm77
      Part 1 of "The Ribos Operation" during the Doctor's first scene with Romana.
    8. LegoTFGuy
      What episode is your avatar from?
    9. bcm77
      No problem!

      I think the 1996 TV Movie was badly executed, not because of the lead actor as Paul McGann is excellent in the audios but the overall style was far too Americanised and too far away from what Doctor Who had been up to that point.

      Who should never forget it's roots as being a very British take on sci-fi although it has often done so during the revival era.

      It seems to be caught between identities.
    10. QLRformer
      Thank you for your answer. But may I ask, what did you think of the 1996 film? Was it what you might say a decent effort at a cinematic DR WHO? What IS needed for it to work as a film, or can it even work that way at all?
    11. Automorpher
      You got PM'ed! :mail
    12. bcm77
      Thanks for the info, I'll give it a go!
    13. nemisispringer
      Just saw your Jazz PSP post and i know you love your g1 goodness so i wondered if you knew that g1 jazz's missile can attach to the rear of RTS Jazz's head
    14. bcm77
      It is refreshing to see someone from the US actually take the time to check some of these things out instead of resorting to the usual "stop whining" types of comment.

      I'm sure US collectors have their problems as well but when you compare the basic things like prices & availability with those in the UK you can see why we get a bit annoyed if our counterparts across the pond complain about TRU's "only" having Animated Rodimus & Ironhide on the shelves....they were just 2 of many items that never saw a retail release here.
    15. Dormamu
      I did some checking a few days ago to see if shipping a few RTS figures your way would cost a lot. I don't know why, I think it was something you said in a thread on the boards. I did an estimate to London, and to Edinburgh from my locale in the US, and gained a new appreciation why everyone in the UK comments on how hard it is to get figures. It's cheaper to ship a bomb to Al Qaeda! I mean seriously, you'd think the Queen would deliver it herself (which would be funny considering I'm now imagining her in dress with an Optimus Prime voice changer helmet on). Anyway, I totally get it now.
    16. Optimus1986
      Idk about across the pond. I had to hold out for a decent price here in the states, but it was worth every penny. Tom Baker's part was absolutely exquisite and the author even included Romana.
    17. bcm77
      No I haven't but considering who wrote it I'm very intrested. Is the book still easy to get hold of?
    18. Optimus1986
      Have you ever read the Eight Doctors by Terrance Dicks?
    19. bcm77
      Dr Grim,
      I first gave B7 a go last year when I rented each series from Lovefilm and I loved it. I've since bought the box sets of series 1 & 2 and will get the others in due course.

      Whilst there's plenty of similarities with Who from the same period the overall tone of the stories is much darker and quite graphic in some places which for me is a nice contrast with Who that for the most part has always been as kid friendly as possible.

      My favorite character is Avon as he was about as perfect an anti-hero as it's possible to create...........he never made any secret of his hatred for Blake's cause and several times came close to selling everyone out, yet still managed to show that he cared about other people in the right cicumstances.....brilliant writing from Nation and Paul Darrow's acting was also damn good........even now he's older I reckon he could play The Master in Doctor Who.

      His chemistry with Michael Keating as Vila was particularly good and their banter was often the highlight of the stories and I also liked the scenes he had with Servalan............the bit where he kisses her then drops her on the floor and says something like "If I joined forces with you I'd be dead in a week" was priceless.

      What really stands out about the series as a whole was the ending..........the good guys lost and it wasn't a lame thing were they were just arrested and sent to a prison colony, they were all killed off with the possible exception of Avon who we never actually saw die.

      How many shows today either sci-fi or otherwise would do something like that even if they knew there was no chance of another series?

      I don't think anyone would have the balls.
    20. DrGrim
      Have you ever watched Blake's 7? If you haven't, I think you'd really appreciate it as an old school Who fan. It was created by Terry Nation and the first season was completely written by him.
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