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Jul 17, 2024 at 9:15 AM
Jun 13, 2003
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BB Shockwave

Behold, Gagatron!, Male, from Budapest

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Jul 17, 2024 at 9:15 AM
    1. Transfan2
      (Thanks for trying to help me with Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legions/Ace Vehicon Wave - it is much appreciated)

    2. SoundBlaster7
      Hi! I just realized you're from Hungary.
      I'm located in Serbia, glad to see we have some Transformers fans in the "Neighborhood". :D
      Feel free to drop me a line if you ever wanna chat.
    3. Spearhead

      én már az elsö generácio óta gyüjtöm / olvasom / nézem a Transformereket.

      melyik fórum van például, általában nem szoktam már sokszor ólvasni it se, de nyugodtan küldjél link-et.

    4. eagc7
      The whole point of Rising Storm was, apparently, to kill off EVERY non-movie toy-only character. Some even got introduced to be killed. Yes, even Bludgeon died. Astrotrain's death was ridiculous, it's like they ran out of panels and just show Elita slashing him and he explodes, despite being about 10 times her size.

      The only Cons to survive are Starscream and Tankor (in the trailer, we do see a blue Brawl repaint, so he's in the movie) and from the Autobots, all the guys introduced in Nefarious die, yes, even Jolt. As well as Galloway. And Epps resigns afterwards to find a desk job. Shockwave gets half his face sliced off by Prime and damaged a lot, explaining why he looks different in the movie, and Wheeljack and Mirage get damaged a lot too, Ratchet explaining he has to rebuild them (again, explaining why they will look different for the movie).

      No mention of Mikaela, but Sam meets Carly and Brains here.
      Mikaela is mentioend in issue 2 as wheelie mentions sam broke with his girlfriend

      and yeah mayeb thats tnakor but the brawl droen is brown. unless tankor changed it colro of course
    5. Superquad7
      Hey man, I'm still awaiting a response to my pm to you. Thanks again :)
    6. Soundwave3k
      Thanks Benny,

      I think I'll sign up for that message board. My written Hungarian is atrocious but it'll give me a chance to practice!

    7. Soundwave3k
      Hey BB_Shockwave,

      I just realized that there are some Hungarians on these boards! My family were originally Hungarians living in Vojvodina so I grew up speaking Hungarian despite living in Texas. I just visited Budapest for the first time last year and remembered wondering if there were any Transfans living over there. It's good to hear that there are!

    8. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave
      I live in Budapest allright! :)

      Dunno about night life, I'm not the partygoing sort. However if you ever visit again, be sure to do some sightseeing, we have some great historical places in the city.

      Oh and be sure to drop by to the main flea market (PECSA) every weekend if you are looking for old Transformers, you never know when you might find an Overlord or some other european exclusive... ;)
    9. Orbital
      where about's do you live in Hungary? i was staying with a friend in Budapest last year while i was traveling Europe, have to say its a great place, my brother said it has an amazing night life.
    10. Orbital
      DUDE! your hungarian? thats awesome :D i'm part hungarian too, my family moved from there to Aus.
    11. Red Tale
      Red Tale

      I was very inspired by a comment you posted regarding episode #25 - "Interesting one will be #25 - BB on the trail of an Autobot Traitor... Wouldn't it be cool to have him be Doubledealer?". I actually wrote a fanfic on that, and thought you might be interested:
      It's still in progress. Enjoy.
      Red Tale
    12. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave

      Well hi there! :)

      I never saw a 'Visitor message' before, this must be new at TFW2005... :)

      Actually you can find quite a few magyar here... I once stumbled upon one who had hungarian ancestors but lives in Canada.

      Do you speak hungarian, btw? Könnyebb lenne úgy beszélnünk... :)

      Yes, I live in Budapest - Obuda actually. Which part of the city are you from?

      And if you can speak/write hungarian, you are hereby invited to our biggest hungarian TF Forum! TF Forum - It's ran by fellow fan Optimus Prime and quite a lot of people write there. I'm known as simply Shockwave there (I took the BB nick when I was on the Dreamwave boards and Shockwave was taken).

      Well gotta go now, but I'll drop by again tomorrow to chat! ;) Glad you found me!

    13. transfan_seek
      gday shockwave
      locations australia but im pure hungarian
      just thought its rare in aus to speak to another magyar
      pm me back what part of the country you in budapest is where i was from
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