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    1. GoLion
      My Devastator has started to do it in several areas as well. I've become very leary of taking the figure apart anymore. It's a shame, I suspect that the figure would have been much stronger had they made it smaller and used thicker plastic in the areas the figures connect.
    2. GoLion
      Hey, I recently saw your devastator video. How is your Devastator holding up? I've noticed that mine is really starting to stress in certain areas.
    3. metplex45
      Happy 10 years as a board member on TFW2005!!!
    4. LioConvoy
      Hey, I sent you a PM. Hit me back
    5. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hello, is your War Breakdown still available?
    6. HeroicC300
      I hope that when Go-Busters and Kyoryuger make it stateside we get the nonsense the Megazords have. I think that Bandai is doing a fair job of trying to get past the Operation Overdrive failure.

      Also, how come you haven't posted pictures of the Kyoryuger mechs next to the Dino Thunder mechs?
    7. HeroicC300
      Having seen the majority of your Sentai reviews (and getting lots of ideas, thanks for granting permission for that!), how come you never finished GaoRanger/Wild Force?

      I think the Rhino is actually a perfect example of how some Zords follow a non-linear combination.
    8. mbbreviews
      hey baltmatrix i hope all good with the new software adobe premier and how is your famous uncle doing bye i hope you will reply bye
    9. HeroicC300
      Is it alright if I use your video reviews for inspiration on how to make them merge?
    10. HeroicC300
      I am actually working on four separate Megazord ideas, three of which are all earthmovers/industrial vehicles, the last of which will use a cargo plane and a locomotive somehow.

      It's fun to think them up. I just wish they were more articulated; hence my reasoning for having HasTak design some.
    11. HeroicC300
      That would've been weird.

      Mostly because when I think Gundam merch I think Model Kits.
    12. HeroicC300
      Since I've been watching your Megazord reviews:

      Do you think Hasbro might have a chance of doing inventive and unique Megazord-type combiners if they weren't tied to Transformers?
    13. rattraprules98
    14. SoundwaveFanboy
      Thanks for accepting my friend request dude!:D
    15. BLOODRAGED189
    16. BLOODRAGED189
      Happy 4th of July!
    17. Stevangelion
      From a dutch tf fan

      Hey just saw your review of universe soundwave and spacecase and since i own the original european machine wars figure, perhaps i can clarify the original gimmick somewhat. Originally there were several smaller jets sold in this line, which had a sort of see-through flipdown panel, which could then be put in the square slot on top op the missile. On these panels, where their respective autobot adverseries, which you could then "shoot" with lasers, by flipping up the panel, which shows the autobot signal in the universe version. Made for some interesting collecting and i enjoyed it quite a bit in the day, although it does seem somewhat redundant. Machinewars starscream (originally skyquake i believe) had an even more elaborate system built into it's main thruster. Love your reviews btw!
    18. BLOODRAGED189
      You have a TFW account? You are by far, my favorite reviewer. :)
    19. legotron123
      Are you gonna review the rest of the power rangers samurai zords?
    20. x BlackMagnus x
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