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Resident Cheesehead

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Feb 25, 2018
    1. Autoboticon
      Thank ye kind breakfast meal for me new sig quote.

      I will learn the secret of you ever changing sig autoboticon! (if that IS your real name)
    2. Autoboticon
      The boombox unleashes dubstep instead.
    3. Autoboticon

      I would take it that the laser gun and pile drivers would be weapons to choose from in that section.

      Eh, why don't the Cassetticons just be killstreaks in the first place, but still customizable for uniqueness.
      3 kills--Ratbat characters follow you but show you where enemies are located, outlines of them can be seen trough obstacles.
      9 kills--Rumble/Rewind like characters follow you and either shoot or pummel nearby enemies, usually only stunning them so you can do the most damage.
      11 kills--Ravage/Steeljaw characters act like the attack dogs in COD, except you can control them.
      11 Kills--Lazerbeak characters can be controlled and can aerial attack enemies.
    4. Autoboticon
      That would be an interesting idea for Multiplayer, it's upgrades would probably be:
      Longer duration of ejection.
      Faster and stronger Cassetticon
      You can now have two Cassetticons out.
      but I would of liked to see that they had customization for your minicons.
      Like, choose the ability and it than takes you to another customization screen.
      You have the Subordinate: The body structure of Frenzy/Rumble but with also Rewind and Eject in it for customizing both unique Autobot and Decepticon cassettes.
      Than the Patroller: Ravage/SteelJaw body type and customization.
      Than the Observer: Lazerbeak variants and Ratbat variants for customization.
      All colours in normal CC included as well.
      But of course, there would be far too many problems for it to work properly
    5. bacon4e
      Very well. -_-

      Nice try, but there's a plate of bacon in FRONT of me :D
    6. Autoboticon
      Well, don't worry about that.....all you need to know is that this Avatar/sig will stay for a long time.

      Also there is a plate of bacon behind you.
    7. bacon4e
      Looks more like a seizure.
    8. Autoboticon
      Wanna know the secret.......I'm AWESOME!!!!

    9. bacon4e
      Oh look, it's annoying autoboticon.
    10. bacon4e
      There! You did it again! Tell me or I'll send you to the sun!
      And who needs mystery when you have bacon?
    11. Autoboticon
      Hey Bacon.....Bacon......hey, hey Bacon............I did it again...... :o
      But this will last for at least a month.
    12. Autoboticon
      Now if I told you......there would be no more mystery, now would there?
    13. bacon4e
      aaahhhhh It's good to be back guys. :D
    14. Vexwing
      Thanks man! I wasn't intentionally copying yours, it just popped in my head during that tense moment between Shockwave and Starscream during the Beast Hunters premiere. There was just something about it that reminded me of that Darth scene.
    15. Superwheeljack
      I'm not sure a baconpiece would be the same $$$$ as a masterpiece because bacon isn't expensive
    16. Superwheeljack
      Yea, especially if they used the masterpiece mold, put bacon instead of plastic, dear God, you'd be in heaven
    17. Superwheeljack
      I wonder if Hasbro or Takara would release figures made from pure BACON. Bacon prime, wheelbacon, megahog etc.
    18. Superwheeljack
      Of course, you're the champion of bacon eating.....I think....
    19. Superwheeljack
      Bacon, shouldn't your location be at the bacon eating contest,since you love bacon so much?
    20. supernova222
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