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May 27, 2019
Oct 3, 2006
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Have you seen my box art?

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May 27, 2019
    1. King Glurch
      King Glurch
      I'm a little creeped out. I have you sitting in a green box at home.
    2. brr-icy
      we going to get this right this year?
    3. brr-icy
      merry christmas
    4. brr-icy
      ha, another year and we missed each other again, or we did talk and not realize who it was
    5. DoubleClouder
      Hey Bill, your PM box is full.
    6. brr-icy
      hey, tried to pm you my cell number to meet up this weekend, clear out some space on your pms and i'll get it to you
    7. brr-icy
      yup, even bringing my lightbox in case i need it lol
    8. brr-icy
      no, stratford, about an hour away
    9. brr-icy
      matrix_holder and i booking it to get steelcore when the doors opened :lol

      (lack of sleep and a limited figure...didn't mix)
    10. brr-icy
      foggy memory lol. we'll meet up this year for sure lol
    11. Kickback
      Haha s'up dude!!!!

      I was just telling the story the other night of how your pony-tail friend banged that ugly girl for me in Kentucky :p

      I'm good! Lost interest in TF's around Revenge of the Fallen, and never got it back. Barely touch US-MP releases and that's about it. Didn't even get Fort Max encore.

      I'm going to SDCC with Tony and some others this year, so it'll be fun. Hope you're well.
    12. brr-icy
      probably lol. any special or stand out things on your table that i might remember? certain cases or buckets of things? lol
    13. Anthony _aggro
      Anthony _aggro
      Thank you. I joined. Unfortunately, I'm now unemployed with no TF purchasing power, but I will drool over these Minibots in the group and share some of the few I have soon.
    14. brr-icy
      probably. i've been there the last seven years now i think lol. i will be helping at a table this year
    15. turboedguy
      Any luck? I have the enable albums icon checked in the moderation section, the URL links should work.
    16. turboedguy
      I went to other groups and the group pictures section has a button to add pics, this one should too? Is that button missing, or just not working? I can ask Allen (SQ7) if he might know.
    17. turboedguy
      That will work, just send me the img tags and ill put them up. I checked to see if there is away to allow others to post pics, i didn't see anything. But i know you can in the discussion threads.
    18. brr-icy
      i'll have my cassette sig printed off in a lariat, should be easy to spot me
    19. turboedguy
      Not sure, its the first time doing this. If you send me links, ill post them up.
    20. bny888
      Thanks for the invite! :)
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