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    1. solarstorm
      For whatever reason, Paypal is just now showing the payment, despite it being sent on 10/4. Thanks man. Too bad we couldn't do it in person. Hope Kup's everything you were expecting.

      I left you positive feedback for the transaction.
    2. snkeyes069
      Oops...mislabeled as G2 back when I got my 1st 3 sets of MicroMasters. That transitional Transformers logo threw me. All fixed now. Thanks for the "Heads Up"!
    3. snkeyes069
    4. backlash3906
      Yeah, I kind of facepalmed over the trade suggestion once I realized you're an MIB/MOC collector. For me, they'll always be something to play with first. ^^;

      I'll be sure to keep you posted if I see anything new. (: Feel free to hit me up on AIM anytime you like as well.
    5. snkeyes069
      Congrats on the house.

      I'm up for gawking and binging, but since I try to limit myself to 1 of each figure/variant I don't have much for trading. I picked up the PCC 5-packs at the Clifton Park TRU early last month, so if you were there then it was probably me.

      Let me know when you have your place set up. Love to see stuff on display. All my stuff is boxed up (my spare bedroom looks like a warehouse). If you ever want to see a particular piece, I'm sure I can dig it out.
    6. snkeyes069
      Good to have another fan in the area (there aren't many). I check the Albany-Saratoga region very frequently, so I'll keep you posted on the new stuff. Anything specific you're looking for?
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