Jun 27, 2010
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    1. Sanjay Kasturi
      Sanjay Kasturi
      Hi how much from grumps and slick? Any chance of a huff 2.0 in your collection
    2. Galvatron197
      How's everything going man
    3. Nemesis251
      Dang. At least will they let you post more pics of them later?
    4. Nemesis251
      Those Stunticons look amazing! Let me know if you decide to sell them
    5. Galvatron197
      my review is up, check it out. Not bashing tfc just telling the truth, letting people know what kind of crap they're going to go through if they buy it right now
    6. pumpkingonzo
      Superb custom G2 Soundwave :)
      Great work!
    7. SWAGE66
      Hey, thanks for the link to that WST site!!
    8. Autobot78
      whats up my fellow Tucsonian brother :) i live in vegas but was born and rasied in Tucson and Yuma, andit turns out we have some good common friends like Thielmj, honored to meet ya brah :)
    9. Galvatron197
      Just got off of work and found MMC's predaking. Dude I am in love with MMC'S creativity. This is exactly what I meant by MMC sadisitic approach they really brought out tantrum. Honestly I see this being Herc and Giant again.
    10. Galvatron197
      I sent you email about drift 2.0 I can get the money tomorrow but how am I going to get it to you because I don't have your address I can send you a money order. Let me know something soon send me an email
    11. Galvatron197
      Good news, I got blurr and drift together for a steal on ebay. Blurr will be used for my menasor project. Drift will go to my collection. Question in your own words why is it there's more decepticons than autobots on the market?
    12. Galvatron197
      Having trouble finding your work on here. I really want to look at your paint jobs as a learning tool/ ask questions
    13. Galvatron197
      Good advice I checked out the decals on the tutorial link I thought that would be the way to the way to do it.
      Styrene: When it comes to I see myself using it as connectors for the arms to attach the cars. So far Blurr has to be the left arm because the two female pieces on it. You're right I started a diagraom but its for the problem areas I see for the project. Specifics the arms, connecting unicron and primus arms also making attach slots for all the cars. Going to check out some of your stuff on here get to you later.
    14. Galvatron197
      I have to put the project on hold for a while but I can tell you what I will need advice on
      1 Paint: what kind to use. I will paint them in their traditional colors but a twist add a little something to each stunticon to reflect their personality. For example wild rider I am thinking use a stencil to color in a bucking bronco
      2. Menasors head. Use what I have unicrons head. But what do I use to make it look like menasor
      3. Additional parts: I've heard to use lego knight connectors to the bionicle stuff and styrene. I researched styrene but I don't know what to use the tubes or the sheets.
      Goal: The goal for my menasor project is to have him look natural not an explosion of a combiner. For example clean paint jobs and I want all the bots to attach and detach too. Also be sturdy/ play with.
      Thanks for reading reply at your earliest chance
    15. 46+2
      Thanks dude! I hope yours was good!
    16. 46+2
      Sup buddy! Just dropping by to say hi! I hope all is well.
    17. daddytron
      Absolutely fantastic avatar!! Love Fatimus Prime!!
    18. 46+2
      You really did do a nice job on this! I just picked him up for some pics!
    19. 46+2
      I was on layoff for 14 months before I decided to jump ship with another company.
    20. 46+2
      That sucks dude! Are you looking? You can always take unemployment and take some time to figure out the next step.
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