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Mar 14, 2018
Feb 23, 2009
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Awesomus Prime

I rise, you fall., 32

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Mar 14, 2018
    1. transformervic1
      :lol must have been hilarious
    2. Decepticons
      I've seen tons of your comments in the recent boards for the movies and I must say, you are overflowing with wisdom, as I agree with everything you said. Just wanted to let you know.
    3. transformervic1
      Hey, I noticed your sig :lol what the hell is the story behind that???
    4. eagc7
    5. SavageThunder
      hello! how r u?
    6. T.F. Allen
      T.F. Allen
      Do you have a bigger version of your avatar? Because it's awesome and I want it for my collection of Obama-mocking TF posters.
    7. eagc7
      Okay Sorry, its that sometiems im Not Sure if the Poster Will re-check the thread
    8. eagc7
      - It was proven that an Allspark shard could fully revive dead characters (i.e. Megatron). Sam and Mikaela had an Allspark shard since the beginning of the movie. Instead of waking up Jetfire, why didn't they just revive Optimus?
      1. They Didnt had it at the Moment Prime Died, I think they Came back for the SHard Before gonig to DC
      2. They Didnt Knew The Allspark Shard Could bring Deaths Back to Life
    9. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Ah, that's a relief...I came from a board where veterans can get away with just about anything, so it's a tad understandable I felt the way I did. XD And yes, during the months and months of lurking I did before signing up, I did indeed see a whole lot of guys who were probably around since the Usenet days and still acted like morons.
    10. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Thanks! I admit, I was a little unsure of myself, seeing as I was a noob calling out an established pillar of the community and all. But really, it had to be said.
    11. Sumner Sturgeon
      Sumner Sturgeon
      Hello yourself! I quite admire your rhetoric in the thread back there; it's good to know there's some smart, level-headed folks out there.
    12. SMOG
      STFU NOOB!!!

      :lol Kidding!! Thanks... I too appreciate your restraint and moderation even in the face of internet differences of opinion... all too rare it seems.:thumbs2:

    13. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      I don't know. You've just been having a really good stream of posts lately.
    14. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      I really like your posts now.
    15. Shadow25
      Actually, someone on the boards had a similar sig of the soldiers running from something, and there was a link to a PNG of just the soldiers. I made my sig myself as I pasted that PNG in front of the Zelda pic. Glad you find it funny. I'll try to see if I still have the soldier pic.
    16. Shadow25
      Glad you liked it! We're in the home stretch now, so stay tuned!
    17. jamspeed
      I got the friend request, thanks!
    18. Shadow25
      Hey man thanks for the FR.
    19. deltaprime
      Pretty good. I have two younger brothers, and one of them brought his friend along trick-or-treating. I got paid to take them, and I got to take some of their candy!
    20. deltaprime
      So what's up? Did you have a good halloween?
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