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    1. eagc7
      when u will begin writting my project??. i'd been liek 1 year or something since i sent u the plot!
    2. eagc7
      Black SPidey/Venom spidey symbol avatar i see
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
      okie dokie, btw what u meant with ur schedule is shitty?
    5. eagc7
      hows writting?
    6. eagc7
      Wann see my Xmas haul (early xmas present included)

      if so in pics with a list, or jsut hte list of what i got?
    7. eagc7
      good to hear
    8. eagc7
      sorry to hear :(
    9. eagc7
      how's writting going?
    10. eagc7
    11. SamWitwickyGirl
      yeah. lol im a transformers movie fanatic. lol :D
    12. SamWitwickyGirl
    13. eagc7
      my series are always spilt into episodes or Parts, not into a full length series

      so theres no problem :)
    14. eagc7
      how the writting going?
    15. Soundwave_FSD
      Hey, whats up?
    16. eagc7
      no deadlines at the moment i still have to film some other Stop motions that takes place before this, but its better to have a script ready anyway. write it whenever u have time and tell me ur done
    17. eagc7
      btw jsut to let u know i already wrote this part

      The Story begins with Optimus prime narrating, the Cube is launched to Space with Skyquake chasing it, they Crash land on earth but in a disatrious way, Skyquake Crashland cause the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake,

      Later in the 1960s Nick fury heard rumors that a Metal Man was found here and that people buried the body. Howard stark is supervising the Excavation of Skyquake and fury goes down to find it, he finds SKyquake but touches the decepticon eye, causing him to awake for a brief time and and a very bright like appears from skyquake bliding and burning one of Fury eyes as he screams

      after the death of the fallen in March 2010. Megatron and Starscream leaves Earth, with Fallen Dead, Starscream belivies the war is lost, but Megatron sasy that the war is getting more personal, Soundwave ask him what´s next, Megatron tells him that Scalpel who returned to the nemesis after optimus died in the forest will repair them

      Bumblebee and Sam Give goodbye to each other as he prepares to go to collage (Wheelie is coming too)

      on the Nemesis Scalpel finishes Repairing Soundwave Vocal Prossecors. he tells Soundwave that Megatron injuries are grave thus it will take time, so he and the other lensmeter Decepticons will work on it soon as they can.
      so dont worry about it but u can write this part, since it was alst minute addition

      then we see a time Lapse on which we see events prior to 1960 in where we See photos, News, video recordings on UFOS, Disasters, Cryptids like bigfoot and others.
      and of course, write the rest

      and once ur done i wil lsend the scrip to the one who supervises the scripts and plots for my series Tylermirage so he can tell us what to change or something,

      also i will post ur script on the tf/marvle fanfic thread i made, but i will credit you for writting the script while i credit myself for the Plot

      oh remember Bee is mute and the character of Moonracer have a crush on Bee , but bee is not aware of it
    18. eagc7
      The Story begins with Optimus prime narrating, the Cube is launched to Space with Skyquake chasing it, they Crash land on earth but in a disatrious way, Skyquake Crashland cause the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake,

      then we see a time Lapse on which we see events prior to 1960 in where we See photos, News, video recordings on UFOS, Disasters, Cryptids like bigfoot and others.

      Later in the 1960s Nick fury heard rumors that a Metal Man was found here and that people buried the body. Howard stark is supervising the Excavation of Skyquake and fury goes down to find it, he finds SKyquake but touches the decepticon eye, causing him to awake for a brief time and and a very bright like appears from skyquake bliding and burning one of Fury eyes as he screams

      after the death of the fallen in March 2010. Megatron and Starscream leaves Earth, with Fallen Dead, Starscream belivies the war is lost, but Megatron sasy that the war is getting more personal, Soundwave ask him what´s next, Megatron tells him that Scalpel who returned to the nemesis after optimus died in the forest will repair them

      Bumblebee and Sam Give goodbye to each other as he prepares to go to collage (Wheelie is coming too)

      on the Nemesis Scalpel finishes Repairing Soundwave Vocal Prossecors. he tells Soundwave that Megatron injuries are grave thus it will take time, so he and the other lensmeter Decepticons will work on it soon as they can. Soundwave then returns to supervise that planet (earth). Starscream passes by and Sees Something on the Ship. Something he Never saw Before, then he calls for Megatron. The Wounded Megatron Shows up. Starscream tells him what is it. Megatron have no Clue at all aswell. but Quickly Suspects its work from the Decepticon Skyquake. Starscream have no Clue on who is he and ask who is he and where he is. Megatron tells him who is he and tells him he have no clue on his currect location. Starscream wish to knwo where he is. so he could know what this thing is for

      Few days passes, Bumblebee is Depressed by the fact he is not with sam anymore. he fears That despite what sam told him that in few years he could go with him. it may never happen. meanwhile Arcee is Looking at the Sky. Her Sister Chromia Passes by and ask her whar she's doing. Arcee Claims she is jsut waiting for Starscream. Chromia thinks arcee still wants to kill starscream and tells her to forget it, Arcee Tells her that she's not waiting for kill him at least yet. but he told her something in egypt. Chromia ask her what it is. but Arcee refuses to give an awnser. Chromia ask her where's Optimus, Sideswipe, Ratchet and Ironhide. Arcee tells her that Optimus agreed on Helping Humans on their own personal problems. like stooping any assesinations attempts, Destruction, Illegal facilitys. anything that my leave this planet in ruins and death. Optimus, Sideswipe, Ironhide and Ratchet are in a mission that may takes days, she doesnt know what type of mission they are. but meanwhile Moonracer is in Charge of the autobots. Chromia then ask where are Lennox and epps are they with prime. arcee telsl her that they are not. but she doesnt know what they are gonig to do

      Actually Lennox and epps are in the pentagon getting people who wants to join NEST or are considering joining them. Morshower present them to Colonel James Rhodes. who is considering in joining NEST. they are happy to see somebody wainting to join them so they preapre to go to diego garcia. as they leave Morshower grabs a file that was given to him by Nick Fury. Lennox enters back cause he forgot his jacket so Morshower quickly hides the files. but Lennox ask him what he hid cuase he saw the files. Morshower tells him that its not important. lennox suspects something but the silently grabs his jacket and leaves

      Meanwhile in the inhabits remote, mountainous forests on the island of Sumatra. a Decepticon is working on Something.....a tracker, Then a Orang pendek shows up. but it is revealed to be a Decepticon disguised named Brains, he tells Makeshift that he may found what they want. for the machine to work. Makeshift is pleased but then dissapointed to see its just a piece of Wood. angrily he throws the Wood behind and shouts angrly to brains. how can they find that machine with just WOOD!?. Brains claims what could find in a Forest. Makeshift claims Skyquake would have killed him!. but nothing matters now, they have been on this Planet for YEARS!. and that Cube is impossible to find!. Brains ask if its the Allspark what they are supposed to find with that tracker. Makeshift tells him that its not the mighty allspark but its related to their mission. what they are searching for is The Tesseract. Brains have no clue on what it is, Makeshift tells him that The Tesseract is the jewel of Odin's treasure room of Relics. the myths claims that years year before the cybertronian war began, Odin in his last visit on this planet hid it somewhere on this wrecked planet its exact location haev remained a secret. nobody knows why he hid it. but skyquake told me that it holds the location of a certain place on this planet which holds an artifact that may rebuild the cube if its ever destroyed. Brains notices how important his mission is. Makeshift tells him that many cybertronians knew of the myth and came to this plane YEARS YEARS Ago before the war began in search of it. it all happened before the cube as redescovered on cybertron. because at time some cybertronians refused to belivie on the existance of the allspark, so they figured if they found it they could use the machine for track the allspark and make it powerfull. but nobody on cybertron ever heard of those guys again....they presume they are dead or lost. so thats why he and brains are here for build a tracker. but brains spend years getting useless stuff and gained the name of ORANG PENDEK by the natives. now he orders brains to find something IMPORTANT that could be used for build their tracker. as brains leaves, makeshift sighs and talks to himself saying that this what he promised to skyquake to build a tracker on this planet upon his arrival they could find the cosmic cube. he could have helped with this quick, but he is stuck with brains, but he never made it here to this planet or at least he is at the wrong location

      Meanwhile in Mawnan, Cornwall Soundwave lands on the church tower at Mawnan. Waiting somebody. then we see a Black condor flying but its not a condor its laserbeak. he lands on Soundwave arm. he is pleased to see his master after a LONG LONG Time, Soundwave ask him if he is still scaring the natives of the planet, laserbeak confirms his last attack was a year ago. Soundwave askes if theres any news on their humans contacts. laserbeak explains he have been just in this place and never left it. Anyway he ask what he missed. Soundwave explains him that the Star Harvester is Destroyed and the Fallen is dead. Laserbeak ask what are they going to do now. Soundwave have no clue. Soundwave tells laserbeak to stay here while he goes to hack this planet satellite and wait for futher orders. Laserbeak asks if one of the Decepticons shattered on the Planet have any plan. Soundwave is confused. Laserbeak explains him that he have contacted many Decepticons shattered on this planet. he have no clue on what they are doing. but he have contacted with him they are all over this wrecked planet and the natives have spotted them for centuries!. Soundwave orders him to Find them NOW, laserbeak sadly tells him that he have no clue on their location. not even on how they look. only luck could help them in finding them. Soundwave doesnt belivie in luck but he trust laserbeak

      in the Diego Garcia base. Lennox is introducing everybody to James rhodes. the last human to be introduced to Rhodey is The NEXT Scientist bruce banner who is also an expert on Gamma radation, then lennox introduces rhodey to the autobots well the ones that are here right now. Moonracer is pleased to see somebody who wants to join them, Rhodey thanks her, but mistakly calls her "sir", Moonracer is amused by this explains him that she is not a "sir" but a "ma'am" Rhodey realizes his error and tells her that it explains her female voice and female look and forgives her. Moonracer again is amused but says it not a big deal, She explains him that their actual leader is out for a mission which may take days. she have no clue on what they are doing but She is in charge of the Team for now. and tells him if he have a question on NEST then he should ask her or to lennox. Rhodey do have a question and ask her what NEST do. She explains him and about the Decepticons. Rhodey is considering this may be what he would like to join cause he always wanted to be a "hero", meanwhile lennox is thinking on what the general may have been reading, Arcee see him and ask what is he doing. Lennox tells Arcee that its nothing important

      The Twins are in a Hangar watching TV. and they are discussing on some stuff watching the news Until they hear of a creature named Bigfoot. they are confused cause they never heard of such creature. and when a clip of the creature is shown. they see something on the Creature arm but before they can determinate what it is. the TV is turned off. Accidentaly Mudflap turned off the TV Cause he disconnected it. which angers skids cause they will never know what it was.

      On the Nemesis. Starscream is checking a Room in the Nemesis where he finds something he took from that wrecked Planet when he first visted it long time ago. The piece of a Lockheed Vega 5b and the Skeleton of 2 Humans. Starscream remembers when he came to Earth in July 2, 1937 when Visiting some Planets before he found out that Megatron was offline while his abessense and he was bored while on Earth and Decided to Kill one of Earth Natives and picked 2 humans in a Plane one was male and the other female and brought them to the nemesis but they were dead before they arrived. Starscream calls one the skeletons Amelia and tosses the skeleton to the Ground

      a week Passes. and the twins are searching the internet for find that video. but they find out they're hands are too big. and calls somebody to help them. Rhodey shows up and ask them what they want. Skids tells him if he can write Bigfoot sighting 2011 on youtube cause they wanna see something. Rhodey do and tells them to tell him whats the correct vid. the twins find it. rhodey clicks on the video and leaves the twins watch it and pay close look to the video But....theres nothing. the twins are suprised. they swear they saw something in the arm. Mudflap Concludes something is wrong here

      Meanwhile in the Mysterious Area 51. a Balck SUV Drives in and enters a Base. as the elevator Opens a Logo saying SHIELD is shown, on the Base Natasha Romanoff welcomes the Agent. This Agent walks near a Black table and chair and says its confirmed and that they succeded. the chair moves and we See a Black man with a patch on his eye. its Nick fury. Holding a File on his hand which says "Avenger Initiative" he puts the file aside and ask coulson what its confirmed and what its a sucess. Coulson tells him that the Bigfoot video was Digitally altered and the Alien marking on its Arm is removed. Fury is happy to hear that, they cannont allow People descover they are Aliens. Couslon they confirms that the Owlman is official an Alien. Somebody took pictures of the infamous owlman few weeks ago. its shown to be a Black Condor like creature. And sadly the photogapher was found Dead in a Blood of Blood and his face was ripped off. Fury then Notices they have another Alien for their Cryptos Files. Coulson then ask what this "Avenger Initiative" thing is. fury tells him its a secret project he's worknig on. and will tell him what it is. Coulson ask Fury what he was doing in the pentagon few days ago. Fury tells him he meet with general Morshower and wanted to warn him on something. Coulson ask what it is. Fury tells he wanted to warn the General about those cryptids Transformers. but it must be held until "we" (SHIELD) Find out what they are doing. Sadly none of all those videos have lead to anything. but its better to not warn Morshower NEST friends

      The twins sense something is truly wrong and sets to see every real Cryptid Pictures and Videos and they find out they all blurry. Rhodey shows up and ask them what they are doing now. Skids claism theres something wrong with the video he searched for them minutes ago, so something is wrong with all cryptids pictures and videos. all are blurry. Rhodey is convineced thats theres some kind of conspiration over here. its like Somebody wants to hide something. but at the same time its possible its jsut the camera location or adjustation. Skids concludes theres something not right. Moonracer shows up. and ask them what they are doing with a suspicious voice. The twins swears they didnt did anything wrong. Moonracer distrust the twins, she knows them very well. Rhodey explains her that they are talking of something. Moonracer horever trust Rhodey and leaves.

      As she leaves. she sees Bruce Banner and Epps Discussing something. She slowly walks to them and ask what they are talking about. Epps tells her that they are talking of the creature Bigfoot. Moonracer is confused. as she never heard of Such creature. they tell her about bigfoot and they telsl her that they are talking if such creature lives or not. Moonracer doesnt know much of the creature but she tells them that its possible such creature exist. Epps is convienced no such creature belivies. Moonracer then just looks at the soldier and ask him if he ever belivied on life on other planets. Epps says no he never belivied. Moonracer then tells him then bigfoot coudl exist. cause if there were no life on space she and the others cybertronians would not be here. Banner looks a rhodey and says that she have a good point. but epps still haev ahrd time beliving in such creature. he also have problems in beliving on other creatures like nessie, yeti, etc. Moonracer then talks to him and tells him that they could do a Search for the creature maybe today or tommorow or someday. Epps says no. Banner then says he coudl simply be afraid of realizing he's real and laughs. Epps tells banner to shut up. Moonracer looks at a newspaper that have soemthing on the creature and finds out something is Blurry on the creature Arm. Epps is confused and sees the newspaper he sees something blurry aswell. so do banner!. Moonracer have no clue on what it may be but something tells her that it looks like a Decepticon SYmbol. Epps says its impossible. Moonracer hopes epps is right.

      Rhodey in the meantime suspects that if theres some sort of Conspiration then maybe. theres conspiration on some Events. like the challanger shuttle explosion. The twins are confused. Rhodey quicklys Goes to search a video and he do and watches it carefully and See a blurry Figure on the Original Footage. Skids sees it and he concludes something IS TRULY WRONG. Rhodey says if theres a conspiration then who's behind it?. the twins have no clue

      on Space Soundwave is on the sattelite looking at the world. he then looks at Sumatra. he quickly detects Cybertronian activity there. and Contacts Laserbeak to investigate.

      in Sumatra Makeshift and Brains are still working on the Machine. but still dont work. Makeshift is dissapoitned that Brains just sends him Useless STUFF!. at this moment. brains looks at the sky and spots a bird. but its not a bird but laserbeak. Makeshift have no clue on who is he. and Laserbeak politely introduces himself. he says Soundwave gave him a order to ivenstigate whats going on here. Makeshift knwos Soundwave. and ask if he works for him. Laserbeak confirms it. Laserbeak explains what both are doing in the nowhere of this wreacked planet. Brains explains they are doing a tracker. Laserbeak explains for what. Makeshift ask first if the cybertronian war still happening. Laserbeak confirms it and the Autobots are winning according to what Soundwave told him. Makeshift is enraged. Laserbeak then ask him the same question what is the tracker for. Makeshift explains he is doing a tracker for find a cube. Laserbeak if its the Allspark. Makehsift syas its not but its related to it. they have been on this place for years trying to complete the tracker but they havent be able to complete it. what they need is in what the humans calls United States but they lack an aerial vehicle thus they are stuck here. Laserbeak look s closely to Makeshift and tells him that he can help a fellow decepticon if he wants and tells him if he needs something then jsut ask it. Makeshift then jsut smiles......

      Back at SHIELD, Fury had news that there was a Sighting on the Loch ness lake. Coulson shows up and ask what happened. Fury tells him that there was a Sighting of Nessie. Coulson ask if he should send the MIBs to Loch Ness. Fury tells him thats its not nessecary they are there already.

      Then we see the MIB talking to the eyewitness and taking Pictures and/or videos of nessie he coudl have taken. and he wrote of his sighting on the internet. he described an alien liek creature thus the MIBs acess to his computer and changes the description into a Plesiosaur like creature and then they digitally alter the Pictures and videos of nessie by making it blurry. then they make sure the dude forgets theri visit and uses a device for make him forget it.

      in SHIELD coulson is looking at a Device beign studied. Fury walks closer to his fellow agent. Coulson is actually a new member of Shield he joined few months ago, thus he doesnt know alot of what they could be. Fury explains him that that Device was found on June or July 1947. after SHIELD was founded after the Dissapairance of Steve Rogers in 1943 by the Late Howard Stark who was a close friend of his, they heard of an accident in Roswell, New Mexico on 1947 and Recovered this device. Many People thought it was a UFO or something. and the Early SHIELD agents covered it up as a weather balloon. they have studied this for years but nothing knows what it is. but they concluded it could be used to activate some sort of Machine because of the Power it had. Then he see a case on Fury table. and Ask what it contains. Fury opens it and reveals a cube. a glowing blue cube. Coulson ask what it is. Fury replied that it represented a significant source of power. but it could also hold the location of some sort of place on the universe this planet. Coulson ask how he knows it. Fury tells him that after his friend Howard Stark recovered it in 1943 while searching for Steve Rogers. after he founded Shield 3 weeks later he and others began to study the cube and found out it had a strange language on it. but it was an alien language to it. but they could not Decrypt it. but as time passes Stark found the cube resembled a cube from the Vinking mythology. it says that their God Odin had a Cube that had greater power and it was his msot precious treasure. but if this thing is that cube then most likely Odin added a message there maybe a warning, maybe he was trying to communicate with aliens, most likely the robots that are here on earth. if so it is a warning for them? was he trying to jsut communicate to them or Maybe he wanted to give them the location to a certain place here?. if so maybe he knew they were comnig here or... maybe he knew they were already on this planet and put the cube somewhere hidden till they reclaimed it, Coulson then thinks. Fury ask what he's thinking. Coulson tells him its nothing...

      Laserbeak, Makeshift and Brains arrives to USA. Makeshift is happy to see more Open Space and More things to Kill. Laserbeak tells him that the thing that may work for build his machine may be here. this palce have tons of secret bases and one may hold a thing for activate their machine. and once they find the Machine and use Brains for find it. he will "take care" of Brains. Brains nerviously ask what he means. Makeshift tells him that he will find out once he finds the Machine. they will start on Nevada in Area 51. Laserbeak says he have contacts on that place. maybe he will help. and laserbeak, Brains and Makeshift leaves to Area 51

      on the NEST Base of Diego Garcia. Bee looks sadly on the water. his best friend Moonracer looks how sad he is and decides to talk to her lifelong friend. she then walks next to him and ask him why he have been so unhappy. Bumblebee uses his radio to talk to her and explains that he wants to be with Sam again and misses him alot. Moonracer knows how he feels actually she missed Bumblebee when he left cybertron and even missed him and Sam after she decided to leave them. but she knews they would be fine without her and such. so she tells Bumblebee that Sam will fine, also He wont be able to protect Sam for his entire life!. also he needs to share with her and the others. Bee refuses to listen. Moonracer ask him if he felt the same when he left her in Cybertron. Bee actually didnt missed her so he looks at her and makes up an excuse. moonracer then askes him if he DID missed her. Bee just lets a Sad face and looks down. Moonracer realizes he didnt missed her and kinda hurt but ask him if he missed her after she left him with sam. Bee moves his arm in "so-so" way. Moonracer ask why so-so, Bee uses his radio to explains he kind of missed her after she left but didnt cared anymore 2 days later. Moonracer quickly gets angry at him and ask him if he Does worry for her. Bee sasys yes. but moornacer denies it cause he missed her then thats he cares of her. Bee says its not a big deal. but Moonracer beign sensitive says its a big deal!, Bee trys to talk to her and says that not worry they are still best of friends, but Moonracer still haev feelings for him and she is very sensitive when it comes to her and simply says that if he missed her then they are best of friends but if he didnt then they are not best friends, not friends at all. Bumblebee ask why she overreacts. Moonracer is about to speak but she simply turns around and Sadly leaves. Arcee witnessed the whole thing. she would like to help but she doesnt know what to do and decides to let them resolve their problem, at this Moment. Lennox says Decepticons have been sighted on Area 51 and the team prepares to leave.

      in the Base of Area 51. Laserbeak Have Fury on the ground and tells him if he ever says anything on this whole thing to the Autobots. he will slowly kill him and PAINFULLY. fury tells him that he will never be able to find out. Laserbeak tells him that he told his Master SOUNDWAVE to keep an eye to him. he hacked the satellite of this planet and he cna use it for track him DOWN. Laserbeak calls for Henry Pym. Fury tells him to leave. but Pym Reveals he have worked for the Decepticons since the 70s when he worked for the NASA. Laserbeak ask if they have a Machine that may Activate a Machine. Pym says yes, Laserbeak tells him to lead the Brains unit to it. he do and opens a door where the Machine from rosswell crash site and Brains ask if this can activate machiens Pym confirms it. Fury ask for what they want it. Laserbeak confirms they want it for activate a Machine so they can locate the Tesseract an Asgardian Cube. fury is surprised. Laserbeak tells pym that he is glad for him. Pym tells him that he wont need his master to keep an eye on fury and he will do it for him. Laserbeak then tells him that he would allow him Only if he was not in mood in killing a contact. Pym is scared and laserbeak vionlely grabs him and flies away with him. Makeshift and brains leaves quickly with the machine. Unknown to them the Cosmic Cube Was in the Same Place. Fury gets up and opens the Case and is Glad they didnt found it. cause they could use it for NO Good

      Outside Makeshift is about the insert the Machine on his tracker. Laserbeak shows up and makeshift ask what he did with Pym, Laserbeak tells him that pym is now a head in a tree. Laserbeak ask what is he going to do with Brains. Makeshift tells him that once the Machine works. Brains will be killed. Brains hears this. knowing he wil lbe betrayed he Runs away in search for help. Makeshift is about to insert the roswell artifact in the machine but Malfuction. Makehsift is enraged! and wishes he could kill something he goes to kill brains but fidns out he's gone. He ask Laserbeak if he saw him. he says no. but if he want he can do a search for the little guy in matter of Days. Makeshift tells him to proceed. but not yet. he just wants to brains unit for kill him. not for anything important. so they can begin his search in few days Unless. the brains unit heard that he was going to die and went to report this to an autobot or a close friend. Makeshift then just thinks what to do now. Laserbeak ask if theres somebody who may help with the machine. Makeshift says yes but he got lsot. laserbeak ask who. Makeshift confirms its Skyquake. Laserbeak suspect something. he tells him that while he was here in the 70s he and Soudnwave learned that 2 cybertronians were held captive. they never belivied on them but if its true then The gorvement may have some info on skyquake location

      The NEST team arrives to area 51, Nick fury is outside and tells ask them what they doing here. lennox tells him that decepticons were detected here. Fury says that there no Decepticons here and he "never" heard of such name and tells them to leave. cause if he we´re in trouble there would be problems here. Lennox suspect something is wrong and they leave. Laserbeak is watching them from a tree waiting for NEST to leave so he can speak to fury. after they leave laserbeak heads to Fury. Nick ask him what he wants NOW. Laserbeak wants to know if he knows where he helds Skyquake. Fury is confused cause he never heard such name, laserbeak tells him to speak or he will be Blood!. Fury explains they do have a robot held but he doesnt know its location. Only Howard Stark and some agents knew of the location but Stark is dead and he doesnt know the names of those agents. expect that one agent last name was Simmons who is dead too. Laserbeak ask if this Simmons and/or Stark guy have any spawns. Fury confirms it. but Stark never told his family about SHIELD and he doesnt know the whereabotus of Simmons son Seymour Simmons. all he knows is that there multiple Shield bases around the Globe. Laserbeak then leaves with plans unknown

      Laserbeak Comes to Makeshift and tells him that there are MANY bases around the Globe and one may Held Skyquake. Laserbeak concludes that if they Want to get Skyquake. some Decepticons should be sent AROUND the globe in mulitple gorvement bases. Laserbeak contacts Soundwave. And tells him to Locate Multiple Bases on this World and send decepticons there. Soundwave tells him that he will send them in 5 solar cycles

      5 Days later Multiple Decepticons are Sent Nearby Places The Shield bases are. Lockdown is one of the agents sent.

      The Decepticons haev been detected by the pentagon and Informs this to NEST. Moonracer wonders if they are false alarms like last time. Lennox tells her that he doesnt belivie that was a flase alarm. after all those Decepticons have been detected in Gorvements Bases. and area 51 is a base too. so the Decepticons are Searching something. and that guy lied to us because a decepticon made him to lie to us. Arcee thinks thats possible. Lennox says they are going to Salt Lake City, Utah first.

      in that same place. Lockdown detects Strong Energon radiaotion in a Base the Dugway Proving Ground Base.....What all Decepticons wanted is confirmed. Skyquake is here. he orders soundwave to tell the others decepticons that they are no longer needed, they found skyquake. Laserbeak and makeshift quickly joins him. Laserbeak then attacks the humans. He pins one Human to ground and ask what they want. Laserbeak simply says they want the Ultimate PRICE!. and rips the head of the Human. And talks to the desbodiedhead they're Price is near. they enter the base and we see its a Much bigger SHIELD Base and with more agents. and kills them. they release the offlined skyquake. and Laserbeak takes him, while makeshift leaves quick as he can. a Near dead shield agent grabs a cellphone and tells Fury that "they" stole it. before he died from his wounds. Fury realizes that the alien found what they wanted

      The NEST Team arrives to late and Lockdown is the only decepticon there and they attack him. Lockdown explains he expected to See Optimus. Moonracer tells him that Optimus is busy with other stuff and that she's leading the team. Lockdown mocks her cause he's suprised to see a woman leading the Team. Moonracer ask him what the decepticons are searching. Lockdown tells her that its late for them, they found him!. Moonracer wants more awnsers. Lockdown says she wont get awnsers and he Commits Suicide. they enter the base and are horrified at what they see. Bruce banner joined them and he slowly picks 2 files he found on a table. lennox wonders what they. Banner explains they could find out once they arrive to the NEST Base. Lennox gets a call from the pentagon all cons in the world are gone. this confirms they indeed found what they wanted

      in the nemesis they brought skyquake offline body to the nemesis. Megatron is glad they found him at least. nwo they will now why theres a Strange thing in this ship. Laserbeak wonders if theres a way to wake him up after all he is not dead. but there must be a way to reactivate him. Starscream then tries something he punches skywuake ordering him to wake up. to the surprise of everyone it works. Skyquake Disoriented attacks Starscream and pins him to the ground with his Gun poiting at his Head ordering him to explain why eh attacked him, Starscream simply begs for mercy. Megatron tells Skyquake to Stand Down and to not terminate least not right now. Skyquake slowly realizes he is among his fellow Decepticons. he asks what happened where's the Allspark, Where is he. Megatron Slowly explains him that the Cube is History, it was destroyed. and that he's in the Nemesis. Skyquake ask wheres the fallen then. Starscream with in sarscram tone says that the Fallen is now a junk of lifeless body. Skyquake next question is what happened to his agents. Laserbeak is confused. What agents is what Laserbeak can only say. SKyquake tells him that he sent His Agents Years ago. for find the mystical The Tesseract. one of the mosut precious treasures of the asgaridan god Odin and its held the Location of a machien in this planet that could be used to re-pwoer the allspark and he build a certain thing here so the device could be inserted so the allspark could be repowered. Megatron tells him to forget it. the cube is gone, Skyquake tells him that at first he wanted that device for find the Cube when they were in the second war. but after the third war Began he feared the cube would be destroyed or lost again thus when he build this ship he made sure to include a place where the device could be inserted in case the cube destruction happened. Starscream is confused. Skyqukae tells them that the ycan sue the device For rebuild the cube, restore their near dead homeplanet and rule the universe and destroy the weak autobots once and for all!. Megatron tells him that he cna prooced with his mission. Skyquake ask if makeshift tracker is done, laserbeak explains that it dont work thats why they rescued him. so he can rebuild the Machine. Skyquake explains they dont need him. they need the Brains unit he built years ago. The brains unit have knowledge on how to activate the Tracker. the brains is unaware of this but if you download all knowledge he have. the Tracker will function. Skyquake ask wheres the brains unit anyway. Laserbeak slowly explains that it escaped. Megatron then Orders laserbeak and the other Decepticons to get the Brains unit at ONCE!

      Days Passes and Brains arrives to Princeton University. he sees a window is Open and Enters on it. hoping he had found a hiding from the decepticons. Then he hears a voice he thinks they found him. but its really Wheelie. Wheelie looks at him and ask who is he and if he's a decepticon chasing Sam. Brains claims he's an Ex-Decepticon running from Big Decepticons and ask who's Sam. Wheelie ask from which con is he hiding. Brains onyl reply is that he's too scared for remember his name, Sam enters his room and is suprised to see another cybertronian, he ask if he's a friend of Wheelie, Wheelie swears he never meet him. Brains tells Sam that he's hiding. Sam ask whats its his name. Brains calims he have none and he's just a Brains unit. Wheelie Then says they will call him brains then. Brains tells sam that Decepticons wants to kill him. Sam Ask what decepticon. Before Brains can say he doesnt remember Starscream rips the walls of Sma room. Starscream says he expected to see sam again but not this sooner and tells him to give them to brains unit and he shall live!. Brains, Wheelie and Sam Runs. Whiel running Sam aks brains if thats the Decepticon. Brains says he never saw him. Sam simpyl says that Maybe its jsut Starscream and not an army of cons after him. but as he opens the door for run he sees an Army of Cons, Sam quickly regrets his words. Wheelie with a scared vocie says that they are dead. Brains doesnt want to die and telsl them to hide. As they hide. Sam grabs a Cellphone and Calls the NEST Team.

      Rhodey, Epps, Lennox and Banner are trying to figure out what SHIELD Means but then lennox cellphoen rings he awnser it and to his suprise its Sam. Sam tells him that the Decepticons are Attacking his Collage. they are After a Small Robot he have right now and tell them to hurry quick!. Lennox tells them to put this investigation to hold. theres a problem in Princeton University. Arcee ask what it is. Lennox tells him that the Decepticons are after Sam Again. and they are going to save him

      Starscream is mocking sam as he searches for him. Tellnig him thnigs such that insects cannot hide and such. Brains in the hiding ask sam if he thinks the help may be here fast, Sam hopes so. Sam asks brains why they are after him. Brains says they want to kill him. wheelie ask why, Braisn says they jsut want to kill him! and he yells and allows Starscream in finding them. and destroys the walls once more. Sam, wheelie and brains runs under starscream. Starscream angrily shots. as all cons are after the 3. Hours passes and the palce is quickly turning a battlefield. but the 3 have safely managed to evade the cons. Barricade slowly stalks Sam. he pins the 3 and prepares to kill Sam and wheelie before taking the brains unit. Wheelie "last" words are well it was good while it lasted. but before he can blast them Bumblebee attacks Barricade. Sam is happy to see him again. so is bumblebee. who uses his radio and says he truly missed him. and They run. The Decepticons are battling the nest team. Rhodey never thought fighting robots would be hard lennox then tells him if he joins them he will get used to it. Starscream trys to run. and Arcee sees this is as the Chance to know what stasrcream meant in egypt and attacks him and pins him to the ground. Starscream tells her to let him so. Arcee says no Unless he gives her the awnser. starscream ask what he means, arcee simply says she wants to know HER Past. Starscream slowlly tells here that he adopted her. before the War, he was part of Megatron defence forces of Cybertron and he was tasked to stop some cybertronians who opposed The then-peacefull cybertron. He shot them and killed them, but find out they had adopted a hatchling not so long ago. Starscream tells her that he cares for hatchlings and younger Transformers and he was not able to kill her and Adopted her. but he always had a "feisty" attitude and didnt wanted to show his soft side to the others thus he kept her adoption a Secret until he was tasked to take care of hatchlings for the new decepticons army and he was also tasked in building Cybetronians. based on normal cybertronians and based on cybertronian wildlife, at this time he created her adopted siblings Chromia, Elita-1 and Knock out and so she could pass as another creation He, build a New body for her he simply carefully Put the spark of her original body on this new and adult Body but made sure she had no Memorys on her past life.. but he had to keep his "feisty" attitude even on those he considered his Sons and daughters. Despite they are now enemys Starscream claims he is still proud of them. but now he have to kill them!. Starscream attacks arcee and pins her to the ground. Arcee begs mercy. Starscream tells her that just case she is his favorite he will let her live. at least for NOW. Starscream leaves. Arcee Now knwoing her past Lays on the ground sadly watching her adoptive father leave

      all cons are dead and/or have retreated, Lennox returns after talking to the collage dean and told him that the gorvement will pay every damage. but the dean is simply glad no one was damaged. Lennox says if he wants to prevet this from happening he should have an autobot here. rhodey ask Sam why the cons attacked. He says that they are after this little decepticon named brains, they only want to kill the little guy for some reason. Brains hates he was called Little guy. Rhodey ask if he would like to be with NEST so he could be protected. Brains says yes. Lennox says its time to go back and investigate what SHIELD is. Sam ask if he said SHIELD. lennox says yes, he ask why. Sam remembers that while he was in sector 7 months ago, he say some files with the Name SHIELD. so Maybe a S7 Agent knows what it is? lennox says its possible, but Who. Sam says he knows the whereabouts of one. Lennox ask who. Sam says its Seymour Simmons. lennox then tells some autobots to go to Diego garcia while he and the others find simmons, Chromia tells him that they will. Banner gets a call from the Father of his girlfriend. Banner forgives them and says he will not go anywhere his girlfriend father called him and said he wants to test some gamma radionation experiment and he needs him. lennox tells him if he needs to go then go. Banner then leaves

      They arrive to New York to Simmons Deli. They see Simmons walking outside. Sam gets out of Bumblebee and tells Simmons they need to talk. Simmons simply ask if theres anotehr machien in egypt. Lennox shows up and says its not. but other thing. Simmons ask what it is then. Lennox says SHIELD, Simmons is surprised and ask how they find out. Lennox said that he found files that said SHIELD in a Base where everybody died. Simmons tells him that he was in one of SHIELD Bases. lennox only reply is ONE?. Sam ask what is SHIELD and such. Simmons says he have not much to say but he can tell them that Sector 7 used to be a divison of SHIELD. But if they wanna knwo more, SHIELD Leader Nick fury Holds those awnsers. Rhodey tells him that they will need him for find the Main Base. Simmons gadly agrees

      They arrive to Area 51. Lennox ask if this is the real place. Simmons says yes and ask why. epps explains they were here not to long ago when a "false decepticon" alarm showed up. Simmons have nothing to say but he tells them that they are with him they will enter. Simmons calls fury and tells him that he's on the main shield base and wants to enter. fury then shows up and he along the nest soldeirs are surprised. Fury knows they know its a Base now. but continues saying it was a falsa alarm that was here. Lennox says yeah sure and Lennox tells him he wants to know what they DO. Fury looks somewhere in case theres a con watching or not. none and tells him that they will tell him and they Enter. unknown to Him there was a Con. Laserbeak was Hiding VERY WELL watching him and making sure (like soundwave tracking fury with the satellite) he doesnt reveal their plan.

      Laserbeak detects that the Brains unit is here aswell. and sees the autobots. Moonracer knows that bee saw sam again and hopes this could mean he would be not sad anymore. Bee using his radio says that he still want to be with Sam, all he wants is to protect him at all cost. Moonracer is hurt again. and explains again he could not be able to protect sam this long. Bee refuses to Listen. and they fight. Bee angrily transforms into robot and takes out wheelie and brains out of him and leaves angrily wondering what bugs moonracer. Laserbeak Sees brains and tells to cons to capture them and take them to the Nemesis so they dont get into their plans and tells Makeshift to take Bumblebee shape and body for trick people that he's bumblebee. Makeshift Attacks and scans Bumblebee. Bee remains in the ground, offline

      Moonracer transforms into robot mode and sadly sits. Arcee sees how sad she is and transforms so she cna confront her. She ask why she is sad. Moonracer explains its just nothing. Arcee knows better and since she saw her discussion with Bumblebee. So she says if its Bumblebee. Moonracer simply looks at her and then looks down. Arcee asks why it is a problem if Bee wants to be with Sam instead of them. Moonracer does not awnser. Arcee ask if she feels something for him. Moonracer simply says yes, and tells her that they have been working together so long that she began to get attached to Bumblebee and developed feelings and she does not understand why Bee doesnt feel the same and why he doesnt want to be with her. Arcee says that Bee simply see you as a Friend only or just his best friend. but Also Bee feels Sam needs protection He worrys truly for him. but that does not mean he doesnt care for her. Moonracer says that bee didnt even missed her when he came here. Arcee says that Bee simply knew you would come here anyway. so he knew they would be again together thus he didnt missed her cause he knew she would come here anyway. Moonracer says bee so-so missed her when he left him and sam. Arcee says Bumblebee simply knew this would not be the last time. also he knows you can protect yourself. but Sam is just a Human who can be killed easly so he worries for him due to the fact he's a human, but doesnt means he doesnt like her at all. Wheelie says her that Arcee can be right. Moonracer just remains silent. Starscream, Skyquake and other Cons Shows up and attacks him but the girls are easily defeated. Wheelie simply runs. Starscream is about to chase after him but laserbeak says that wheelie is useless after all he wont do much agaisnt the bigger tfs. all they need to stop the highly involved autobots on this thing and Brains. Moonracer and Arcee are taken to the Nemesis. While Brains is taken to Makeshift. Brains accepts his fate and tells them to kill him now. but then sees Bumblebee. And ask why he's worknig with them Makeshift have taken bumblebee body shape and lies reveals him taht he's jsut makeshift. he takes the Cosmic cube tracker and Puts some cables into brains head so he can download brains knowledge for activate this Machine. after he's done the Machine activates. the Machine shows that the Cube is in area 51. Laserbeak is angry because they always had it near to THEM! Laserbeak knows The humans would trust Bumblebee and brains so he tells makeshift to keep his bumblebee disguise. and tells brains to make the humans think makeshift is bumblebee if he reveals the truth while in the SHIELD Base he would be killed him for real!

      Fury explains then entire story of SHIELD and Sector 7. and that they have been trying to cover up Alien existence forever even today despite the ppl are aware of the cybertronians. Lennox ask why they were covering up cyebrtronians if they all left years ago and returned in 2009. Fury and Simmons says its not true. Cybertronians Have been here forever, but the thing is we never knew they were aliens. he ask if anybody heard of the Black Dog Ghost, Epps says he did. he gives them a Description drawing of the creature. epps ask what its wrong with it. Fury says its a fake. He hands him the true description it shows a Black spiked Jaguar with one eye, Sam is surprised and says he encoutnered this creature in egyp.t Lennox says the creature was spotted on mission city aswell. Fury tells him that this creature was also seen in many descriptions of Black dogs and Black felines. and he tells them all cryptids known so far and shows them faked/blurry pics and the real/HQ Pics and etc. he also tells them of many ufos encoutners and such and explains they are cybertronians, and aslo that hitler was in communication with them and many events were caused by them. Lennox says its enough and now its clear that all Robots here could be searching something, fury says he coudl be right. lennox says if they coudl turyl be searching something otherwise why they could be aroudn the globe and why they caused such events. Fury knows what they could be searching and he have it right here he opens a Case revealing a Cube. Lennox ask what it is, Fury replied that it represented a significant source of power. but it could also hold the location of some sort of place on the universe this planet. epps ask how he knows it. Fury tells him that after his friend Howard Stark recovered it in 1943 while searching for Steve Rogers. after he founded Shield 3 weeks later he and others began to study the cube and found out it had a strange language on it. but it was an alien language to it. but they could not Decrypt it. but as time passes Stark found the cube resembled a cube from the Vinking mythology. it says that their God Odin had a Cube that had greater power and it was his msot precious treasure. but if this thing is that cube then most likely Odin added a message there maybe a warning, maybe he was trying to communicate with aliens, most likely the robots that are here on earth. if so it is a warning for them? was he trying to jsut communicate to them or Maybe he wanted to give them the location to a certain place here?. if so maybe he knew they were comnig here or... maybe he knew they were already on this planet and put the cube somewhere hidden till they reclaimed it. Sam knows theres a way to know it. it is to ask the autobots. Brains knocks the door requesting for enter. Fury thinks is a con. but Sam says its jsut brains they new friend. and he opens the door. Sam ask brains if he can read what it says down there. Bee (makeshift in disguise) is outside and demans sam to give it to brains. he gives it to brains and gives it to Makeshift. Makeshift declares the year of the Decepticons begins. Sam realizes this is not bee and ask what happened to him. Makeshift reveals he wont see his autobot friend ever again and leaves. Brains loosk at sam and forgives him but they were gonig to kill him if he didnt gave him the cube. Wheelie shows up and ask what happened. Fury demands to get him!, Lennox Calls the autobots on the NEST Base to Chase A bot looking like bumblebee but this one is a decepticon

      Skyquake arrives. Makeshift declares he found the cube. Skyquake knows that the location of Hy-Brasil, will at least be revealed. now with the cube on his hands. he Tells his agents that the search is over and they all can attack now. Nessie, Bigfoot, Every cryptid out there prepares to attack everything in path so the mission cannot be stopped. The Driller who is a kraven attacks Ships all over the Sea. but all the driller wants to find is its master Shockwave.

      in the SHIELD Base Fury descovers that all cryptids are attacking the world. Sam doesnt know what they can do. Lennox says its all over they have not enough autobots for kill all cryptids in the world. its over. the Decepticons have Won. Sam refuses to belivie that. Fury says that SHIELD Does not only investigate Transformers but they also are an espioange agency for protect the world and there are alot of bases in the globe. lennox tells him to contact every base for preapre their weapons. Rhodey calls his own friends for stop all those things, Epps calls the pentagon. Coulson walks to simmons and says that he (simmons) have alot of adventures with those robots and tells him he should write a book it would sell well. simmons likes the idea. Lennox tells chromia that there are decepticons all over the globe so she and anotehr search the bee look a-like while the others helps some soldiers to destroy the cons and tells her to tell the entire NEST Team to be ready theres alot of fight comnig away

      in the Nemesis Starscream slowly tells Arcee to wake up she's at her home. She wakes up and ask where she is. Starscream welcomes her daughter to the Nemesis. Arcee ask him where her friends are. Starscream tells her that they are there weakened and tired. Moonracer weak and tired tells arcee to run. Arcee does not anything, he knows Starscream is her enemy but part of her family too. Starscream is proud for her but all love he had for her is gone and simply mocks her saying that she's afraid of attacking him and she's weak. Moonracer says its all a lie, Arcee is not afraid and weak. Starscream declares she is. in front of her adoptive father. Moonracer is shocked and hopes Starscream is jsut joking. she looks at arcee and Arcee with a shamed face confirms that Starscream was saying the truth. Moonracer ask if knockout, Chromia and elita-1 are related to him, Starscream explains he built them so they are related to him, but arcee was adopted by him. Megatron Tells Starscream to stop talking to the priosoners and to control the Nemesis and head to Earth. Arcee says she knew that she was part of starscream family but kept it a secret she didnt wanted them to know.

      Laserbeak tells Soundwave that the Cube have been found thus he no longer needs to watch for Fury. and that they almost have the Victory in their hands. Skyquake is reading the Cybertronian letters in it and he finds the location of hy-brasil. he mocks Odin saying that he should have expected that Decepticons could find it instead of the Autobots. but then again the war didnt began when he hid the cube. he gets the Location. He tells Makeshift to go to a Building for hide the cube and pervert any autobot from finding it. He leaves to Hy Brasil.

      Meanwhile In Puerto Rico Skids Is Battleling a Energon Sucking creature from Cybertron who is the CHupacabras here. Skids states he knew there was a cospirancy here. the Chupacabras wants to suck Skids energon and knocks him down but before he can kill skids he's Shot down and Killed. Optimus Prime is Behind him. and Declares that all those cybertronians who were on this planet for years will be killed.

      Knock Out and Some Soldiers are Fighting the Kasai Rex but this cybertronian Dinosaurs like creature defeats them easily but Ironhide arrives to the rescue.

      all over the globe the Autobots are fighting the cryptids

      in Puerto Rico Skids ask Optimus where he have been. Optimus says that he agreed on Helping Humans on their own personal problems. but it was not happening today. He learned of the cryptids after the Fallen Death. Sam told him about those creatures in that boat after the fallen death and Optimus felt something wrong and that those creatures were not what humans thought thus he and the others went around the globel to search them. Optimus was here searching for the Chupacabras

      In the Nemesis. Starscream releases Moonracer and Bumblebee. Arcee says if he had a change of Heart. Starscream sasy no. but he wants them to see how they plan progress. Bee sees this a chance to attack and attacks Starscream but the decepticon throws the autobot to his appearet death but he falls in the Building where Makeshift is at. Bee sees a look a-like of him and knows its makeshift who tries to run but bee using hsi radio demans to know what they are planning. Makeshift tells him that skyquake is gonig to find a device in some missing island. Bee using hsi radio ask for what. makeshift tells him that the cube right in that table holds the awnser but he have no time to find out. they are gonig to DIE!. Makeshift sets a bomb. Bee quickly grabs the cube and is about to run but the Building explodes. The Explosion is heard by Sam and the otehrs and goes to ivnestigate. Moonracer and Arcee looks this Explosion from the nemesis. Moonracer and Arcee belivies Bee had perished. Moonracer is deeply hurt and she sounds like if she's about to cry. Starscream mocks her saying that she's crying for her lost boyfriend, Moonracer with a crying voice declares he's not her boyfriend, but her friend, BEST Friend. Megatron shows up and tells starscream why he left the prisoners free. stasrcream declares he wanted them to see the end of thier planet. Megatron tells him to wait till their plans are in progress. and he puts moonracer in a cell. Megatron orders him to trap arcee there too. Starscream does it. Arcee realizes that Any Love Starscream had for her is truly gone and she feels Sad

      Bee horever survived the explosion and holds the Cube in is hand but he is weak and injured thus he is barely online ans trys to crawl to a safe place but he goes offline.

      in the Sea Skyquake finds an Lost Island. and in a table he finds a Device. Skyquake is glad to have found this device hidden by the first cybertronians that come to earth after the Fallen was sealed in his sarchopagus.

      Bee is still offline. Sam, Brains, Wheelie, Fury, Rhodey, Simmons, Coulson, Epps and Lennox finds his body. they try to bring him back but nothing. the thing is that Bumblebee is near-dead.

      Bee appears in some sort of asgardian location. using his radio he ask where he is. Theres nothing but the voice of Odin He tells him that Bumblebee is not dead. he just wants to talk to him. He tells him that he knew that another Cybertronian war would begin sooner after the last one. he knew that the power hungry cybertronians. would want a device in Hy Brasil. so he Put the location on the cube for the Autobots, so they could find this device that could rebuilt the allspark and so they could destroy it. Bee in hsi radio ask why destroy it. Odin declares that this device would make the Allspark more powerfull but it can have its side effects it could be more destrutible and it Could over-power it and that means the END of the universe. Bee ask how it can be destroyed. Odin simply says that they just have to wish it and returns bumblebee to Midgard (Earth)

      back at earth wheelie haev an plan on making bee wake up he yells wake up! and bee is online again. Wheelie is surprised he is online and it worked, Bee using hsi radio that the Cube hold the Key to a Destructive device. Fury ask what it is. bee explains is it a device that can rebuild the allsaprk but it will destruible than the original allspark, the device is in Hy Brasil. Epps says its a Missing Island. Laserbeak is hiding holding the disembodied head of makeshift and tells them that its too late. SKyquake have the device. the allsaprk recosntruction is unstoppable!. Bee trys to explain him teh side effects but laserbeak says its nonsense and leaves for prooced with his Plans.

      in the air Laserbeak tells to Skyquake remaning agents minus the driller to go to Southern Nevada, United States to attack a autobot and some humsn with little autobots.

      Chromia and soem autobots arrives to nevada chasing the fake bee and they see the real bee and thinks its the fake one. Sam explains its the real bee not the fake. Chromia ask wheres the fake one, Bee says its dead, but they are in big trouble.

      in the Ship. Arcee tells Moonracer that they cannont give up hope after bee would like them to be strong and such. But Moonracer only lose hope. Laserbeak returns explains that a Autobot and some insects found out of our plans! then he tosses makeshift head next to the cell, but since Makeshift took Bee Shape thus his head looks alot like bee. Moonracer and Arcee quickly thinks its Bee real head. Moonracer is more hurt than ever blaming herself. maybe if she had accepted that bee wanted to be with sam than her he could be still alive and tears liek things comes off her optics. Laserbeak sees Moonracer crying and ask starscream why the female is sad. Starscream says that Bee is dead. Laserbeak knows bee is alive but decides to play with the feelings of moonracer and uses the head of makeshift for mock her using it as a puppet.

      in the Desert of nevada Bee wonders what to do now......he have no clue!. Skyquake already have the device and does not know where he is at now! he coudl be installing it at this moment!. Chromia wished Optimus was here. Then every cryptid in their True form shows up. Wheelie says they are dead!. But as the cryptids are about to attack Shield Vehicles, Agents, Soldiers, NEST Vehicles, air vehicles shows up, And the Autobots including Optimus Prime who Kills tons of the cryptids. Sam is happy to see Optimus. so is everybody. Optimus declares those transformers are here searching for Something and that they most descover their plans. Bee says he knows. Optimus ask what it is. Bee using hsi radio tells him Skyquake Plans

      Skyquake tells Megatron that he have the device its time to Send the Nemesis to Earth so they can harvester earth sun with this device for rebuild the cube

      The Nemesis is sent to Nevada where its doing heat right now thus its the perfect place for the sun. Skyquake arrives and he slowly inserts the device in the nemesis and opens the roof of the Ship so the sun cna be harvested for built a new cube, SKyquake tell Megatron, Starscream and Laserbeak to leave cause this coudl kill them all. Starscream first takes some surviving hatchlings before leaving the Ship, They leave Moonracer and Arcee in their cell cause they dont care for them. Arcee Suggest they should find a way to escpae but moonracer says theres no point to live if bee is not here anymore

      The Autobots and the others are fighting the remaining cryptids. Optimus senses a powerfull energy near and he and bumblebee goes to see what it is.

      in a Cliff the Decepticons are watching as the Machine prepares for harvest. Skyquake declares in matter of minutes the cube will be rebuilt and will be more powerfull! but then sees Optimus and Bumblebee. Megatron orders SKyquake to stop them!.

      They enter wondering whats in the ship. Arcee sees them and telsl moonracer that bee is alive. moonracer is overjoyed. optimus and Bee Blast the cell freeing them. Arcee Tells them Skyquake is going to harvest. but before she can finish talknig skyquake shows up. Optimus is surprised that Skyquake was not lost as he thought. Skyquake slowly explains he have been here longer. and attacks them. Moonracer trys to rip the device out but she cant

      Megatron, Starscream and Laserbeak then decides to stop them aswell

      a Fight happens inside the nemesis. Skyquake orders his troops to help. the cryptids shows, the soldiers nad the autobots joins the fight aswell. everybody gets out of the Nemesis during the fight. moonracer realizes that the only way to stop the device is to blast it but she knows it could explode so she charges her weapon. but Bee offers to destroy it. Moonracer tells him that he could die in a explosion bee is willnig to give his life for protects the others and gives Moonracer the Cosmic cube and orders her to get out. Bee Then Blast the Device and the Nemesis explodes. Skyquake and the Decepticons are Enraged by the explosion. Arcee and Sam goes to find bee but only find his near dead body there and drag him out, Moonracer is shocked and goes to aid and drops the Cosmic cube. Skyquake punches Prime and reclaims the Cube all others autobots try to stop him but the yare all defeated. Skyquake knows that the cube can grant a wish to their masters. but knows it cannont rebuild the allspark so he wishes for the nemesis and the device to be rebuilt and to be unstoppable by the autobots. granting his masters wish it happens, Skyquake declares that he is unstoppable now and nobody can stop him. Moonracer is enraged cause she knows Bee could be near his Dead. and she angrily grabs the cube she does not know the cube powers and accidentaly Wishes Something, she angrily wishes that Bee doesnt die, Skyquake Dissapairs from the face of the universe, and that the Nemesis and that device SHOULD NEVER exist and this cube should have never existed too!. Skyquake knows what she have done and screams NO!. The Cube grants the wish of its master and begins to Glow. Moonracer ask what is happening and a light from the space shows up and hits Bee (it was odin actually brining Bee back.) and The Cube summons the Nemesis, the Device and SKyquake who all dissolve and are teleported to the cube thus they are NO MORE. Bee wakes up and sees that the cube is glowing more and more and suspect its about to explode. Sam tells them to take cover. Bee takes moonracer adn the Cube remains in Mid-air And Explodes. The Tesseract is NO MORE

      Megatron realizes their new plan is Destroyed. all of Skyquake agents are Dead too. Optimus Prime walks closely to Megatron. Optimus Prime gives each Decepticon a choice. Leave Earth or be destroyed. To Megatron's surprise, Starscream, and Laserbeak comply and leave. Optimus Prime is not surprised, since Megatron has been displaying poor leadership skills. Naturally, this is not an instruction Megatron takes to heart; instead he just leaves his current location not the planet. but before he leaves he tells Optimus that this is not OVER and he shall return he then takes the hatchlings and leaves Nevada with Plans unknown

      They all Return to Diego Garcia, Happy that the evil decepticons have all lost once more. Rhodey tells Lennox that he have thought of it, by destroying those cons and saving the world he thinks he's an hero now but he doesnt want to risk his life every day so he tells him that he will not join NEST, but if they need help of him he will gladly help and tells them to prepare a plane so he can return to Malibu. Later Epps thanks Fury, Coulson and other agents for Helping. Sam gets a Call from the collage dean and tells him that Bumblebee can stay in collage so he can protect him and the school aswell in case of any future attacks. Sam tells this to bee who is Happy. Moonracer is still unhappy. as they are about to leave Bee sees a depressed Moonracer. but Moonracer says she would like if he stays but she realized that he have an responsability and allows him to stay with Sam. Bee leaves with him as Moonracer Sadly watches the plane leaving. then Optimus sends a Message to other autobots in Space

      Rhodey returns to Malibu and Visits The House of his friend Tony Stark he goes to stark workshop searching for him he knwos the code acess and enters its all dark and theres no signs of Stark so he is about to leave until he sees a Mask in the table. he turns around and sees a incomplete Robotic arm in another table and sees it then he looks up and sees 3 armors with the words Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 written down of them
    19. eagc7
      i have written the plot for one of them i can send u the plot right now if ya want
    20. eagc7
      just wanna know if besides writting Marvel stories, would u like to write TF Scripts for me too?
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