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Jun 5, 2006
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Autobot Slut!, Male, from Smallest country in the world, no?

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Apr 22, 2024 at 2:11 AM
    1. RoboElvis
      Even though we were on different continents we were able to make a deal. Couldn't ask for a faster shipment and my Crasher was packed so well++++++
      1. Automorpher
        Thanks mate but this should have really gone into the feedback link as per my signature instead. LOL!

        Nevertheless, thanks for your kind support!
        Jul 25, 2023
    2. RoboElvis
      How much for Transformers Legacy Walmart Exclusive Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection Deluxe Class Decepticon Crasher


      MISB in C9 condition.
      1. Automorpher
        Hi mate, replied via PM, thanks.
        Jul 11, 2023
    3. foxracing
      PMed regarding the whastapp group. :)
      1. Automorpher
        Hi mate, replied to all those. :)
        Oct 23, 2017
      2. foxracing
        Received thanks!
        Oct 23, 2017
    4. misternewuzer
      I can't pm for some reason so I'll reply here. I'm interested in the onslaught venom trade, but in order to calculate shipping for us I'll need your city and postal code. I'm more than happy to try and keep shipping down for you, I know it can be hard as I don't often ship internationally either
    5. ki1983ng
      Eric, have you gotten a new handphone or new number?
    6. Automorpher
      Replied via PM, thanks! :)
    7. BidoofdudeofOz
      Hi, left this on the sales thread, but in case you didn't notice, how much for MP Optimus Prime (TRU) and do you ship to Australia.
    8. gakken85
      Left a PM.
    9. gauss
      Dear Automorpher,

      I need some prices of your great list. Then, is it possible to change anything with other rares Tfs? This is my interest list:

      Greatshot (Urgh, now I view SOLD :-O )
    10. UNICRON2020AD
      can i buy stuff from your sale thread
    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Thanks for the Prices.
    12. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I just wanted to follow up say that I have now got the yellow B2 and the Crystal FE Optimus and if you had ever got any requests from anyone for the Crystal Optimus & or B2 clear and that person didn't want the Black Optimus I just thought I'd mention my interest in case that was something that would enable you to split them with out leaving you with an unwanted stray.

      The other main reason I'm writing is to ask the individual prices for :

      GDO Hotspot.
      Convoy & Beast Megatron
      FE Bulkhead

      Thanks for your time.

      (I'm asking via Visitor message as my inbox is a little full).
    13. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Cheers - Did you have any of the clear blue Optimus Gun O.P at all - and you say that you are bundling them with Tokyo Toyshow exclusives - but your sale page just shows B2.
      If you have the others may I ask what you wanted to incentivise to use any others you have - or is it just B2 you have in that sort of thing ?

      I already have the clear Optimus but I don't have the Black Henkei Convoy yet so If I got both i'd have to hope the sell on the Clear Prime Optimus from the set, anyway if you have anything other than B2 as a freebie let me know as something like the powder blue OP or any of those recent clear red ones would make me much keener to order sooner.
      and if you are offering them with any other bundles i'd like to know please.
    14. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      Answered via PM, thanks! :)
    15. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hi, I'm interested in of the single pack Microns be they old Powercore combiner repaint ones or model kit campaign ones - Not so much the regular retail single pack ones or the capsules as they are not difficult to get so it's probably easier for me to get them locally.
    16. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      Answered via PM, thanks! :)
    17. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue

      I saw your sale thread but Theres is not prices on it - can you tell me please if you have a price for the Bulkhead/Optimus FE Voyagers (and if they are hasbro ones only?) and the shinning B2/ Clear Optimus / Black Convoy trio.

      Incidentlly if you have had any interest from anyone looking to just buy a Clear Optimus I actually already have one so i'm mainly interested in the black convoy and the B2 Micron - I'm interested in other Microns arms bits and pieces too especially individual Microns.

      Did you sell the God Fire Convoy Boxed set by the way - the reason I ask as for some odd reason when I bought a God magnus I got a clear one as a single packed toy so I would be interested in the clear Convoy and sword to complete it - I mention this as someone seemed to have an interest in just the magnus. so I thought it might be worth bringing up in case it's not gone yet.

      Thanks for your time. Slide me some prices when you have time please.
    18. Transfan2405
      pm'd u back we got a i deal i need your pp addy
    19. Transfan2405
      replied to your PM
    20. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      PM sent to you so please check your Inbox, thanks! :)

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