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May 27, 2018
    1. brawn49
      Hi dose any body on here have any estrela antex or iga minibots for sale also i am after the 7-11 chase black keychains and any e-hobby minibots ?
    2. Sixliner
      said you had a request
    3. Maz
      Hey man, sounds a great idea. Why don't you just tweet directly to Kei on twitter? She's really friendly and open to discussing anything on there with her fans and followers.

      If it were me, I'd go with just two bots, one from each faction and have a nice scene of the two of them rushing towards each other or engaging in battle. Or a race!

      All the best
    4. Sixliner
      yeah for sure. whats up?
    5. AmonDemon112
      Hey there! hope all is well! and thanks! I'm really excited about it though lacking in a lot of Decepticons! but in due time... and yes FT Perceptor is great! its only too bad that the grey blue parts don't screw in properly :/
      XTB Wheelie is a great representation, but its a crap product. the plastic is very cheap and I'm so close to easily breaking it! i never want to transform it ever again :/
    6. Maz
      No worries mate!
    7. AmonDemon112
      no problem, thanks for sharing about your recent musical tastes! Xenoblade is my absolute favorite as if late! amazing amazing music! and an amazing game too! really looking forward to the new one for the Wii U. but yeah anything having to do with RPGs from classic Squaresoft gems mostly!
      ive never had an Ultra Magnus before and MP is incredible! im really happy with mine and i cannot wait for Star Saber being a huge Victory fan lol!
      but yes, when it comes to a collection it has to flow properly lol and Fortress Maximus will be here someday lol
    8. AmonDemon112
      oh cool! i checked out your blog and found that African music quite intriguing! the music im mostly about is 80s(heavy metal, pop, pop divas, new wave), Mozart, video game/anime soundtracks, funk, Duke Ellington, yadda yadda...
      but yes I only got MegaZarak(Scorponok). I badly want a Fortress Maximus now! lol
      i still have a good chunk left of my original collection and im excited to be recollecting them actually!
    9. AmonDemon112
      hey there its been ages! hope all is well! so last fall i purged the majority of my collection and got the MP hype out of my system. soooo im looking to rebuild my original collection which im really excited about! i still have a few things that i didnt sell annnd i recently got the Gigantic Action MegaZarak that scales with Fortress Maximus and i absolutely love it!!!!
    10. Autobreadticon
      the emotes is strong with this one

      ༼ ºل͟º ༽
      ୧༼ ͡◉ل͜ ͡◉༽୨
      (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง
      乁( ◔ ౪◔)ㄏ
      ( つ◕ل͜◕)つ
      (ง •̀_•́)ง
      ┌(° ͜ʖ͡°)┘(
      ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง
    11. puffmarko
      @Autobreadticon: hello, yeah, it was me They are vintage bootlegs , made in Taiwan (knockoffs, of course, but very nice). Price is very good, items also, I suggest to purchase at least one
    12. AmonDemon112
      Hey there hope all is well! Thoughts on PE Scorponok? Im still waiting for news about that non-transforming Gigantic Scorponok thats scales with Titan Metroplex and Fortress Maximus! Otherwise I am in the process of working on my next combiner: fansproject Battle Gaia! So far i got the green vortex limb from ebay! And next are flameblast and warcry! Will look grand with generations Black Shadow and my Deszaras and hopefully a Metrotitan someday!
      Also finally got generations Whirl! Amazing figure and g1 homage! Just not a fan of its head. Awaiting a 3rd party upgrade for that!
    13. AmonDemon112
      hey there! hope all is well! have you seen the new Skullcruncher from toyworld!?!?? WOW I LOVE IT! so anyways i apologize for the back and forth, but i am putting my entire collection for sale again. my partner is having serious health issues so i am trying to raise money to support her. so you have first offerings if theres anything you are interested in. and ill give you better deals than what ill have listed. take care!
    14. AmonDemon112
      Okay cool no worries! Ill hold on to it for you and sell it for $20. Yeah that Predaking truly is an amazing figure! It was love at first sight for me when news of that came out here. An even grander bonus that its based off the original japanese Studio Ox design!
    15. AmonDemon112
      Ill still sell you my Warlord Predaking(missing Rampage) and Takara Orion Pax if still interested! Ill do $300 + s/h for them and ill send you pics. I love my Warlord but im cool with parting with it. You live in australia?
    16. AmonDemon112
      Hey there again! I decided that i have come waaay to far to part with my collection. I will acquire mp's someday but i really really like my metroplex, skylynx, warlord predaking, g1 autobots And henkei decepticons! Thanks for dealing with my sillyness lol! And really appreciate the help and support! Back to collecting! Need more g1 autobots and fp headmasters!
    17. AmonDemon112
      Sounds great!! where do you live? australia? ill give you a decent deal if interested! and much appreciated on the consideration! ill also make sure to provide full details and info on my stuff
    18. AmonDemon112
      Thanks! I appreciate yours too! And your blog! You make grand points that i fully agree with! I havnt had any sales yet surprisingly, but at the same time im not the fence: i wish mp's were a little smaller that way they would compliment the 3rd part combiners and titan metroplex(proud owner of the takara ver). And i wish chugs were alot more g1 accurate... And also mp's take ages to happen. Who knows how long itll be till theres a mp cyclonus or astrotrain or even grander: headmasters! And getting combiners and citybots are kind of impossible for mp scales without costing us thousands of dollars! Have a facebook? Feel free to add me: michael g. Jean mcintyre :)
    19. AmonDemon112
      I take that as a conpliment then :) im considering selling my entire collection to focus on masterpieces only. I have yet to get any... But that new mp Ultra Magnus... Wow...
    20. AmonDemon112
      hey there! everything is great! thanks! i took everything down since im in the process of making revising my sales thread. ill have it up soon. how are you? still envious of your collection! considering geting fp's headmasters!
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