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    1. Sideways77
      The Abromivich twins backstory and the Gotham Sirens flashback comics from Arkham City show Harley in her 90's costume.
    2. Sideways77
      She DID use to have it, according to the comics.
    3. Sideways77
      He was confirmed not too long ago.
    4. Sideways77
      Black Mask. Poor guy's underused.

      I just wish Harley makes it in. :[
    5. Sideways77
    6. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Non-existent things in the US Army, my friend :lol
    7. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Bastard! Didn't get to go because of work! :D
    8. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Not yet, for some strange reason :) I keep meaning to get around to it but it keeps getting put off. I do have the Hell or Hallelujah single, but still need to get the album. I hear it's about as good as Sonic Boom.
    9. Breakdown96
      Might just stick with my jazz pic for a bit.
    10. Breakdown96
      I just thought they might be later sigs so might use them.
    11. Soundpulse
      Also, he's Gandalf! And they removed it.
    12. Breakdown96
      Nice sig bro, G'NR are great.
    13. Soundpulse
      No no! I wanted to see if they would remove Gandalf. I have the pic saved in my history. If gansalf is removed I'll put it back.
    14. Soundpulse

      And I know right? I want to know his dry cleaner.
    15. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      It was nothing short of epic, I assure you!
    16. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      I have a feeling they had extra tickets the last time, but having Crue on the bill put the tickets in more demand. No big deal, I saw the originals in '96 so everything else is icing on the cake.
    17. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71

      A friend and I were holding out hope that KISS would release some complimentary tickets for Soldiers like they did last time, but it never materialized. I so wanted to see Crue and KISS play....
    18. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Well, there's a few good songs on the albums that followed Dynasty - Unmasked is pretty underrated I feel, it has some good songs. The '80s really saw the band trying to horn in on popular trends to ride the coattails of the hot thing and regain their popularity. Hell, Carnival of Souls was essentially a grunge album *ugh!* I think they're doing pretty well now - Sonic Boom surprised me, it was much better than I expected, and the new track off Monster sounds pretty good too. I just missed them in concert down here (dammit!), but when I saw them two years ago - man they still kick some ass.
    19. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Yeah, so I've heard. I know Ace and Eric Carr had a pretty good friendship, I think Ace's main problem was that the Elder was just too different a direction, it wasn't a KISS album.
    20. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Doesn't appear that it worked well :D

      Ace had the same problem recording Music from the Elder (which he wanted no part of anyway as I understand it).
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