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The best there is... Feb 13, 2019

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    1. eagc7
      yeah i have, CW Warpath, CW Hot Spot, CW Breakdown, RID Fix It and Ant-Man
    2. primal789
      The same to you man & peace
    3. moreprimeland
      Probably best not to make the same thread over and over in different forums anyway, could be taken for spamming the forums, the TFGD thread will be enough most likely....looks like folks are still posting. :thumb
    4. soundwaverulls
      Thanks. This might be a bit late but merry Christmas and happy new years to you too.
    5. Hook
      Merry Christmas to you too!
    6. Bumblebee765
      Merry Christmas!!
    7. Superquad7
      Merry Christmas and I wish you all of the very best for a new year!
    8. eagc7
      Thanks!, you too!
    9. amproadbuster88
      Oh! That's cool lol, yeah, why not do that then. And ok! Yeah, if you get a Wii U soon and a PS4, let me know, I'll add you, I can add your PSN rn actually. All I have for the Wii U is Black Ops 2, Ghosts (again lol), Mario Kart, Nintendo Land, and Zelda WWHD. For the PS4 just Black Ops 3 and the Uncharted Series that came with, 1, 2, and 3 remastered, may get some more games for both soon, not sure when.

      Oh really! What's your FB? I can add you.
    10. amproadbuster88
      Yeah haha, I really hope you do soon, if you get a Wii U we can play some BOII on it and if you get a PS4 as well I'm actually trying to save up for the BOIII special edition PS4 bundle so we could play some BOIII then!

      And ok, yeah I got a FB, prefer Twitter lol, using FB a little more now but still just eh for me.
    11. amproadbuster88
      Oh yeah, you got a phone and something called Kik or even a Twitter?
    12. amproadbuster88
      Haha, cool! Yeah it looks pretty dang good so far. And yes I do, Wii U still, then some PC and also have a PS2. I mostly play BOII on Wii U still, some of my stats are crazy cause of it lol.
    13. eagc7
      which ones you are planning to get?
    14. eagc7
      Thanks :), gotten anything new lately?
    15. eagc7
      i am doing fine, prepping stuff for work on my next vivdeo, how are you doing? :)
    16. eagc7
    17. amproadbuster88
      Haha! Ikr, that'd be a pretty good one for sure.

      And have you seen much of CoD BO3? So much better then the past 2 CoDs now lol, Ghosts was pretty sucky and AW is just insane but ok, BO3 seems in the middle of BO2 and AW but way better then AW.
    18. PcPrime23
      I'm good bro. I actually haven't been on PSN in months. But just recently I started to go back online. And sure what's your PSN?
    19. amproadbuster88
      Yeah, I getcha, it would be crazy and stressful after a while. Hey, I bet you could do it! And fitness aye! Good combo if you think about it. ;)
    20. amproadbuster88
      Oh it's cool lol, same. Yeah, I bet haha, college is definitely not my thing as well. Haha! Yeah, I bet it would be! :D
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