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Sep 18, 2021 at 9:35 PM
    1. ILoveDinobot
      Thanks! I'm going to try, I'll keep updating in the hurricane thread for as long as I can.
    2. (swe)starscream
    3. (swe)starscream
    4. (swe)starscream
    5. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Oh pretty good. I found one of those Giant paper fans yesterday. I've kinda wanted one for awhile and I couldn't believe that I found one. Its blue with a tree branch that has some flowers on it, two swallows and some (I think they're) Chinese symbols, or Japanese ones on it. It's really cool, though I don't know what the symbols on it mean. Also awhile back I found a blue katana. Which was awesome.
    6. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Hey how's it going?
    7. x BlackMagnus x
    8. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Awww, you remembered. Optimus is well, we had a nice little game of fetch.
    9. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      I'm good as well. Happy to see Spring come. :D
    10. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Hello, been a while. So how are you?
    11. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Very nice. Autobots all the way!
      I always wanted one when I was little. Optimus is good boy, he loves kids. When kids hear my dog's name they love him. :D
    12. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Sweet! What kind of car is it? And do you have a name for him? I think of all cars as guys now.
      Optimus is a German Shepherd. Very fiitting no?
    13. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Your learning to drive in febuary! That's cool. I'm glad the snow is melting now. Because now my dog Optimus can go out in his pen.
      Yes Blue is my favorite color as well!!! Isn't it a great color?
    14. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      How's the weather over there? Finaly it's not really cold out here. :) Which I am very grateful for.
      I just saw on your about me that you don't like girly stuff. By chance does that mean you avoid the color pink? Because I do my best to stay away from it. :lol Give me Blue and Yellow!
    15. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      I'm doing good. How about you?
    16. Mini-Bot
      They are neat little things. I browse by them sometimes when I'm in the Toy section, just to see what they've got these days. I'm tempted to pick up that corvette stingray they have out now, since it's Sideswipe's alt mode in Revenge of the Fallen, and I adore him. Plus, it's only a dollar. :p

      Oooo that's exciting. I really should be learning to drive, myself. :redface2: However, I've never had any interest in actually driving a car myself. I like, and am used to being a passenger. :lol But, I guess it's necessary for the plastic crack hunting when no one is available or wants to drive you to Toys R Us. :lol
    17. Mini-Bot

      I started with Beast Wars when I was a child. I didn't want dolls, I wanted Beast Wars toys and hot wheels. Then Pokemon took over, and I kind of lost interest in TFs for a long while. Then the 2007 movie came along, and I was instantly hooked again. Two years later I'm a TF obsessed fan girl. :p
    18. Mini-Bot
      I know what you mean. Like Care Bears, MLP just doesn't interest me much any more with the new designs. Oh well, it gives me a break from collecting those, so I can spend all extra money on TFs and Busou Shinkis. :lol

      What got you into TFs?
    19. Mini-Bot
      I may like My Little Ponies, but I love TFs way more, so naturally this site gets visited more. :lol

      I'm fantastic. :D
    20. Mini-Bot
      Hey there! I just got your message over on the My Little Pony forum. I hardly check there, so sorry it took me so long to reply. :p

      How are you?
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