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Autobot, Male, from San Antonio, Texas, USA

Optimus Prime's motto is more vital now in the United States than EVER! "Freedom Is the RIGHT of all sentient beings!" Oct 22, 2021

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Jul 7, 2024
    1. AutobotAlvaron
      Optimus Prime's motto is more vital now in the United States than EVER! "Freedom Is the RIGHT of all sentient beings!"
    2. Houstonian Prime
      Houstonian Prime
      I didn't like Miko at first, but she grows on you. Especially when she hopped in to the Apex Armor and whooped up on those Decepticons. Assuming Isabella' character will be similar. Displaced youth trying to earn her ranks among the autobots. Roll out!
    3. AutobotAlvaron
      Thanks for the friend request GoLion, it's gladly accepted!
    4. MattOnCybertron
      awesome Joe! I'm a little bit younger when it comes to this hobby I suppose, what really sealed the deal for me aside from various of the mid-90s toys was Beast Wars. just opened up to collecting seriously recently and picked a helluva year apparently! (Combiner Wars, Devastator, Apollyon, and new and re-released Masterpieces oh my!)
    5. AutobotAlvaron
      Hey Justin, in the past I've sometimes purged my collection of figs I grew tired of or bought "just because". Now that I have a niece & nephew, I can pack up & save unwanted TFs for later, when they can appreciate them better. It's funny, but most of the ones I gave away were Energon. Having 200+ TFs, my collection hasn't suffered much, but I do miss my Machine Wars Optimus & Megatron & Armada Red Alert. Do you ever clean-out your shelves of figs you're only lukewarm towards?
    6. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      My all time favorite TF character is and always shall be Optimus Prime! My favorite combiner in the franchise is Omega Prime from R.I.D, and my favorite toy line so far is STILL Armada. As far as other figures goes, I'm a lot like yourself. I cherry pick from line to line, and a favor the Autobots over the Decepticons, but I STILL have a pretty big number of favorite Decepticons too lol
    7. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Eh.. It's going pretty well. Got myself some new figures from the new movie line, took a look at some pretty well done reviews by Baltamatrix over on youtube, know of him?
    8. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Hey man, how goes it?
    9. hthrun
      Sometimes it takes a while for the admin to get to the requests. You can send him a pm: Wingsbr's Profile - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    10. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Your welcome Joe, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend Easter lol. My real-world name is Justin ^-^
    11. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Your totally welcome ^-^
    12. hthrun
      Yeah, me too. Though I do enjoy the voyagers as well since there are so many in that relative scale...
    13. hthrun
      Hi! I have not heard anything official about a leader class evasion Optimus. There was a small rumor a little while back. There were some pics of the leader toys and their boxes at a fair. In the pic there was also what looked like a different, empty Optimus box. Some were speculating, and hoping, it would be a leader evasion prime. But it's total speculation...
    14. Big Convoy XIII
      Big Convoy XIII
      Welcome to TFW officially ^-^
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