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Aug 20, 2013
Mar 3, 2009
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The Musical

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Aug 20, 2013
    1. Scorpio
      I know its been ages but my new adaption scene 12 & 13 are up now, more to come soon. If you want to check them out.
    2. ironjazz
      happy new year
    3. Minh'T
    4. Minh'T
      u like movie Wall E right? Hey saw Short circuit? There's a Robot in that movie look very similar to wall e
    5. eagc7
      well mowry is in this site his username is Mowry ask him questions if ya want
    6. eagc7
      Cliffjumper is dead in the movie continuity so I doubt it was going to be him.

      Rodimus maybe and people really were hoping it would be him. Either way I'm content with what we have now I just need the movie to come out!
      Cliff is not dead, i asked Chris Mowry if he Died and he sayed that Cliff Survived reign of Starscream
    7. eagc7
      No Problem
    8. eagc7
      Wait so why are the Twins in the comic but not in the movie?? Hmm.....
      thats cause the Comic was based from early scripts of the film

      remember the previosu adaptations We see Barricade death in adaptation 1 but wasnt in the film and we see Fallen being trapped i nthe relic in rotf adaptation but he was not trapped in a relic in the film itself
    9. cnic
      LOL. You will. But....Once you leave it becomes surreal then reality sets in and you go,Holy Crap...being on my own IS harder than it looks lol.
    10. cnic
      It is scary but self empowering at the same time. I remember when I left home...seems like it was just yesterday and it has been 17 years now lol.
    11. cnic
      College? Hell weren't you like 13 the last time I spoke to you! :D
    12. cnic
      WALL-E...What's up man. Long time no see!
    13. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      ha ha thats a pretty funny sig
    14. Hiraga
      Hey, just wanted to let you know that TF5 is coming to an end soon. Let me know what you have to say about it!
    15. AutoCon2076
      Greetings from the 609. Wot.
    16. SuzyPrime
      I've read through some of it. It's a good thread. It keeps people coming back to the boards. Debate is not a bad thing. If posters are impolite about a topic, it's their own fault, not yours. It's obviously a topic that is controversial and needs some hashing in the fandom.
    17. SuzyPrime
      You start great theads. Keep it up.
    18. eagc7
      sicne u dotn have disocvery channel then u HAVE 2 CHoices for see Prime,
      1. Wait for DVD
      2. Youtube
    19. eagc7
      No, the channel will repalce Discovery kids on USA and other palces i think, but nto in here
    20. eagc7
      oh aslo u know that the hub (the channel which willair prime) is not coming here in my country (guatemala) (WE DO HAEV DISCOVERY KIDS)
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