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Oct 19, 2010
Nov 19, 2008
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Aurora Bluewolf

Aurora Bluewolf

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Oct 19, 2010
    1. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Hello there! ;)
    2. Andvari
      That's really what I'm hoping for. I'm deeply hoping for another series in Animated's style. I can see them doing it, so I have hope! I know where you're coming from with the money issue, though. Being poor in college sucks. I'd also say that Transformers is the newest staple in my life. I just love it, so I know exactly what you mean. I hope you can get the new Animated toys, though!
    3. Andvari
      haha, I would have been right behind you on the "save Animated" bandwagon! I honestly think that I like Animated better than Beast Wars (which is wonderful, too!) and I'm really glad I got back into the series when I did. I more or less forgot about Transformers when I hit "that age" (you know how boys are once they turn 13) and became too cool for them. I'm really excited for the new Animated figures, how about you?
    4. Laser_Optimus
      Hmm... that's really hard to say. Every series has really had a different character that I've enjoyed more than the others, but I can't really pin down anyone from the overall fandom that I'd be able to say that I really like more than any other of my favorites. Though, Animated Ratchet, Jazz, Prowl and Optimus are definently now among my top twenty. :)
    5. Laser_Optimus
      Yeah, totally love Bleach. Though the filler seasons leave a lot to be desired... :lol
    6. realCliffjumper
      I just saw your profile pic and I was like, "KEYBLADE!" Oh, what a great game. I should check to see if there are any updates on the third, in fact, I will. :)
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