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Nov 7, 2006
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Apr 12, 2024 at 11:24 AM
    1. WayGroovy
      Wanna do a collaborative Swoop to Slash conversion? I just started a thread, and thought of you and a couple of other members.
      1. asphalt
        Point me to it.
        Jun 14, 2018
      2. WayGroovy
    2. Hotwire
      Was cool to meet up in person. Hope everything goes well with the con!
    3. big hank
      big hank
      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!! Just hope you have a great holiday weekend, however you choose to celebrate! And may you be blessed. Cheers!--David
    4. big hank
      big hank
      Just wanted to say have a great day today!:D
    5. asphalt
      what base are you using for your cosmos? havent been many ufo bots out
    6. Ezilla82
      Nothing at this moment. I'll do my customizing Cosmos maybe after the holidays or beginning of the new year. Also I'll get done with my drawing of my version of Slag, so watch out for that. I think thats about it.
    7. Ezilla82
      Lucky for me I've wrote down what my character's name and what mold I'm using for that so that I don't forget. So and thanks to some of the great customizers that I got in touch with I feel that sooner or later I'll be getting a gallery soon. So that'll be cool as hell. Right now I'm drawing my version kinda Classics/Universe of Dinobot Slag and maybe ask someone here to scratchbuild it. Man, that'll be awesome.
    8. Ezilla82
      I don't have one, but all that time I've got some tools that would be needing to customize and also paints. But still I have a few more to get, but I'm working on a Ptitvite style Cosmos, but it'll be my way of course. As well as a evil version of cosmos that I call him Void aka Khaos. I do however have other customs to work on, but its a long list.
    9. Ezilla82
      Your welcome, now both of us are now part of each other's motley crew/crue of people.
    10. Ezilla82
      Thanks for the Friends Request invite.
    11. asphalt
      dude that was fast, I will take a look. I have been looking for a mirage for frac for a while now to make a plane bo to lead the heralds I made from scrapmetals, but now I cant find anything.
    12. big hank
      big hank
      Here is a linky! FIRST POST!! NEED OPINIONS!! - Radicons Transformers Customs You can see I have a different style, I like the way my fuselage is a bit longer, it looks more realistic and jet-like!
    13. big hank
      big hank
      Hey bro! Actually they're getting ready for primer this weekend, so I should have some updated pics by then. But if you look through the Radicons "Heavy Mods" section a few pages back you should find it. The thread title was called "First post, need opinions" or something like that. I'll go find the link and give it to ya!
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