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Jun 22, 2021
    1. WilyMech
      I am unable to attend TFcon due to car accident
    2. WilyMech
      The exclusive is Mirage. It good or bad thing I have multiple favorites.
    3. WilyMech
      Check your FB Alex Milne is doing commissions
    4. WilyMech
      I only have two confirmed commissions. I guess I have to wait for openings at the convention. I have not seen or heard anything on Twitter about Milne. I think we have to get in early for the lines at the convention.
    5. iphdtd
      Yeah, 2 nights at Saratoga. You?
    6. WilyMech
      I am looking Masterpiece Perceptor I really like that one. Also the Tomy Takara Megatron gold. I will like to Have Masterpiece Prowl to finish off that frame type. I will have to look for 3rd parties as well. Unfortunately I will be in Toronto but yeah the room is booked already
    7. WilyMech
      I made a list of what figures I want. It is only time I buy the toys
    8. byrnez
      Beastwars fan lovely to make your acquaintance, my name is Troy and I am not your average guy. I often question my sanity being a lover of art and music where across the street the other Troy is into 4wd's and crab pots. I value my relationship with the local wildlife over the routine day to day interactions with people in my area who all seem to be related. My weaknesses are classy woman and all I can not tolerate. It is not easy to be my friend though I am loyal beyond measure. This site has allowed me to show my softer side/let my guard down and escape myself even if at times I tend to relapse from the reminders here of life in general. Some days I wish to be silent and pretend I am not me.:)
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