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Nov 1, 2018
Apr 18, 2009
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Argroh Valdios

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Nov 1, 2018
    1. kaijuguy19
      So what do you think of my comic so far?

      I've seen the comment you've made. It wasn't intentional but good eye nontheless. :)
    2. KnightHawkke
      sweet thanks!
    3. KnightHawkke
      where did you dig out the pic of the darius fighter? =-D
    4. Fez Findie
      Fez Findie
      I'll think about as, as much as I didn't get it ^^;

      But maybe it'll just fit somewhere 'cos of that. XD
    5. Fez Findie
      Fez Findie
      As much as I'll be puttin' it in a reply; To answer your questions about Virtuaroids and other mecha's eating, its a bit of somethin' general thing that applies to sentient mechanoids in my comic. Kinda like how pretenders could eat food in Transformers Masterforce, some tech allows the same on the mechanical citizens. Not as if in they're cyborgs but got synthetic equilevants of the system. A way of usin' more forms of energy.
    6. Rider Strike
      Rider Strike
      Oh, my avatar is one of Shotaro's various funny faces from Kamen Rider Double

      OMG, UBW looks awesome... Rin has gotten even more delicious and Saber-chan is cuter too. I hope that we get finally get a figma Archer out of this... cause I'm totally gar for him
    7. Z.U.D.O.N
      Oh I see. So that's where she's from.. Dont' play the game, but thanks for letting me know.
    8. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hi Argroh. Haven't met you before.. No, I don't play Mabi. (Never heard of it..) Sorry.
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