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Aug 23, 2018
    1. tylox15
      Anyone respond to your idea about a Facebook page? I think it's good idea! I tried to send you a msg when you first posted the idea but I think it failed.
    2. sonofcyberton
      Hey what's up? This is Patrick. The guy you spoke to in the autograph line at Botcon. Thought I'd look you up and a few others from the Oklahoma area. I officially joined this site today, but I've been reading the posts for years...go figure.
    3. moreprimeland
      Hey, saw your post and question regarding the DVD set for TFPrime Season 1...I did get a chance to finally double check the 5 parter DVD and NO it did not have the subtitles in the menu choice, so it was from my TV as far as CC. I forget that I have it set all the time so it's always there for me, unless some older show or episode never had CC to begin with. :)
    4. MASON2345
      where have you gone to man?
    5. eagc7
      arcee rocks
    6. Victorysabre
      As a fellow Arcee fan, I salute you.
    7. Long_Haul
      So what's up, did u still want Brawn
    8. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      You are Arcee's boi?
    9. Ruthie
      I have seen it twice more while on vacation - once more in IMAX - and you're right, it does get better with multiple viewings. I think that there was soooooo much going on that I was still chewing one bite when three more were introduced. It's a very fast-paced movie! I still don't like the crude parts and course language, and I maintain that children under 10 shouldn't see this (shame, that), but overall it made much more sense the 3rd and fourth times. I may see it once more before I return to work.

      Oh, and I will NEVER accept fembots. EVAH!!!!
    10. Ruthie
      Fembots are an abomination. Jus' sayin'
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