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I have returned Jul 15, 2023

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    1. Aptom
      I have returned
    2. Erector
      It's on my signature mate :)
    3. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hi realise you have had interest from others but I was curious what your prices are for this items please.

      movie 1 leader nightwatch optimus prime allspark Blue or non blue accents version?
      movie 1 leader brawl
      hunt for the decepticons leader starscream < US or UK Speech ?
      alternators wheeljack )
      alternators deadend
      alternators swindle

      energon shockblast

      Wingsaber complete
      unicron complete
      hotshot(swat vehicle) complete

      galaxyforce/g1 primus figure

      Can you tell me please if you have an account on Full Metal hero to communicate as they are generous with PM count.

      Thanks RAR
    4. pumpkingonzo
      I'm not too bad, things seem odd right now but I appreciate you asking.
      Thanks mate.
    5. Awesome Welles
      Awesome Welles
      MMC Overlord?

      I think I just hopped on the 3rd party bandwagon...
    6. OOSnake
      I'm only seen up to Volume 4, I know there are Seven Volumes, are you saying there wasn't an ending to the final volume?
    7. Awesome Welles
      Awesome Welles
      I hear you buddy; I'm kinda thinking along similar lines. I don't buy much 3rd party, but I'm thinking of trimming down to just the new masterpiece line and a few Japanese oddities.

      Sound! Well, I'm heading to town this eve to sink a few jars - I could swing over and have a gander on the way in if you're not busy (and maybe a beer too, if you fancy)?

      Either way, hope (all three of) you guys are doing well, catch ye' soon.
    8. Awesome Welles
      Awesome Welles
      Al? It's Adam, Tina's mate.

      How're you doing man?

      Looks like you're selling in a big way, sad times! Mind if I pop over and have a peruse sometime?
    9. OOSnake
      Hey, are you a fan of Guyver? The Bioboosted Armour, that is, I heard there was another Guyver series before that.
    10. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      Good stuff. Looking forward to hearing more stuff!
    11. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      I like that. You guys need to hurry up and get a singer so you can play a few gigs. :)
    12. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      Cheers mate. I reckon that would brighten the evening up no end!
    13. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      I know what you mean. I've yet to see Shockwave anywhere though, which is annoying. If I ever see him, I'll pick you one up.
    14. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      If you don't mind, that'd be fantastic. Thanks. :)
    15. Toadimus Prime
      Toadimus Prime
      Hiya. Damn internet is playing up today! Abominus would drop in price while I have no money. I'll just have to hope that it stays that way until pay day!
    16. sixshotninja
      sorry I managed to get one, a few months ago.
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