Anthony _aggro
Sep 25, 2006
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Anthony _aggro

Platypus Prime, Male, from Rescue, California


Artist, Graphic Designer, current toy slinger. Aug 17, 2023

    1. Anthony _aggro
      Anthony _aggro
      Artist, Graphic Designer, current toy slinger.
    2. Anthony _aggro
      Anthony _aggro
      I am somewhere in limbo trying to get through school and get a job in the Graphic Design industry. Selling stuff to help make ends meet.
    3. Chinese TF Fans
      Chinese TF Fans
      Well,actually, when i visited D.M.Net, i found that the verification code(gif php.image), it has been disappearing these days since, i don't know when------maybe the day that they have the problem with Malware spiderbots?Is it means the registration closed?Mean While, it looks like the SHOOT FOR THE EDIT also closed it's registration page by saying it on the regis-panel. Are there any channel for me to join DM.Net or SFTE or any else forum resemble them? Thank you.
    4. Backstop
      We started a group for hardcore minicar collectors, if your interested in joining here is the link,
      TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards - Hardcore Minibot Collectors
    5. gokuz23
      +1 feedback: Great Member, bought some rare classics from him for a great price, he shipped them out the next day, and i would definately buy TF's from him again
    6. Minnemagnus
      Nope, I haven't found any yet. Have you found anything you've been looking for?
    7. Minnemagnus
      Have you seen any of the bigger Human Alliance around here? I already have Bumblebee and Skids. I'm regretting not getting the original versions of Sideswipe, Jazz, and Mudflap.
    8. Anthony _aggro
      Anthony _aggro
      Actually, I just found Powerglide tonight after I sent the last message. I went to the TRU on Winchester and at first I didn't see any, but then a kid with his family who were looking at TFs said, hey Dad, this one is called Powerglide. I almost freaked and turned and Said "Holy Crap! There's a Powerglide!" Then I apologiozed for screaming at them in excitement and asked where he found it. it was on the little rack on the right when you first enter the isle. There are two more left as of about 8:30 tonight. I texted the two TFW members I have numbers of, but I could not go online to post it here. If they did not get to him, I put the two remaining PGs in the back of the top two figures on the rack. There are a bunch of Blackouts there. I also went and picked up some oversized orange Insecticons from my friend who got them for me from the Phillipines.
    9. Minnemagnus
      Hey! I've only seen Powerglide once and am regretting not buying him. If I see
      either of these guys I'll PM you.
    10. Minnemagnus
      TRU on Winchester had nothing I wanted on Monday. Target on Coleman had nothing I wanted on Tuesday. Found some cool stuff on Friday at the Target out on Curtner. I got the last Shockwave and Laserbeak, but had to skip on Powerglide and Blackout. I can't find any new Generations, but I guess I'll buy the new DoTM Thundercracker to satisfy my taste for Thundercracker.
    11. Minnemagnus
      Do you know if TRU on Winchester has anything good? I'm still looking for Thundercracker, Warpath, Wheeljack, and Wreck-Gar. Are there any movie toys your interested in getting tomorrow?
    12. Minnemagnus
      Does the Target on Coleman have generations 50 percent off? There are a few I would pick up for that price. Also, have you seen Thundercracker locally?
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    Rescue, California
    Weirdo, Artist, Human
    Transformers fan since 1984. I recently finished my Art degree.


    Nothin' says lovin' like a microwave oven!