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Sep 25, 2020
    1. Fallout
      have you talked to godzilla lately? is he ok?
    2. GoLion
      Job? We don't need no stinkin' job! Congrats.
    3. GoLion
      Paging Mr. Stinson. Paging Mr. Stinson. Why you no post?
    4. SMOG
      Well, in fairness, it's not like it would be the only time I ever chastised someone for being douchey on the forums (which is not to say that you were going that far). I don't consider it being a backseat mod (since I don't invoke any forum rules), but rather just being human and decent. I know I'm a smug bastard, but I generally try to avoid actually actively insulting people. Disagreeing, and valuing my own opinion above others is not something I would classify as a personal attack, to be clear. I try to keep a line between criticizing an argument and criticizing the person. Naturally, things can get dicey though in the heat of it.

      Anyways, I'm glad we're back on the good foot, and I hope that we've dispelled some of the bad vibes that have been lingering of late. Thanks. :thumb
    5. SMOG
      Still sore?
    6. WilyMech
      I am going be first to say that fembot is getting silly. I do not mind have female transformers having more characters but there is more to Transformers than gender roles. I would like to see more of them in comics and see if their personalities are interesting. I admit I am fan of Mirage but to me wasted potential.
    7. WilyMech
      I must admit like some of your reasons in regards to Windblade and female looking Cybertronians.
    8. silverstreak5
      I like your posts, they are insightful. Its nice to see you stand up to these crazies. The best series in years in TF Prime gets the most complaints, while crap series like Armada, RID, Energon, Cybertron are praised? WTF
    9. Fallout
      aw, okay lol.
    10. Fallout
      hey dude, do you still have that spare UM?
    11. Fallout
      Meantime - Transformers Wiki

      alright man :)
    12. Fallout
      ROTF hoist
      PCC sledge
      movie meantime
      dotm leader sentinel prime
      rotf deluxe bludgeon
      dotm legion bumblebee

      btw, if you want that commander megatron or prid arcee i could probably sell em to you. do you want arcee's weapons?
    13. Fallout
      :lol how much are they going for?

      yeah, i'm so close to finishing my movie stuff now.
    14. Fallout
      whoops, sorry dude, never saw your message... i'm actually selling megatron and arcee though. sorry about that, i just need cash more then toys now :(

      yeah lol, i realized that after a day or two and trade a generations springer for a normal blackout, who should be arriving tomorrow!!
    15. Anguirus
      I'd trade GDO Sandstorm to you for your Commander Megatron or Deluxe Arcee.

      Also, I'm selling a Premium Blackout but I have to tell you, "$25 or below" for it is not realistic. If I'm not willing to bend that far I'm not sure I can imagine anyone would. :(
    16. Fallout
      i do, link's in my sig. i'm not really that interested in the guy though, but maybe find something else one of us wants in my thread? :)
    17. Fallout
      if i had the money for it i'd take it off your hands...
    18. Fallout
      i have a sandstorm, but probably not the one you'd like...
    19. Fallout
      good luck with that :lol so i guess you don't need springer either?
    20. Fallout
      hey dude, still needin' a voyager blitzwing?
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