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Man, I've been here a LONG time, Male, from Greenville, SC

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Oct 15, 2021 at 9:09 PM
    1. GoLion
      YIKES! You know, I've been labeled a troll in the past, but I've never made idiotic implications about someone simply because they don't share my opinion about something. And that dude is in his 50s. Scary.
      1. Andersonh1
        Southtownkid gets a little too worked up sometimes! If he goes over the line, let the mods know. Hopefully it won't be necessary.
        May 2, 2019
    2. GoLion
      I took it as the Master is Delgado's master up through Eric Roberts. Regeneration doesn't start until he's Jacobi, then Simm, and finally Gomez.
      That's what you were saying, right? That one wiki makes it seem otherwise, but the show definitely makes it seem like what you wrote in the thread.
      1. Andersonh1
        Right, that's what I think the evidence shows. Delgado is the last original body, and he looks so bad in The Deadly Assassin because he's used up his regeneration cycle. The Ainley version is a body theft, as is Bruce in the movie. They're all the 13th and final incarnation of the Master's original regeneration cycle.
        Jun 30, 2017
      2. Andersonh1
        The Time Lords offer the Master a new regeneration cycle in The Five Doctors (though they never followed through), so that's where that idea originated, which the new series has used for both the Master and the Doctor.
        Jun 30, 2017
    3. tarzAN2003
      I thought that was you! Well damn, it's really good running into here as well!! As you've known me for years, TF was never my thing but that's changed here recently as I was able to pick up a G1 MIXMASTER (1985) some time last year for fun.. Well, that sort of sparked my curiosity to venture into this realm, and since then, I've been slowly learning like a different language! haHa

      I really hope all has been well with you buddy; glad to see a familiar face or name rather! We'll definitely have something more in common to talk about now here or in our FB group. I stumbled across your name in that TF Christian fans group, and thought "Man, this has to be Shane - that screen name is just too darn familiar!!" lol
    4. tarzAN2003
      Shane? I'm not sure if I have the right person or not but you look like a person that I think I know from a group that I know of called Collector's Anonymous. I apologize in advance if I've got the wrong person..
    5. Basilisk
      I just read Batman really, I used to read Green Lantern but they removed Cyborg Superman so there's no chance of him returning as a member of the Sinestro Corps which I'm not happy about
    6. Basilisk
      Wow I'm disappointed with DC everytime I find out stuff they've changed it makes me glad I don't follow their books anymore :(
    7. Cleverpseudonym
      I started to read your comic a while back. Are you aware that a large amount of comics are missing or shrunken down?
    8. The621
      Da hell happened? You resigned?
    9. OOSnake
      I've gotten to page 280, plenty more to go :D
    10. OOSnake
      You do funnies as well as having done those Beast Machines stories?
    11. biscuits
      Probably just a small glitch, happens from time to time. Your welcome :)
    12. biscuits
    13. caesar117
    14. Eric
      I checked some of the fanart, and some of them are photocomics.

      POOL PARTY (a comic by Eisen) - Toy Discussion at
      practice comic - Toy Discussion at
      Return of Classic Chaos - Toy Discussion at
    15. Eric
      So I'm thinking of making a new toy comic again, only this one won't feature Transformers toys. Would that work in the Funnies, or would it be better suited for the Toyark? Just curious.
    16. caesar117
      Sorry to bother you, but I need some assistance in my comic consisting of the action scenes. I have a sequence coming up after I return from my vacation which will be my version of the infamous X-ray attack from Mortal Kombat. I planning to photoshop the pictures of the scene with real x-ray photo's, since I find that it is extreme to add tissue to the matter? Should I continue or just ditch the effect?
    17. Saberfrost01
      I'll put draft edit together and PM you then. It the sequnce of three image in question with the comment in the third which I think may cause the issue.
      I may not be able to get round to it today though as I'm busy with other things.
    18. Saberfrost01
      Excuse me Shane but wish to ask you something before I go ahead and do something that may/may not result in an infraction. I have a joke lined up for a strip next week but I fear that the wording currently results in obvious discrimination against anyone with physical or mental handicaps. Would you reccomend I change the wording or drop the joke completly? The big issue here is that I'm leaning towards it not being appropriate in it's current wording but the images themselves are key to a story arc.
    19. ibreakthingz
    20. Eric
      Doing better now that I can walk again. Hopefully this is the last surgery I have to go through, I'm aching to get back to work! :)
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