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    1. BAD187
      Parasyte is actually a pretty good anime, even for those of us not into it.
    2. Alteron_Sheng
      No worries at all about the delay! ^^
      Also, WOW I initally got VERY verbose and was at 3k words!
      I'm just gonna copy paste that into a PM to you to make conversing easier!!
      To sum up - I agree SO MUCH on IDW

      Xovergen has some minor issues, but I love the look of it and is worth it to me... and it's not like there's a ton of options around!! ^^
    3. OptimusTimelord
      I just bought a bottle of surgical spirit from the local chemist and it does the job (some paint apps require more effort to remove than others). No idea what % it is!
    4. OptimusTimelord
      I know he's expensive, but he's worth it :) All the more with a proper TT Thundercracker on the way! (I'm planning on modding him in a similar way).
    5. Alteron_Sheng
      A good idea^^
      I'm a fan of both myself, although I've a mixed collection and generally only us MP for characters that I wish to be larger (the seekers, dinobots, etc^^)... but I do so love Masterforce. I've the 3P 'Ginrai' armor (Trailerforce) and actually overall like it. He'll scale very well with this Overlord as well, which is nice^^

      My only two problems with MMCs offering is the IDW over the top lips (I NEVER understood the draw of that) and the lack of powermasters. I do not need the gimmick of 'you need to plug them in to transform him', but I would have liked powermasters instead of the missile barrage in the chest... I think I'm going to poke at that once I have the toy, see if I can remove them... Then I just need to get some spare 'powermasters' ^^ (granted I still want to buy the green recolored duo of Fansprojects Powercore Roadbuster so Overlord can have those to as a 'base' for the powermasters^^)
    6. WishfulThinking
      Thanks, AmonDemon112! I think the larger confusion is that IDW is some sort of G1 continuity...when I think it's clearly not. Hasbro keeps trying to shoehorn IDW traits onto G1 collectables and it's really hacking me off.
    7. OptimusTimelord
      That was posted in the MP Spec thread, along with this one:


      To quote myself in that post: They come off the same as the stripes, with some rubbing alcohol and elbow grease! On one wing I must have scrubbed a bit fast cos it put a slight shine to the black plastic, but honestly once the new Con symbol was on it's not noticeable. I used Ocean labels (had some left over from Apollyon) and they happen to be exactly the same size as the tampo'd symbols. They are darker than the stock symbols were, although they are metallic so can catch the light
    8. Autobreadticon
      I really hope Xtransbot upcoming Beachcomber isn't cheapen by its paint app.
    9. OptimusTimelord
      Hi man, yeah I removed the purple and silver stripes, sprayed the hips silver and replaced the wing tampos with Ocean decals (they are very dark though):


      He really looks the part now! :thumb
    10. Autobreadticon
      heya saw your wonderful MP collection, looking excellent , I have too agree with Telsa Perceptor being top notch. Whats your opinion on xTransbot Wheelie, still very unsure on the toy? worth it?

    11. OptimusTimelord
      Just replied to this in the Appreciation thread. Here in the UK you can buy little pots of Enamel paint by Humbrol, I mixed SS's red from their gloss red and yellow (maybe some white too, I don't remember exactly!).
    12. Not Megatron
    13. Not Megatron
    14. 2003 Megatron
      2003 Megatron
      He is for sale in the sales thread
    15. 2003 Megatron
      2003 Megatron
      Yes I did. Thanks
    16. Autobreadticon
      Heya thanks for commenting on the blog, im interested in what video game/anime soundtracks you think are really top notch.

      I definitely think you should get FM, it would look great and I'm all for quality displays rather than a messy blurr of toys. quality over quantity.

      Im still not sold on MP toys, but I am interested in getting Wheeljack and Bumblebee. Ultra Magnus and Star Saber don't excite me, I think its might be me maturing lol and not caring so much about toy engineering and design. I already have Fansproject UM and that is enough to satisfy my desire to have that character represented in toy form.
    17. Autobreadticon
      Heya I been doing good, been slow on the TF acquisitions. Moving into record collecting and trying to see more live shows this year.

      hope the reason to purge your collection wasn't too serious, hopefully you took a photo before they leave your collection. I had regrets of that in the past especially when I use to have a nice G1 collection.

      Funny enough I actually wanted to get that Mega Zarak since I am a huge fan of Masterforce. That with Grand Maximus would be an excellent centrepiece of any collection, nice 1 on the score. Did you get both or just Scoroponok?

      check out my blog, its not a blog glorifying toys but rather a journal about my collecting progress
    18. NotRamjet97
      Heh, yeah. There are a few of us. Though I'm not as zealous as I used to be
    19. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      have not played xenoblade but I will be getting both the 3ds port and chronicles x when it comes out for wii u. looking forward to both :thumbs2:
    20. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      haha. awesome, and thanks bud. all those game collections have almost doubled since 2013 :lol the snes is my fav system of all time so I just keep collecting them as I see them reasonably priced.
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