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    1. UndertakerPrime
      Dude, that sig is frickin' GENIUS.
      Well done.
    2. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      Hey, Ambi! I just chipped my decent Bumblebee face, the serious face, while transforming him and now it looks like he has a hideous soul patch. Didn't you touch up your BB faces? What paint did you use? I also want to paint the smiley face's eyes so they reach the edges. He looks like a stoner right now!
    3. Sweeny
      Hey pal. Your inbox needs clearing! Hope you had a good Easter pal!
    4. Sweeny
      Hey mate, you need to clear your PMs! :D
    5. Wheel_Jack
      please check your email homeboyeeee
    6. ambitron
      Nice - big blue Grimlock ahoy! I personally find painting MP toys terrifying, ha. :) I'm still looking forward to seeing your PumpkinBlade Jazz!
    7. pumpkingonzo
      Yeah, I've already got him. Absolutely love the figure! Like you said, some rather flimsy parts and slightly floppy legs but no major problems.
      He looks great with MP Grimlock :)
      Talking of MP Grimlock, I've almost finished a Custom G2 version.
      MP11 Hotlink commission after that. It's great painting MP toys :)
    8. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      You got Ollie yet?
    9. pumpkingonzo
      Have you received Ollie yet? I'll be interested in your opinions.
      Prowl's been joined on ebay by Black Zarak and a metallic huge AT-AT :)
      MP Jazz me and TB will be doing very shortly mate.
      I actually like the idea of a Datsun waist, legs and feet with a good Jazz head and Porsche bonnet/hood.
      It'll do short term for me :)
    10. Ironhide1234
      Ahh, ok, I see what you mean :)
    11. Ironhide1234
      Hey, I noticed your sig has '?' under Ratchet and Ironhide, do you not like Igears?
    12. pumpkingonzo
      Yep. I'm looking forward to Wheeljack!
      I like the look of Ollie, too.
      I'm ok, thanks. Loving my job still but seriously lacking money.
      I've been doing some Star Wars customs lately because I love Star Wars as well as TF, plus it's been a nice change doing something different.
      Just finished a Henkei SG Prowl which is soon going on Radicons and ebay, then back to painting Tigerblade's Black Zarak.
    13. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      How are things?
    14. Superquad7
      Yo, did your Kronos have any issues?
    15. Wheel_Jack
      Got your mp buddy. I'll respond later today. I'm out the door.
    16. Wheel_Jack
      Threw some pics up of Kronos as promised. Cheers. :)
    17. Sweeny
      It is man, it is.

      Yeah he gets a terrible rap but I love that mould. Still in my top three transformers, perfect alt-modes and robot mode. Thats really cool about it getting you back into collecting, I've use that one about it being for my son myself. Missus never believed me though! Funnily enough MP01 was the one that got me back into this madhouse. No kidding on the expense, all three MPs are on order, Scoria due and I can't afford Soar yet, Sunstreaker is a must and that's before all the other reveals. Le sigh.
      That comic strip is really cool, love it but yeah wish I could read Japanese. Stupidly been considering looking for 'learning Japanese' websites lol!
    18. craftsmith
      added them bumblebee moneybox pics u.k thread mate, page 8955.
    19. Sweeny
      No worries. Ha I know that feeling, there's loads of stuff I want but it's picking and choosing to afford it all at the moment! Without trying to enable you too much, it's very nice. 8 pages on Masterpiece Rodimus, 10 pages on Rodimus from G1 onwards plus 2 on the design sketches. Just wish I could read Japanese :(
    20. Sweeny
      Hey mate, were you still after a Generations 2010 book? It's showing on CDJapan's website again. Mine just landed this morning. :) if not then when I get a chance will scan and pm you.
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